30 January 2019

GRWM Testing Makeup Rimmel Crimson Edition + Life Update NEW YOUTUBE THUMBNAIL DESIGN COURSE

Check out my YouTube Thumbnail Design Course for Beauty Influencers - http://bit.ly/2CIuos7 First off, I want to say, if you feel like you're being pulled in a ...

got a little candle action burning today

figure why not if I never use this stuff who's gonna use it alright well hi I'm Karen alright in this video today I'm actually ready to like take my own like headshots and I need to put some makeup on I thought why not recording of course content content content content scheme so in this video today I'm actually gonna be using this palette for r-mo that I bought like I don't know some weeks back right before Christmas yeah I have really haven't gotten a chance to use it yet so I want to use it in this video today alright so let's just go ahead and jump into the video and create something I'm using perricone MD and derma e as usual the advanced peptides and collagen eye cream to moisturize my eyes I've sprayed on the rosewater facial spray with a holler onic acid from revival labs I've used the embryo least moisturizer that acts as a primer as well I'm just trying to finish that out and I use this green leaf aloe vera gel to moisturize my hands the back of my hair so it tends to be a little bit you can get a little bit tangled and it's almost like it's kind of breaking so I kind of wanted to help moisturize that ear because I feel like I more

straws all of this but I tend to neglect like back here alright and I've just used the elf lock on liner and brow gel in medium brown to do my brows well I haven't used this in a while let's use this I like that color well I hope it's not too tan for me now oh yeah gosh it's funny like you get some it's all good you don't get Sun that's too tan try next I'm gonna go in with cover FX power play foundation in n medium 3 and this is a no-name brush I'm gonna take a little bit of this over I guess this is a very matte foundation because it is oh not now now you want a pump right now now I want to pump correct makeup chuckles whoo yeah I'm just I'm trying to find stuff to do with these foundations because you know where you purchased them you gotta find a purpose for them you know I mean yeah they put a little bit of powder you should have the pouch first but Dad or whatever I want today I'm going to be using a see brush and the BH Cosmetics as usual yeah let's just fix that that part right there it's the one thing I'm like is a dead giveaway on the brows and this is the elf color correcting stick it's for light skin tones is for

correcting dark circles yeah really ask you to just save this part for the lid when you have to put it to sealer over but didn't want to waste it already got it out the tube all right so the first power I'm gonna use I'm gonna use this color here from the spice rebel palette and now you usually like to set some common color up here I'm gonna go into this elf opposite attracts palette and I'm gonna be using oops I'm gonna be using this color right here fresh then that's a little bit closer to my skin tone that other colors just to tink let's just be real and I like stuff to look real that that's just speak for BA undertone I tried to I tried one thing I hope to do is the hit pan with that color before the end of 2019 so one pan that palette right now I'm gonna go in with the Crimson edition palette just going with this shade right here that pink shade looks so fun to think I think one right next to it that looks really fun mad fact on you know I'm doing that back to this brush this is a Sonia Kashuk no handle came off since when I don't know what brush this is why do you know I'll put it down inscription box cos I have

it everywhere city 201 203 Wow okay I'm gonna use the japonesque 835 brush and use that to blend it into that top color just the edges it's pretty it's really pretty this is not a color I ever reach for then I'm also working on something well some things actually but I'm I started working on this after I did this one video and I haven't even loaded the video up yet but I created this video and these trigger of thoughts and ideas like emerged out of it and I know it's all God because I've been praying for like direction this is a get ready with me maybe but I've been praying for direction and well what to do you know like what should I be doing cuz right now where I'm at it's not like I don't like it but I'm not as in love with it as I used to be and I fall in and love more with doing YouTube and just the ins and outs of it and just understanding like how it how it operates and just the different things like the little things that you can do that like make like the biggest difference so I've really just I've become literally or YouTube junkie yeah it's like stolen my attention so anyway what the point I'm trying to make is I've kept transforming a transforming

