01 June 2017

Hair Growth Journey Part 3: Raising Ferritin Levels + Haircare Tips

Hello all! This is my third update of my hair growth journey! I talk about my iron levels, ferritin levels, and different products (food and cosmetic) that I use to help ...

hey everyone so today I'm finally going

to do my hair growth journey part 3 so I'm still continuing with the human side plus iron supplements and I take those about two times a week and I really should be taking them more often but sometimes I really forget though in my last video I talked about how my iron levels raised to a healthy amount and so I am currently not anemic but I am still iron deficient so in my last video they had not checked my ferritin levels so I went back to the doctor and they touched my ferrets and levels and I think ferritin was at 7 and it had gone up to 41 but you kind of want to be in the like 70s sort of range of so I had a good amount of iron levels but my favourite in levels were still lower so that's why I've been continuing taking the iron supplements and working on getting those ferritin levels up so my doctor told me that the ferritin is the storage of what iron in your liver for the past like three months I think it takes at least three months for your ferreting to get where it needs to be but first I think your iron levels have to be at a high enough level for you to start storing iron so first when you take the iron supplements you need to be

able to raise your iron levels and then keep that level at a consistently high level so then your body can start storing the iron and then your ferritin levels will raise and that's when you're really going to see a huge difference in your hair and your nails and that sort of thing so once you get your iron levels up you should expect to not see as much hair fall but as far as new hair growth it's going to take a little bit longer because your ferritin levels need to get high enough for your hair follicles to you know kick back into making new hair so I'm going to go ahead and share a few things that I do in my diet as well as a few cosmetic things that I've been doing that have been helping my hair so I literally just washed my hair like two hours ago and I just let it drive so after I watched it the first day it gets sort of poofy I go for days without washing it and then it slowly just goes like down to where it gets like so thin because the natural oils in my hair kind of me just weigh it down so towards the end I usually just pin up my hair and wear a hat or something like that you know try your best to not wash your hair

when it's starting to get weighed down by the oil just pin it up and let it do its thing because the oil is really nourishing your hair so you don't want to strip those oils because it will be helpful in the long run so your hair grows about a half an inch every month I know it varies with everybody I did get a really really like small trim in between now in my last video so I would say my hair is about an inch longer than it was in my last video and I can definitely tell that it's getting like wavier especially like right here the one thing that I have like really really really like notice is the past few weeks my nails have gotten like a lot longer but more importantly they've gotten stronger so once my iron levels were raised like in the past video they started growing longer faster and which I was really happy about but they would break easier so now I've kind of like noticed that they aren't breaking as easily so one product that I like to use on my nails as well as my hair is argan oil and this is the one that I use it's the a chair brand and the Moroccan and I'm argan oil and it is a USDA Organic I'll just put a little bit like

in my hand right here and then rub it all over my nails and just rub it in and then just you know moisturize my hands with it and then when I am about to wash my hair I will get a little bit in my hands rub it all over and then run it through my hair and kind of massage my scalp with it and then I'll let that set for about like two hours or so and then I'll wash my hair like normal and it will just kind of give a healthy boost to my hair because it's super high-end line vitamin E and fatty amino acids all that stuff that is going to really nourish your hair so another thing that I used to keep my hair in good condition is a silk pillowcase actually this one is satin kind of like shiny and really smooth um so before I was using this a lot of the times my hair would kind of just get like that bump like this um all the time when I would wake up and I would hate that so much so I've used this silk pillowcase and that has been a lifesaver it helps your hair not have as much breakage whenever you're tossing and turning at night it's much gentler on your hair as far as combing my hair and taking care of that I've let it air dry

and then when it has almost completely dried I will just kind of like Pat it with a towel very like gently but then I just want to air dry and then after that I use a wide tooth comb which is this one right here I've literally had this since like middle school um it's Conair and it's like blue sparkly um I did purchase this it's the best brand but I honestly didn't like this at all it wasn't it just did not work for my hair the ends for too thick and so I didn't really do a good job of detangling but this I found to be much better so it's really great at getting your hair untangled but being gentle on it so I start from the bottom and then just work my way up and that's how I do it and then Melinda has completely dried sometimes I don't even do this step but if I'm feeling it I will use my wooden brush and this is the beyond 100 Naturals brush I just got on Amazon I just picked one out that I thought would work good but there's so many different kinds so just choose one I mean it's not most of them are the same so just choose the one you like the most I really like the wood and bristles they

