31 October 2018


Hey Fam! GRWM to go absolutely nowhere. Still a very cute look!. Hope you enjoy! #PurpleHazeMakeup #GRWM #PurpleEyeshadowtutorial Thanks for ...


hey gal today's video is going to be Purple Haze I shadow so I decided to do this randomly my butt wasn't going absolutely anywhere and I just decided to beat my face because I was bored so if you're interested in watching how I achieved this look stay tuned let's get started so I'm gonna start off with this NYX primer for my lids and I'm just gonna place a generous amount on my lids and then use my fingers to kind of melt it into my skin it has like a creamy consistency so I like to melt it with my fingers I'm deciding to use this elf palette here it's a matte palette and I'm going to use that orange in there to start my transition area and just kind of blend it in because I'm kind of gonna make it a little bit gradient and then I'm gonna go in with this juvies palette and use that dark purple and start to deepen up my crease and I'm just gonna continue to lather on this and make sure that I blend is best as I can up into that orange and then using the Jezebel color I'm gonna take that and create more depth to my eye I felt like it wasn't enough color there so I decided to add more color I'm just gonna blend

for my life using that purple color I'm gonna start adding the color that I want it to be on this bright purple right here is very fluorescent as you can see and I just placed that on the inner and outer corners of my eye using that Jezebel color I decided that it still wasn't looking as I wanted it to how I wanted it to so I decided to add more Jezebel to that color and it's just like a maroon color that I'm adding so I'm going to use this taupe right here out of the NYX palette and I'm just going to finish off or top off my brow bone back into the next pigment printer I'm gonna use that to create a base for the glitter that I'm gonna be placing on there back into the same palette I'm going to use that taupe color again I'm gonna place that to kind of seal my lid part of my eye where I place that pigment primer and the star of the show up into beauty's trophy wife on that area also this stuff started falling off a little bit so I had to make sure my eyes were closed completely when I was putting that on and I just kind of packed it on I decided not to spray it because I felt

like it would make it kind of chunky or too thick cakey so I decided to just use it without and then I'm just cleaning up with an empty brush here taking this setting spray I'm going to use it and spray it on my face before I start my primer and I'm using the Becca poreless primer using this makeup forever I'm gonna mix them actually and I'm gonna place this on my face after I've successfully primed and then I'm gonna use this Bobbi Brown foundation stick and it's slowly becoming one of my whole girls honestly I use it a lot so I decided because it was kind of a red foundation to use NARS creamy concealer and kind of put in neutral tones or yeah new to neutral tones on top of it in order to make sure that you have the perfect matte foundation I always use some type of setting powder and I decided to use this two for one and my t-zone we using mac's fix+ since in c-47 to finish off my makeup Ruby kisses contour powder I'm gonna use that Brown lighter brown right there and contour my face where ever I see fit I try to make everything look smaller so it's key to contour where you're trying

to small make things look small okay or add shadow using that color there I can't see the name of it but I'm gonna place that underneath my eye then to darken it up and add a little bit of depth I'm gonna use that dark purple and place that also at my waterline now to brighten up my eyes I'm going to use that purple color there and place that in my inner tear-duct [Music] featuring my Holy Grail by Bobbi Brown the highlighter I freakin love this stuff I'm just gonna put it wherever I want honestly just put it where you like to highlight [Music] so I use bobby brown dark brown lip liner and that's one of my holder girls also and then I went back in with this Marc Jacobs color here I got in a sample bag after I purchased my Marc Jacobs foundation and yeah I just put that on and added a clear lip gloss over it this is a Chandi cosmetics blush palette and I freaking love this thing I've been using it a lot even though it doesn't look like it

boom shakalaka shaka laka I'm done I'm done thing make sure you remember to follow me on my social media and if you are feeling generous go ahead and hit that like button also remember to subscribe to my channel and remember you are the best version of yourself talk to you later bye [Music]