26 November 2018

Hair Growth Update | Cyber Monday | Moringa Winner Announcement | FREE LIPLINER

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hello everyone its June and welcome back to my channel this is going to be an exciting video because not only are you gonna hang out with me while I massage my scalp and put the neem oil in my hair we're just gonna talk and about things not only that but today if you're watching this on Cyber Monday yes you guys are in for a treat because if you guys wanted to buy the no track frontals which I wear my hair and I'll show you that in a moment if you're new here you aren't going to get free shipping plus fault free shipping for domestic that's anyone who lives in the United States and if you're international you will be paying domestic shipping charges which is more than half and if you are domestic not only will you be getting free shipping but you will receive my favorite lip liner in the world yes you mean a cell inside of you so if you want to purchase these let me just let me just show you these right now for those of you who are new here if you're not new here you've seen this so many times before these are no attract frontals and I love them because you cannot there's no track here so you cannot tell like the like magic pieces and they cover up

so much of your hair and I love them and yeah these are them this is an old piece but this is my he's my favorite piece and they come in so many colors so if you want if you want please email me down below see my emails right here email me and request a color chart and a price list yes and get to cover zone get to get your cutlets on love it all okay well so you're in for another treat I did eight Moringa oil giveaway if you see her name during this video down here it will say congrats and will have your name if you see your name anytime during this video you have to email me up my emails right here again email me and claim your prize' you have 24 hours to claim your prize so let's get on with this video because you came here for a hair growth update and just some good old talk and while I massage my head and name it okay so let me take my glasses off maybe I could just turn my mirror wood out pull it up okay so I you guys know that I love to massage my hair I think it's so important to massage your head when you are doing a hair growth challenge I really do this gets the blood going without the blood

circulation going it's not going to work and if it does work it's not going to work as good so I think that you guys need a scalp brush like this this is also good when you shampoo your hair to scrub your head while you're shampooing and conditioning your hair this isn't me it's so good and it's not harsh at all I don't have the links to everything down below if you want to get it but anyway um I I noticed that my hair grew it did grow it to get thicker however I don't think it changed in the past two weeks it could have my friend Yvette said that my hair got so much thicker but I see it as a seam and it could be because my greys are coming in so I am going to need to done my hair up soon that's it but yeah so this feels so good anyway let's talk about my Thanksgiving my Thanksgiving was so nice I went to New Jersey to see my brother and my to run his family and it was very nice I mean the traffic there sucked I have to tell you don't forget back here um the traffic there was like two and a half hours it's like a 40-minute drive but it was it was about two and a half

hours coming home we got home and in less than 40 minutes so it was perfect at home yeah so the holidays are approaching I cannot even believe how fast the holidays are here I honestly feel that sorry I honestly feel like summer was just here like I was in Pennsylvania in the pool and now Christmas is here is just like it's crazy how time is going by so fast um yeah I'm still bummed about my live streams if you guys want to see me and catch me on live I will have the link down below where you can subscribe to my other channel and and that's it subscribe over there and be notified press the bell notification and anytime I go live then just be live with me we just we just talk about anything and everything it's a really cool bunch of people that are always like always the same in the lives and we get a few newbies here and there it's just nice it's like therapy it feels it feels good to talk to you all I have to say if some of you don't know I've been banned on this channel until February on going live so that kind of bums me out because I was was Jimmy was it's ridic really it's reduct but um yeah I was bummed out

