25 March 2019


I get some really good PR and wanted to share with you what I like and of course- discount codes! Here's the Gorgeous Cosmetics link and code for 50% off!!

hey you guys welcome to my channel today

I'm gonna do it get ready with me and I decided to just use PR makeup so I've seen other youtubers do that and I'm like aw it's kinda interesting and I don't get it as much as some other channels and bigger channels but I get some really good stuff and I feel like um I get become okay so I don't have my I don't have a Pio box I don't have my address up there I have my email and so I usually when I get PR from a company there has been a back-and-forth and we're sort of establishing a relationship and so when I get the product I'm in communication with them it's not just like mystery product and then it doesn't nobody knows if I got it or anyway so my point is I just thought it would be great to show you what I like but doesn't necessarily fit into a new category of ooh a haul or oh what's new at Sephora or drugstore only or whatever it might be you know so I'm like well just share with you guys what I get and some of this I got a while ago and you've seen me use before and then some of this you maybe haven't seen and you're like whoa that's great I didn't know that existed and if I have discount codes I will include them in my

description box as a matter of fact I do have a really good discount code for one of the product so be sure to catch that and there you are all right so I am going to start with foundation and I have this doll ten foundation this is the hydraulics smoothing foundation this is in partnership with the partnership show like cool buzzword now this is in conjunction with the Dalton the hydraluxe concealer which you see me rave about foundation is pretty it's pretty awesome there's a few things of out it that keep me from using it frequently because um I think it was one or two ingredients that can be triggering for my rosacea yeah I'm gonna zoom you guys then I feel like I feel like I'm far away do I feel far away to you I think there's a little bit of lemon or something in this is that better oh and I'm yellow this is a yellow base which i think is funny that I wore pink shirt I think you're realizing how yellow this is because oh the fact that I'm so pale and I'm wearing this like petal pink blouse so yeah that's gonna that's gonna influence

what you think this shade looks like let's take a look here oh you know what I forgot to do I'm gonna put my city lips on did any of you get there by one get on hurry you guys I feel so bad that I'm like addicted to this $35 lip plumper but I do have a discount code but it's good stuff I mean it's not just there die like zing up your lips it actually and then they said yeah it actually what's the word I'm looking for has these like spheres that give your what lip and improve appearance over time right okay um I'm having a hard time here 400 models own is this still at Ulta um its products come and go and then um you think oh that wasn't so good it's it's already gone and then it's like well no they just probably didn't want to pay I bet you shelf space is so freaking expensive that if you're not like huge you may not be able to afford constantly keeping the shelf space at Ulta that's just a theory of mine I have no idea how it works I'm using the models own this concealer cover it concealer is heavy duty man it's good good stuff amazing cosmetics you guys we never talk about amazing cosmetics I feel like they came out with

heavy-duty concealer first well now maybe Mac did I mean who's to say right um but they are so kind they always send me things from time to time and they have this primer it's an eye illuminate eye primer and it has a like a rose like there's different shades that excuse me my voice just clip gulped and I think this eyeshadow primer is pretty spectacular and it um goes on as kind of matte and velvety and not too thick and I just I like it you do I'm gonna set everything with my wonder to selfie powder it's another remember this model company sculpting glow it's like a total dupe to the Chanel sublime sort of thing you know I love this stuff and I don't want it to go away so I'm gonna it's kind of a cream it's a bit of a cream to powder oh hello garbage truck thanks for showing up and I'm kind of just filling out my edges company and item I want to focus on it's gorgeous cosmetics they are out of Australia but you can get them on Sephora Sephora Australia you can get them on their own website in fact to have a 50% off coupon I said that right

