11 April 2018

Hair Care tips for People...

In this video,I Pranav have given hair care tips for people... People make many mistakes in shampoo selections and hair care.. In this video I have given tips on ...

falling friends today I am going to tell

on the topic have fun when you're finding gross face hair fall so today I am going to give tips on how to take care of your hair first step I would like to give you is that sample selection we use anti dandruff shampoos like Head & Shoulders tamale anti-dandruff shampoos and even more etcetera etcetera you have to use him only once a week many of our bros make this mistake of overusing it they use it three or four times a week that's pretty bad and it will need to have fun so it's a harsh so in this shampoo there is a harsh chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate that's a harsh chemical on your hair and you can use them only once a week so the same so the second thing is that you can use laureth sulfate you have shampoos like clinic this which have ingredients sodium law breath few shampoos even have a third they are milder chemicals then like these harsh chemicals you can use them not too frequently like two or three times a week the next tip I want to give you is that you have to oil your hair yes French the Indians have got a gift oil you can all your hair two or three

times a week according to your genetics oiling your hair will give a shine to your hair and will make them smooth you have to also not do the mistake over oiling it actually I will like to give you a special tip is that you can add the early morning when you get up hit some oil on line in put even coconut oil so do you get mixed nourishment heat it put it on your hair the he the heated oil goes inside your scalp faster your pores get opened up so it will give you nourishment the third thing I would like to give you this don't use hair dryers frequently yes friends hair dryer will damage your hair you can use it once a week or twice a week because when you put hair dryer it when the air comes with that force it will um it'll make you away it will the proteins of your hair which make them grow will you go away so you have to not make the mistake of over hair drying it like more than once a week the fourth tip is after me intense workout you can go for oiling your hair and even shampoo in your hair because has sweat it also makes off your a protein in your hair go be like maybe it may get dried away but lastly it'll make the protein go away

from your hair that may also lead to hair loss so after an intense workout you can actually add a oil apply it and go for shampoo week that's a good method the next tip is don't apply gel frequently yes you can apply gel but not frequently maybe once a month twice a month last fighting copy so you can apply gel but not more than once or twice Omega French these are the hair tips I want to give you friends so please follow my tips and subscribe my channel No bye-bye