20 December 2018

GRWM /Full Face Smokey Gold Eye Makeup Tutorial ABH Sultry Palette

Hello EveryOne :) Welcome to my channel. Happy Holidays everyone!! For today's video I have created an awesome Smokey Gold Full Face Makeup Look.

what's up you guys welcome back to my

channel so today we're just gonna go ahead and get ready and do this full face of glam right over here I am after getting ready to go to an event where my daughter is actually singing doing a solo performance in her school so I wanted to go ahead and get ready for that and I also wanted to create a look for you guys because this is holiday time and I owe you some looks right so today again I went ahead and used my acai berry Hill sultry palette I did apply as many eyeshadow as I normally do I wanted to keep it very down-to-earth simply but smoky at the same time so I feel like this whole Mainland shadow alone is giving me all just that so hopefully you guys enjoyed it if you guys are interested in this whole base going right over here then keep on watching [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] guys I just got done correcting and moisturizing my face as well as my brows which I use my benefit brow kit to

correct I just took a darker concealer which has a little bit of orange into it and I corrected my face I'm gonna go ahead and work with the foundation that I've never used I've been holding on to it for dear life but never really got into it maybe once but that was so long ago that I totally forgot that I even used it this is the George Armani luminous silk foundation you guys I have the shade in six which is a bit light as you guys can see so I'm gonna go and mix my MAC Cosmetics to do a fix foundation into it it is in a shade NC 40 my voice as well as my hands are a bit shaky I hurt my toe just now and when I'm like you know doing anything my hands are shaky and my voices as well my voice is also shaky because I had a fever yesterday it's been two weeks that I'm waking up with fever and it kind of slows me down for the next to following days and I'm not sure what's going on is it my surgery that's maybe infection that I don't know if I'm aware of or is the congestion the flu-like symptoms the cold I have no idea but I'm taking slow where I can and that's what I'm doing I know this is something that just excites me it is not such a bad work so I know

this is one thing that I'm definitely out to do so we're gonna go ahead and get ready I'm gonna try not to talk too much in this video because I'm out of breath so I'm gonna go ahead and mix these two foundation now I'm gonna go ahead and skip the primer today because I want to keep it nice and dewy and that happened really exfoliating my skin every single night which I'm loving it and hopefully I can find time to do that every single day from here on out and today I'm gonna take crown golden glow liquid eliminated I'm gonna go and apply that all over my face and then I'm gonna go in with these two baby [Music] just lending it out [Music] for the concealer I'm taking Kevin Huong concealer and I'm gonna go and apply that wherever I need the coverage as well as highlighting because it is a little bit lighter than my skin tone it's just gonna give me both at the same time a very full coverage and your last you all day long I don't use it on daily basis but I do reach for it whenever I want to have that coverage [Music]

because this is a heavy coverage concealer and we've got foundation dries as well some I'm going to take a translucent powder that I know that is for sure not going to crease it is lighter than air you guys all love it so much it this is the hourglass translucent powder for the rest of the face I'm gonna take my NYX day matte but not flat foundation powder I love this powder so Matt if you have been watching my videos you know that this is by far my favorite drugstore powder I love this for so many reasons not only it has the coverage but it also will give you that Sheen so it makes your face look so glowy and natural like it will not give you that matte and cakey look [Music] this is a very natural and beautiful bronzer by buxom the shade I have here is Tahiti and it smells good it's kind of similar to butter bronzer by the Physicians Formula [Music] for the country I'm going to go in take at one D shade + light contour palette [Music] I'm going to go ahead and go with all the brightening shade in here again

mixing all three together and just very lightly not very close to my eyes but I'm gonna go ahead and brighten the area but also we'll be cleaning the contour make sure it is not all over my nose but just a straight line [Music] and then I'm gonna clean the contour for the lips I'm gonna go and take Stella Cosmetics liquid lipstick and caramel oh this is a very natural liquid lipstick still a cosmetics makes one of the best lipstick ever you guys [Music] you guys I'm gonna go ahead and start working on my eyes I've got a little bit of foundation concealer on to them as well so I'm gonna go ahead and see if I can blend that out first we'll be taking my NYX Cosmetics eyeshadow base and one of the things that I really like about you know what palette the Emma Fox a Beverly Hills ultra palette it has a matte shade for me to just take and set it all over that basically don't have to look for another translucent powder or some sort or this stuff all right hey how are you so we're gonna go ahead and start working with this straight right over

here called birch which I so miss that last look like I didn't even look at it because this is my favorite transition I'm gonna go ahead and take that on to a morphe m200 brush and go ahead and dab first [Music] I'm gonna go and change my brush like this one and taking the same sheet and applying that to the lower lash line [Music] after guys so today I'm gonna go ahead and take this very deep rustic gold color called amber and I'm gonna take that onto a synthetic brush like this one [Music] all right so that's pretty much is it for the lid color feel like I wanted to add a little bit of more of a color and depth so I'm gonna go ahead and take this chocolate brown and this twig right here mix them together and then turn the brush around and [Music] those lashes are on I'm going to go ahead and place a white eyeliner into my waterline the one I have here is by Maybelline I will now take the black eyeshadow from this sultry palette and

apply that with a flat definer shading brush along my lower lash line this is my favorite dance the tied single eyeshadow by NYX Cosmetics I'm going to take that onto a pencil brush and blend out [Music] alright I'm gonna go in and go with my favorite mascara [Music] for the inner corner highlight taking the colour-pop this is their super shock shadow infringed by far my favorite from them for the inner corner Hallett / go ahead and take that [Music] for the face I'm gonna go ahead and take NARS orgasm infatuation palate this is the Holiday Collection it is beautiful and stunning I'm gonna going to take the blush from this [Music] [Music] and at the highlight [Music] to finish this look at women and take a liquid lipstick by two-faced call lady balls and apply that [Music] aren't you guys - this right here is the

finished look hopefully you guys enjoy getting ready with me for my daughter's event at her school I really had fun creating this I feel like this lipstick really applied so well and so beautifully and the pigmentation is so good as you guys saw that I layered it up on top of these Stella Cosmetics lipstick and it still did a very well done job like good job is that even a sentence and it looks holiday speaks holiday and feels holiday so I like it and hopefully you guys didn't you just read me give me a thumbs up and also leave any comments suggestions down below in the comment box I love you guys another you see you next time bye bye [Music]