05 July 2018

GRWM Using All Best Makeup Brands For Every Category of Makeup | Mandy Davis MUA

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hey guys welcome back to my Channel

today I'm actually gonna do this makeup look which is what I had on in my who makes it best video top brands for each category of makeup and I wanted to actually use the products that I talked about it show you how they perform on the face please excuse I will say this 1,800 times in the video just pre-warning but I am peeling very badly today it always seems to happen on the day that I have the most time to film but my face might look a little patchy because of that but just excuse that and hopefully you enjoyed this look so if you want to see how to get this look then just keep alright so let's go ahead and get started on the face I have done my brows and primed my eyes but we are gonna start with our eye shadow first so I'm going to zoom you in and I'm gonna start with the base so I had mentioned that my favorite cream shadows or the ones that I would recommend the most are the Giorgio Armani eye tents and I'm gonna use the number 28 which I believe is Riviera the name it just has the number on at the bottom but this is kind of like a mix between a satin and a matte and it's just like a camel color you know what it reminds me a lot of the

Mac uninterupted that I used in my smoky eye video recently it reminds me of that a lot then I'll just take just a small brush just to even out the lines harsh lines get a little bit closer for the eyes my eyelids are peeling so my whole face is peeling today just putting this on my lid but because it's matte flash that and it could easily go up into the crease I love to wear these just by themselves so so easy alright and now we're gonna go in with a crease color and we're gonna be using my busy our neutral matte palette and my Wayne Goss number 16 and we're just going to go in with this peachy color right here and build that up in the crease I've almost hit pan on this color I find that this color works as a good transition coat transition code always a transition code trying to transition color for both and cool looks so I use it all the time now I'm gonna go into my little shimmer palette that I take with me on jobs and I'm gonna go in with this gold shimmer color I believe it is from the busy art minks palette the theory palette the one that comes with the six pans and I'm gonna top that base so if I wanted this to be like a super intense sparkly eye I

would have put a shimmer base down but I really don't I just want it to be like a soft warm tone with just a bit of shimmer so that's what we're doing I'm just gonna put it on the inner third I don't know if my nose it's coming across on camera but it's definite this one piece right here I cannot get all and then I'm gonna go back into the busy art palette and I'm gonna take this color right here on my winged gossamer 18 and I'm just gonna build up the outer corner there's no like big technique here it's just color combinations I like I just want a really pretty warm eye I personally don't get me if you can see how these visio shadows are pretty much blending themselves I don't understand I've seen some reviews on these to say they're like not all they're cracked up to me I mean I'm just having to lay it down that's all I'm doing and it's basically blending itself and I know everybody has different preferences I'm gonna bring that up into the crease just a little bit and then blend it back out with that original crease brush that's all we're gonna do on the eyes super super simple no liner you don't know me but that's how quick it is and that's

why I really recommend those shadows and those cream bases because they are quick they are user friendly in my opinion and they create a really pretty look so we're gonna start with primers first I'm gonna spray with my special box primer water because I need all the moisture I can get on my poor face and then I'm going to go in with this Smashbox photo finish primer oil again because I'm peeling and because nation really does sit so well on this so I've put like three to four drops and I'm just pressing it I don't want to rub on my skin today because I don't want to aggravate the peeling but I also feel that pressing it in is a good way to do it you can use a brush but be sure it's synthetic if the natural brush picks this up it's gonna soak it all up I'm just gonna use my normal correctors I'm gonna mix a little bit of the color science three-in-one with a little bit of the Armani in orange and you won't forgot to do something I did not wet my Beauty Blender okay for foundation typically I would be using the bare minerals complexion rescue that I talked about but because I like to apply that with a

brush and I'm peeling so badly can I say it one more time I'm actually going to use the bare minerals bare Pro today and we mix a little bit of the by teary CC serum and sunny flash because it's a little light on me and it's also gonna help with the moisture and I'm gonna apply it with a sponge so I'm gonna take a couple of pumps of this this is a number 15 sandalwood and some of the by Terry I do love this combination together and I'm gonna apply it with a sponge I have been using this osmosis sponge for a while and I really can't decide if I like it it has really good reviews Brianna loves it but it soaks absurd this was clean before I started it soaks up so much product okay so for concealer I talked about the matte concealers in my video and I'm going to try to myth these how it's gonna work out we're gonna try the Mac Pro Longwear concealer and NC 30 and then this is the water white concealer in NC 25 we're just kind of winging it on this part I know that I like those separate no if I like them together and I don't know why I'm all of a sudden wanting to try them together but alas I am okay so I think I'm just gonna take just the

prolongwear now we're gonna set with the laura mercier secret brightening powder which i am really close to being out of we're gonna set our face with the laura mercier translucent powder because my face is dry right now I'm going to use a very fluffy brush this is the Smashbox sheer powder because I really don't want a lot of powder especially with that bare minerals I find that it doesn't need a lot and I'm just gonna put it very lightly in the center of my face just like that now let's go into bronzer we're gonna use the Bobbi Brown bronzer and I'm gonna use it in natural so this is the one that I carry my kit that's a little bit darker I find in Stonestreet so it works a little bit better for me in the summer now we're gonna go into highlight and use my beloved hourglass palette I know this is discontinued but these are basically just strobe lighting powders I don't think you can get any of them separate but I do have the other strobe the brilliant and I like it and I'm just mixing them all together looks a little white but I'm gonna buff everything out now for blush I'm going to use this Becca palette which again is

alone in addition but two of the pout blushes you can get now songbird and snapdragon these two right here the wisteria is the only one that it's exclusive to the palette I'm just gonna take my buildable cheek brush and run it through all three which is what I typically do if I'm using this palette just apply that to the cheeks now I am gonna buff out with my hourglass radiant light like I do every single day kind of help the highlight be a little less obvious I think it's a little too light for my skin right now but y'all get the drift now before we finish up the eyes are doing any kind of mascara I'm gonna take a setting spray a hydrating setting spray and completely cover my face and then press it in again to help with the peeling and really I'm just gonna use this Smashbox primer water again this can also be used for this purpose and all throughout the day I'll sell that one more than anything when I freelance for Smashbox I'm just pressing everything in I'm gonna go back into the busier palette I'm gonna take a mixture of this peach go that we used and this more orange e color and I'm going to just dip into both pans and use

that for my under eyes I'm gonna go off camera into my mascara because I've already talked about my favorite mascara brand and I don't particularly have one here to use so I'm gonna do off camera and then I'll come back to do lips okay and finally we're gonna do lips so I talked about the beauty counter color intense lipsticks I'm gonna use the color brunch today which really pairs well with the because it's a warmer nude color and you saw like really all I had to do was put it on my bottom rub my lips together and it covered everything and I'm gonna take the buxom lipgloss and Celeste which is a longtime favorite it's like a peachy color it also goes well with the eye look okay so the only thing I haven't done is inner corner and brow bone highlight so I'm gonna take this color right here which I believe came in the maybe the minks or the cashmere I can't remember y'all one of the theory palettes from busy art and I'm going to do a little bit in a corner highlight I'm going to mix it a little bit with that first gold color that we used on the lid so that it's not so stark bright because these are super pigmented there

we go that is the finished look using all of my recommended brands for each category of makeup hopefully my face doesn't look too patchy without the feeling but I think it came out a okay and that's another reason that I highly recommend but these products because they work in pretty much every situation so hopefully you enjoyed this video as always if you didn't learn something I hope you at least found it entertaining be sure and subscribe and like before you leave so you don't miss out on any future content thank you so much for watching and I hope you all go out and have a very blessed day