09 April 2018

Hair Care Routine Tips 2018 | At Home Hair Color, Blow Out, and Styling

Sharing my hair care routine where I show you how I color, blow out, and style my hair all at home. This is a great way to save money and maintain healthy hair.

hello everyone and welcome back to my

channel today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you my hair care routine and kind of this sets I take every morning or when I am coloring my hair this is just my general hair care routine and this is a requested video I posted on Instagram if you're not following me over there my handle is at Rachel McLaughlin the same as my youtube channel so be sure to go over there and follow me I'll have it linked down below if you want it so I post it on Instagram to let me know your video ideas as well as if you had any questions for like a Q&A type video and I could make different videos for it so um Jenny Scott 2018 she asked can you do a video on how do you how you do your hair it's always flawless well thank you um I actually haven't had my hair cut in a really long time and I've been colouring it myself um I kind of do blowouts to it it's just been getting really long so when I do blowouts I really focus more on the top and like on the ends or anything like that but so I am that is what I'm doing today I'm excited to share it with you all I know I've talked a little bit in a vlog last week about it or week or two

back I know I talked a little bit about it but I'm gonna put it all in one video I hope that you all enjoy this please be sure to give it a thumbs up if you like this video and if you haven't subscribed yet make sure you subscribe and we're going to go ahead and get right into the video alright guys I know I look good right now it's kind of yellow in here because I'm in my mom's bathroom but so if somebody requested for me to do my hair care routine are like how I do my hair so I thought that would be the perfect time because it is time for me to recolor my hair and so actually you can't really tell I thought it maybe have a thing on it this is the hair color that I use it is from a salon you get a specific color basically matched to you to what you want you could submit your own photos of what your hair looks like currently and like what color you want it to be so I've been doing this for about over a year now and it saves me money then having to go into a salon and get you know hair my hair colored and stuff like that this is like 25 dollars compared to 50 plus so um I really like it I like the

results I just do it all over one color hair color so for me this makes a little bit more sense right now and it lets me save money it's budget-friendly but I'm not gonna be able to show like the steps but like deering it because I have I'll have like gloves on it and I don't want to ever like ruin my camera but I'll kind of tell you what the steps are and then I'll show you like before and after the color of like what it looks like but I really really like this company and I really like the product that they have so I will kind of show you my hair color process and then I'll show you the products that I use like shampoos and stuff on a normal basis and how I typically fix my hair yeah so let's go ahead and get started so when you open the box so this is kind of what it looks like your color your way it kind of noticing yeah I thought this looks totally different this so their talents they're saying that they have switched it up a little bit but I can definitely tell this box and stuff doesn't look the same as usual um so they tell you you know like your guide this is my color set huh that is different

wow this totally looks different than the previous look okay so this is the developer you get your color and you get to this little kit which i think is super important because it has like okay it tells you it has shampoo conditioner stain guard and remover and I think it also comes with gloves I like the gloves right there so have everything you could possibly need and I just section off my hair into different sections and mix these two together and like a bowl and then I use my little I'll show you my little brush thing that I got with the first order that I had when I first got this and I just calling it into my roots all the way to the end kind of like what they do at a salon and then you just let it sit for I think about 15 minutes and then you hop in the shower and honestly the shampoo and conditioner that they provide in here is so good like it leaves my hair feeling amazing and I think it's just because it's matte for like when you use color and stuff but it's like I love it it feels like salon quality so yeah so this is like what you get and kind of the steps that you used to do it and I think all the

steps will be in here actually and yeah so I'm gonna go ahead and get started all right I know the sliding might be a little weird but here is the before color it's just kind of dull it just hasn't been colored in a while so it's just like a dull brown they say not to wash your hair before you do this I guess the color works better when your hair's kind of dirty and grimy and so that's a little dirty not bad but this is the before yeah I will show you all the after I got it all in my hair I look like a mess I'm gonna wait 15 minutes and then hop in the shower and rinse it all out alright you can see that we were there okay so now that I have colored my hair I don't know if you all can tell that it's a little bit darker um now I'm gonna kind of show you what I do with my hair I totally forgot to show you the shampoo and conditioner that I use the shampoo that I use is on a normal basis I don't use this when I color my hair because it comes with a shampoo and conditioner that you're supposed to use but on a normal basis I use the L'Oreal sulfate free shampoo and the reason why I use sulfate free is because my hairdresser told me that if you if