50% off mm-hmm so this reminds me of a very like a it's a high-end brand these are $48 I think it reminds me of like a Laura Mercier or something to that effect maybe you've tried them I saw their name but never tried their products and they're beautiful so they sent me these and I am I feel so lucky because this is eyeshadow the pants are huge it's beautiful product it's very high quality then there's this palette face palette and they have several this one is the blush and highlight is that just so beautiful it's beautiful yeah and I have a lip product too that I'm gonna show you so I'm gonna start with this eye shadow and I'm gonna do the Wayne Goss am I gonna just use one shade it might use more than that I was gonna do the Wayne Goss one eyeshadow shade trick and then I'm like oh now I'll save that for a different video oh I'm so funny I am going to use I don't think it has names um I'm gonna use this shade right here and I'm gonna just make this a very casual everything just really pretty and feminine I'm not gonna make it like any particular like because my other that

video I did with the what did I call that multicolored tutorial was so fun and I loved the outcome I love that palette but I want to just do kind of like not as structured just throwing on color here just keeping it casual and I'm gonna do something Wayne Goss does I am gonna do something and he starts underneath not like this okay so he goes under the on the lower lashline and focuses on the corner here because he's like we always forget that corner and then it's blank and I agree sometimes I'll take a photo of makeup for Instagram and then I can see where I'm not connected so these shadows are super pigmented and this is why I went kind of full throttle right there a little fix so I'm doing the corner I'm gonna take this really short dense brush more and go up my corner um yeah do not chew that Phoebe those are my sweaters no those are my summer clothes still in storage do not chew that she's chewing the velcro um no it's the seam the zipper on my storage tote for you know when you like fold up all your spring clothes or your sweaters when you put them in like a container store thing

it's one of those soft ones it's not a plastic bin it's a soft storage okay job yet I'm gonna just clean up a bit well I have got to take advantage of this beautiful blush palette so I'm going to use these top two shades right here this is just called blush highlight palette Oh potato cake nude peach glow rhubarb natural ocean I'm wondering if this shade is rhubarb let me just tap that that's cute so pretty right I'm gonna do two highlighters I'm gonna cuz I have to show you one okay so this one has a highlighter so let's use it check it out oh it's a little more sparkly than I thought I might not okay the white shade is good huh the highlighter is like a soft gleam and then it kind of has a couple chunks so the blush is so pretty I need to focus more on that this is the other highlighter I was talking about JD Glau this is serenity pressed highlighter that's the face of are you kidding me it's so amazing not I'm pissed because my pissed face and my are you kidding me face it's kind of the same and also in England pissed means drunk but pissed here in the states means upset so I think it's kind of

funny when I say pissed I took me drunk I mean but are we looking at that hi we want more glow and highlight for summer right we do I know it's only March but let's pretend it's July okay this JT glow eye shadow single they sent and it isn't shade lime light girl you cannot begin to understand the craziness of this there are lots of indie brands out there you guys that have amazing amazing things so I suggest you know go down a rabbit hole of stuff and I'll lead you there this this is this is just amazing and so thank you JT glow for sending it to me yeah I'm gonna I said I'm going to just strike I'm not gonna do structured or anything weird or anything you know and I Here I am just putting this like crazy I just want to put it right here you can play with these in terms of adding setting spray so it's just pretty I actually I'm gonna use my wander beauty mile-high mascara where are you there you are I've sent one and you guys have seen this before so it's nothing new as well as my Dalton arch master we're out though it's a three and one eyebrow product and one of you told me to use

this kind of shadow filler part first and then it gives the the brow gel a grip like yes I'm down with that this one's brand new so it's like well look it's so rich and pigmented and not dried out and we know how amazing the wannabe my mascara this part I'm excited about this is the lipstick so this is gorgeous cosmetics and the shade is percussion persuasion I don't know if I want lip pencil or not lip liner we'll see so here we go look at that I picked out a rad where like what color do you want I don't read are this I think it's in that normally I don't have I feel like my eyebrows are a little bit darker today and I'm a little thrown off with having more stuff under but that's okay is are my corners right corner is good as long as like corners are good right Carol let you see the makeup up close thank you everyone that sent me all these thank you to all ten one or two gorgeous cosmetics wander Beauty uh I know there's more JT glow thank you um yeah so I'll list everything below like I said and like I have a discount code for amazing

cosmetics I I think it still works and you know I have a discount code for gorgeous cosmetics so yeah yeah you guys I will list everything below thank you so much for watching I like that I could just put makeup on and hang with you guys and I hope that you did that too and I let me know any other get ready with me themes you want to see I hope you subscribe to my channel and click the like thumb and everything else alrighty and you know have a great day alrighty guys thanks for watching I'll see you next time bye