into what it is now which it's gonna be a video course that I'm gonna be launching pretty soon so be on the lookout for that yeah cuz it just kept changing it was like evolving like one minute I thought I was doing this and then it was like but no you could do a little bit more so and I'm very excited of pumps so if you see my youtube thumbnail and you see how they change and you love the way that look but and you want and you have a youtube channel and you want to learn how to do it yourself be on the lookout I'm gonna be talking about it pretty soon in more detail here in my channel and I do want to say this if gosh I always thought right but if at let's use the stones like you boy I tried out to crack this pink one right here I do want to say at any point like you're unsure about where you are in your life talk about it he is listening you might just not be in the exact right position but he's setting you up for it you know so I'm saying is if you're not sure you should be doing ask God ask God to show you what you should be doing it is you know if you would ask me this like I don't know maybe five years yeah

five years ago if you would ask me if I got pregnant did I see myself doing YouTube ya know cuz I didn't get into YouTube until I until I got pregnant cuz I was born okay if you ever been pregnant you already know you can't do none of this stuff your friends can do you know what I mean yeah I guess we makin us get ready with me anyway like I was saying like if you are unsure where you are and what you should do it ask God if he doesn't have you you know if you're not doing the right thing you know tell him ask him you know what I don't cuz this is my prayer time I don't want to do anything you don't want me to do I don't want to waste no more time I don't want to waste no time doing anything that I think sounds good looks good when it's not what you have in store for me you know I just I don't I've done enough of that I've done enough in my life and the one thing I have learned is why I keep repeating the same thing over and over and that's like one of my favorite quotes the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting something you know different to happen expecting something new to

happen and and then hey you know what it's funny that I'm saying that now cuz it goes back to YouTube cuz it wasn't until like 40 videos ago that I literally counted okay let me post more constantly then I was like well let me just study a little bit more let me listen to videos as working I don't have to watch it just listen to it you know let's go on that color I'm gonna put it in the outer corner and know what let's just put it over the lid forget we here let's do it oh wow Wow I would not have thought it was this burgeoning Wow it looked more browning burgundy you know oh I like that you know like you ever go to a channel and like you literally like binge on videos that's pretty much what I did like I just let one play and just let them keep Auto playing and just going straight through switching brushes to this one from equal tools just the stuff that I've learned like it's crazy like it I don't know it's like from doing that just something finally just clicked in my head from everything I've been doing and because I kept practicing kept practicing I started to get E and I'm

like wow it's like okay how long I've been doing YouTube and I didn't get it but you know what when it's time for you to get it you will it's just all it is any time yet that's all you just in that preparation stage and you got to remember that whatever you're doing whatever you find your hands to do try to do it well yes it's gonna take time yes it's gonna take sacrifice yes it's gonna take some new stuff yes it is to say it's not that's crazy it is alright now let's go to this color cuz I want to build this up a little bit let's I'm gonna merge I'm gonna mix these two cuz I don't want it to be that exactly cuz I'm over here at the edge I want to build this up a little bit more and I'm doing this color last because that was more in the crease you know so I can uh make it look like it's fading alright we don't want to go too hard that I would be too red alright I'm gonna be using one of my favorite brushes this is the concealer brush from the vintage cosmetic company and let's go in let's go in with this color right here I'm kind of curious about it I guess it says yeah it's

trying to be yes Johnny duochrome so let's go there lavender you know I want to keep it simple I'm not gonna go all up like like this was simple right it's not but simple as and you know I don't want to do a whole bunch of cut crease and all that behavior like have a little smoky something looks nice I like that this is not what I was expecting in my head at all I was thinking I was gonna do like some shimmer on the lid what I like it it's just mature all right so let's go back to the elf opposites attract palette and I'm gonna go back to that fresh color it's a little Tapani top so we can like ensure that we blend this in all right so I'm gonna go ahead and put the rest of my foundation stuff on I'll be right back [Music] [Music] so I'm gonna end up using two blushes from ELF this one is the always spicy and this is the primer infused blush and this is the always rosy honey use this fan brush right here and I also want to use it as a something to like contour the hollows before you know I put the blush like all here so it's like kind of