there's sulfate in the shampoos that you use it'll cause your hair color to fade a lot quicker so obviously I don't want that to happen I don't want to have to keep doing my hair all the time so I try to find some shampoo that is salt paper sulfate free now it is really hard fine sulfate free shampoos and stuff but luckily L'Oreal has came out with one and I and I really like the product so as you can tell my hair has grown so much in such a short little period of time I don't know where or how it's happened but it's just like all of a sudden my hair is growing so long I mean it used to be up to here and now I feel like I'm almost back at my lung length like I feel like every day it gets longer it's so crazy I don't know how it's growing so fast the products that I like to use right now other than obviously my shampoo and stuff I have been using this now I can't really attest to or say yes this is amazing I haven't used it enough to do that but this is a power dry me blow dry in half the time spray so this is what that looks like I've been using this a lot and I really like this because it smells really good

so just gonna spring my hair with it and then I'm going to dry my hair I guess one thing I should mention is I try to let my hair like air dry as much as possible that way I'm not using too much hate on it I'm not having it dry it as much so I try to let it dry as much as possible air draft I guess I should say so now that I have it washed I colored it I put in some of that blow draft spray now I'm gonna actually blow-dry it and I'll kind of show you how I like round brush it a little bit to give it a little bit of volume it's kind of hard to blow-dry your hair in a camper because you never know if it's gonna kick the breaker so let's cross our fingers and hope this doesn't kick the breaker [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] Oh [Music] hey it's my hair so long oh my gosh I did not know how long it has grown it's like every week it just keeps getting so much longer I'm like too shocked really

if I want to get like a really blown out look um what I will do is I will kind of just focus at the roots not necessarily my whole hair like when my hair is this long I don't really want to make it look like curled under or like flipped out or anything like that once it's this long I just really like to focus on sorry there's like hairs on them once it's this long I just like to focus on the roots so that's what I'm gonna do today it's a little bit wet back here so I might try to blow to that a little bit more and then I'll show you the round brush [Music] all right so I'm going to basically take some pieces at the roots and actually I like to kind of do it like this so I'll take the back piece cuz I don't really like it a huge part and then I will pull it it's hard to do this I'll pull it up into the brush and then I'll pull it forward and like blows around the back of it [Music] [Applause] okay so I kinda to the back back here I might need to do a couple more pieces on the side

but the biggest difference that kind of given your hair a blowout will make is when you do the two pieces that frame your face so I like to kind of bring those up and get them some ball Yuma cuz if not sometimes it can tend to look greasy or way down and so I really like him to kind of swoop back too and so I would totally leave my hair like this and I wouldn't have to do anything else to it and I think having that color on my hair see how it's a little bit darker but more importantly it makes it feel so healthy and shiny and so I really like my hair like this the last product that I have kind of talked about in some of my vlogs here recently that I have been trying is this not your mother's beach babe texturizing dry shampoo it looks like this and I think I really like it because it adds a little bit of texture to your hair so when your hair is freshly clean like this it can just be very like it's so smooth and stuff but it's hard to get volume and stuff in it I like to pick up this hair right here and just go and feel like that and it also smells like you're at the beach because it kind of has a coconut smell and so this also gives it more texture

and so I've been using this a lot lately you have to be careful though if you have dark hair like me and getting white but making your scalp look white your hair look white it's not like did you underneath it not over the top of it really unless it's like super oily all right so I guess I'll go ahead and mention I kind of mentioned this in a vlog the other day but I want to kind of put all in one video since this was a requested video if I want to curl my hair I don't think I'm going to right now but I always use my nume one this is my favorite this is what I've used for a few years now but what I'll do this is the largest barrel that they have and when my hair is longer I like to use the bigger barrel because it just gives you more of those voluminous curls and I will just take pieces like about this size and just wrap it and I try to just stick to the ends of it rather than doing the whole thing unless I want it to be like super curly or something like that I'll just stick to the ends that way it just gives you that voluminous curl rather than like tight curls so if you want like the beach babe like waves than this this will do the trick so this

is what I use and honestly my hair care routine is usually if I wash it the night before when I get up the next mornin I will finish blow-drying it and probably wear it straight I won't wash it that night the next night I will use a lot of that texture spray and I will curl it because I feel like the curls hide if it's a little bit dirty or whatever and if I can get one more day I will put it up into a bun the next day and it might look a little bit greasy and stuff but that texture spray has been helping me out a lot because it's kind of like a dry shampoo if I can't make it three days which a lot of times I can't and sometimes I will either curl it the first day when it's freshly washed and then put it up in a bun the next day that's just kind of how I do it it's either straight wavy or in a little bun on the bottom that's kind of my routine so the last thing is my hairspray I know I talked about this another vlog but I want put all in here this is the Garnier Fructis style full control hairspray I've used this for a really long time as well and I just really like it so I hope that you all

enjoyed this video let me know what you think or if you have any other haircare tips that you can share with me what do you put in your routine be sure to leave it in the comments down below thank you all so much for watching don't forget to subscribe and I'll catch you all in my next video bye guys [Music] Oh [Music]