feel super nice on your scalp like it's kind of like a massage and you don't get that static that you normally get and the it helps distribute the oils from the top of your head down to the much-needed ends as far as shampoo and conditioner go I am using the Acura brand and it is in the ultra hydrating line the shampoo and conditioner it has organic argan oil argan stem cells organic sea buckthorn oil organic pumpkin seed oil I've been using this for about three to four weeks and I do like how it performs and how it works on my hair however there are some things that I don't like about it I don't really like the smell it just it doesn't smell good it doesn't smell bad but I just it doesn't smell like what I want it to another thing is that it comes in it's kind of like squeezed out which is too bad but the problem is that you can't put any essential oils in it like this is okay I'm dripping everywhere this is just like that's the whole and then that's it so I usually like to add rosemary essential oil to all my haircare products but I wasn't able to do that I didn't like that the shampoo

is a clear gel just because it is kind of hard to tell how much you have especially since you're like wet in the shower already I didn't like that but I do like the way it performs I probably won't buy this again but I do think that it's super important to get a shampoo that's super gentle on your hair you have iron deficiency your hair is really really really prone to just falling out and so having a shampoo that is super gentle as well as handling your hair gently is going to help your hair stare where it needs to be which is on your head so and not down in the drain so I would suggest going the more organic sort of gentle route and kind of saying a ways from sulfates and the sort of chemicals that you don't want in your hair so now I'm going to talk about different foods that I have incorporated into my diet to kind of help supplement me taking the iron supplements in just my overall health and that sort of thing I really enjoy avocados and I think they're so good for your hair in your skin and just your health overall you feed them with cuacamole lemon salads I like in the morning to have avocado toast I'll slice the avocado up put it

on toast and then I'll put some cayenne pepper and sesame seeds on it as well and I really enjoyed that I really like pumpkin seeds they're super hired iron and they're really good for you I just find in bulk and put them like inish and just kind of snack on them put them in my salads or whatever cacao powder and this it says um one ounce or 28 grams has 15 percent of your daily iron so um this is kind of like cocoa powder but it's the healthier version and not as sweet so there's not as much sugar in it and stuff like that so what I like to do is like to put it in my yogurt in the morning or just for a snack and like it actually makes the yogurt more of like a mousse texture so it feels like you're kind of eating chocolate pudding and I like to add like chia seeds and stuff like that just to make it a little bit more nutrient dense great and smoothies if you want to put like a banana like chocolaty smoothie you could do that if you don't like the powder there are cacao nibs that you can get I haven't tried them personally the next powders I'm going to show you is Riley spirulina powder the one that I use and what's

wonderful about this it has so much iron it is iron like rich up so four teaspoons is the serving and that is forty four percent of your daily iron so that's ten grams so really this is super dense and rich and that so you don't have to use a lot the one thing that I haven't done is like try this with different recipes the only thing I use this in is smoothies when I'm doing like a green smoothie or something like that I will put this in there just for a little nutrition boost but really you can use this on anything so that is great help raise your iron so the last thing that I'm going to show you guys fist which is the shallot hemp seeds and these are raw they are super like healthy for you it contains three grams of omega-3 and 6 grams of omega-6 essential fatty acids per serving and that's super good for the health of your hair and your skin as well as like everything so let's see at 2 tablespoons which is 30 grams has 20% of your daily iron which is pretty good I'll show you what they look like they're just like really really small little pieces and they have a slightly nutty taste but if you just add

them into things it's not really that noticeable I like to do if I'm eating a peanut butter and jelly I will just sprinkle some on or if you have a salad you could sprinkle some on or pretty much anything you could just like add a little bit of this into it and you're not going to really notice it really the best advice that I can give to you is to just kind of be hopeful and try not to get too down about how your hair looks because I know our society kind of this really focuses on you know women and their hair and having long luxurious hair is beautiful and makes you beautiful but that's that's really not the truth just kind of focus on the people around you that are going to love you no matter what and that will kind of help you get through those months where you know your anemia is bad and you just feel tired all the time and cold and your hair is falling out and I completely understand this it's a really frustrating time and it just really takes a toll on your like mental health and your self-esteem but just try your best not to focus on that and instead focus on ways in which you can improve your health and just improve

your life in general and sort of focusing on that instead of focusing on the bad things or have better happening to you it's going to help you get healthier faster so I believe that is it if you guys have any questions or anything like that please comment down below I would love to help you in any way that I can I hope this video was helpful so please give it a thumbs up if it was helpful so I know I can do more of the sort and you guys have a wonderful day