like the contour blush basically and then I'm gonna use the rosy one this is really a beautiful color for more for like the apples of the cheeks and to blend backwards so a basic gives it like a really nice gradient effect I'm gonna be using the cover FX translucent powder and light I'm just gonna use that to like set my little fine line area I'm gonna use this sponge instead I got this like from one of those sets mmm that's so much better why I'm gonna use this before I don't know you ever ask yourself that like why have I not why have I not used these products is sitting around I'm gonna use this brush this is the elf flawless face brush I'm just gonna focus in on this area so basically this area here alright so that's good cuz like it looks you know it looks nice and matte in the center but when I turned to the side is like oh oh that nice skin that's glowing and I'm just gonna take just that powder from this Sephora baked bronzer duo called honey I don't really need to just want to ensure no funny business with a hairline this is the Rimmel lasting finish in

cafe au lait alright and then last paradise and then this guy recommended to me by a viewer here on my channel and this is the voluminous last period ice primer and I'm gonna do my lower lash line I did try it on my top lash line first and I didn't like how I performed because it weighed my lashes down and that's what regular mascara does to my lashes it weighs it down so I don't like using anything but waterproof mascara let that dry and I'm going to go back in and correct all the little mascara stuff because oh I no longer wipe them off ain't got time for that then you have to reapply anyway so I just rather just go right over it don't you love when your ideas change alright so I want to keep the matte look going on the actual lid so I'm gonna actually go in with a little bit of that and that alright lips let's put on the glam Ettore I'm gonna wear the color nude I'm gonna put just a little bit of lip balm and wearing matte liquid lipsticks they can dry your lip out sometimes depending on the formula so that's pretty like the dark eyes with the light lips alright so that is it for this video I

hope you enjoyed getting ready with Mika that's literally what just happened I would have to get a color like this like in a lipstick form yeah I just yeah I am just I don't know like I've been falling in love with lipsticks lately like maybe because I didn't have enough colors before if there's an idea that's sitting on your head and it keeps showing up over and over and you're afraid of like where's gonna take you because you've never done it before and it seems like something like totally new I'm gonna say this don't be afraid of it cuz you don't know what other avenues what other outlets is gonna open you don't know what people it's gonna lead you to or hi it's gonna connect you to some other people that can help you do it better you don't know and you're not gonna know unless you give it a shot and I promise you that's literally like has been the story of my life like so if you don't know how to do something and that thought keeps popping into your head pursue it there are loads and loads of courses online I'm not just saying it because I'm gonna have a course I'm saying because I have been the man Werner taking online courses because

sometimes you have to do that so you could perfect your game so you can put a provide for your family you know what I mean like take a step do something different in 2019 if like I said the ideas keep popping to your head it's quite possible that the Holy Spirit is trying to nudge you into your purpose and you can't discover your purpose if you don't do this one portion you know so what I'm saying is don't look at what you're doing right now as oh it's not even serving a purpose I don't feel like you know it's what I should be doing but I bet you I bet you there's something in what you're doing that's teaching you something about yourself it's either teaching you about discipline by respecting other people's time about doing what you need to do are doing it well like there's some kind of lesson in there that you're supposed to learn and and if you don't learn it oh my gosh you end up being stuck in that spot until you learn it and I must say this one last thing go and check out the video I posted in the community with Myles Munroe because that Lydia right there oh my gosh my friend sent me that and I watched it and I was like I was like

what well this has been my life it that was my life was that was my wife take the stuff that you're doing seriously what I don't care how small it is do it and do it well because you don't know what is coming out of it you can't see the future you can't predict you're not God but you're in that spot for a reason anyway that is it for this video thank you guys so much for watching and I'll talk to y'all soon bye [Music] [Music]