I really was his bummed out oh by the way I cut my own hair the other day I needed a cut and it was such bad weather the day I was supposed to go to the lady who does my hair such bad weather and I would have to go to satin aisle it's just too much actually yeah the beginning of last week and I just researched on how to layer my hair and just cut off the dead ends and I did it I don't even know who I just researched I don't know wearing well actually maybe I could find it and put the link I'm not recommending anybody to this because I don't want anybody follow me out insane my hair is room my hair is room because you know what you don't want you had to be ruined but it was such an easy process and I cut off all the dead end and my hair is layered and my hair just seems more alive the curls are so much curl yeah it just feels so much better so I think I'm gonna do it from now open and yeah I'm gonna do it you guys have to invest in a brush like this but they really are amazing there's so many of them on Amazon you can find them some of them have handles but I like it

because it goes in the palm of your hand and you could just do that look you don't have to brush it you just that's it it doesn't irritate your scalp and if you feel like you're Scott was a little sensitive then don't don't go too hard but as long as you're making movement on your scalp you're creating blood flow which is what you want because without the blood flow then your follicles just get clogged up no blood circulation and there's nothing you can't really grow anything you know I'm saying deep do you know what I'm saying and also don't forget this the exercise that helps with hair grow I don't know if you guys have seen this but I will put up over here is it over here yeah over here or over here I keep forgetting I think it's yep you'll see a little card come out you can click that and I show you different techniques to help with your hair growth and it's awesome because you can just sit here and and just do it you could be talking to your friends on the phone you could be watching my youtube videos and you're just doing this you can watch to you bang hell you can be in traffic and you can grow your hair in traffic I know it's weird right grow your hair in

traffic let's do it let's do it okay so I think it's about time I put the name on I think I thought my scalp going and I put my name in an applicator bottle it was just easier for me and I used my fingers I'm going to wash my fingers and I will be back okay I am back and here we go okay so what I do is I don't take too much but I put them on the tips of my fingers like this so like that like that you see that isn't it and I don't take a lot I don't want to so let's don't even bother me anymore guys and I like to do this some people put it directly on this scalp which is okay that's fine you could do it like this too you get more of it I'm your scalp you do not have to leave this in overnight you just have to leave it in for like two hours just rub it in I'm telling you this made my hair grow so much like you meet a thicker my hairline you guys know my hairline is so much better like you can actually see a hairline so that's what what no one to die it does have a scent but are you seriously it does not bother me anymore when I first said I was like I don't even know if I can do this I was putting lavender oil in and other oils but it

really doesn't bother me I used to think it smelled like rancid peanuts and it really it doesn't want me so much so what you guys still for Thanksgiving did you eat a lot I really did I usually start myself the whole day on Thanksgiving and then when the Thanksgiving meal comes out you think that you're eating so much and I only had a couple of bites of each thing which is good anyway because you know I'm diabetic now so I can't have the sweet potatoes the cranberries mashed potatoes like all that but I did I had very little of each thing and I was fine it was fine I didn't even miss it I did not miss it I love Thanksgiving dinner oh I just told my family we should do like a Thanksgiving feast every month like once a month even in the summer I mean who who says you cannot have turkey corn stuffing in the summer you know I'm saying like you can barbecue in the winter right so this is what I do noise don't forget to get the back of your head you can also do the strands of your hair I don't like to go that far I would rather do a coconut oil or castor oil for the strands of my hair I just I don't want to chance that everything is

going to smell because sometimes you have to wash your hair twice you have to wash really good to get the oil out so luckily I use dr. organics shampoo and conditioner which has a very like a good smell like a minty menthol smell that if this was in my hair still the menthol would mask that smell which is really good sometimes I feel like I have to do it twice but who cares I mean you know you're getting all the benefits of the neem oil and the doctor organic shampoo and conditioner so you know that's what we do this is what we do boys I think I am done the neem oil is good because even if you put here you can still get in your scalp and just start moving it around you know move it to the back and that is it I have my handy-dandy tap over here and I'm done for the next two hours I will have this cap on I will clean I will cook and then it will wash shampoo and that is it that is my routine I do this twice sometimes but three times a week but definitely twice a week you could do it more you could do it less whatever suits your schedule but definitely start doing this I am hearing amazing things from you guys I'm getting loads of emails saying

how much it works for you so I hope that you continue on your journey of hair growth and yeah so I'll see you guys next week I'm so excited I love to grow my hair and then that's it I'll see you my next video go yeah what what really why would I do that why would I do that guys oh man