18 March 2019


Hey babes welcome back! here's a full glam spring slay! get ready with me early spring makeup, hair and makeup. hope you enjoy xoxo SUBSCRIBE TO MY ...

okay this is that bushi girl who thinks

she cute she knows she bodies [Music] nor my school what is that my babies welcome back I hope you guys enjoyed that little cute intro I did for y'all but let's go ahead and get started first thing is first I am going to fill in my brows and yes my brows are done they're super thin and this is why I don't get my brows done but this had to get them done okay but she did an okay job this time she didn't take out a lot of hair so I was able to fill it in perfectly I'm so now I'm gonna go ahead and set my brows with this uh Nastasia brow first time using this product and it's cool I feel like if you have thicker brows this will come in handy it's something super super quick but the fact I have thin brows it kind of was like wow so now I'm going to go ahead and clean up underneath my brows with a new more feet concealer in the shade C 365 actually see 3.65 I have the team of this concealer okay so keep up with me with my next and makeup tutorial which I will be testing out a lot of new products and letting y'all know a little bit of how I feel about it okay so now I'm gonna go ahead

and prime my face with this Smashbox photo-finish prime oil I haven't used this primer in such a long time so I told myself I would definitely use it in this makeup video so now it is time for foundation and I grab my all-time favorite foundation right now it's been my thing and this is the NARS sheer glow foundation y'all I am so shocked how bad this foundation is now you guys know I love NARS foundation but this one is pretty good like it's just like very light weight and like skin like I'm saying like so much but it's such a good foundation I love it oh look at that look at that so now I'm going to go ahead and conceal now I grabbed a foundation stick I haven't used this foundation stick in such a long time and this is a Nastasia foundation stick in the shade Carmel the only reason why I don't use this is because it's so bright it is so bright but I wanted to use it to remind myself why I don't use it okay so then I noticed I was like you know what we not using this foundation stick ever again it's just the wrong shade button that uh Nastasia foundation sticks are pretty

creamy so if you have a foundation stick stick from her line you guys know it's actually pretty creamy and if it's not creamy to you go ahead and use the oil base moisturizer or primer for it to be a little bit more creamy but yeah so now I'm going to just blend everything all in and you see girl it is just too bright but you already know Esther be coming with the fixer-upper I will fix it all up and it will come all together but to be honest I'm not gonna use this foundation stick again just the wrong shade so I'm also going to contour cream contour with her foundation stick again and then this is in the shade of cool earth I love this one to contour it's so nice very creamy like I just said so I'm just blending it all in with my SOVA stippling mini stippling brush like so you guys know my routine in my foundation routine it's super simple it's just what to some people it might not be simple okay my to me girl it's really simple okay so I am just blending all that aim making sure my forehead is snatch making sure everything is samanage so I'm just blending that all in with my Beauty Blender like so so now I'm going to set underneath my eyes with

the Beauty bakery setting powder and this is in their translucent powder this thing is really good it's super good so if you are oily skin and you want your makeup to be like you know say this is pretty good okay when you dry skin girls out there you just go ahead to get it and just make it work okay so now it is time to set my contour and I'm using the new of morphe glam bronze bronzer I'm not sure what shade this is but this is the darkest shade she got I will leave everything in the description box I'm just gonna say I love this bronzer it is so nice it's nice it's really really nice but I would talk more about it in the video that I'm telling y'all about so I am now you know sitting underneath my cheekbones to make that contour pop and yes that was jr. trying to give me a kiss so I am now jumping it's about eye y'all this thing this thing didn't this thing never slow down slow down girl so I'm popping this eyeshadow into my eyelid as a transition shade and I am grabbing that orangish eyeshadow shout out to NARS from sending me this PR I'm a North girl nor does the send me PR and I'm just like God is good god is good all the time God is good you know follow

your dream follow whatever you want to fulfill and you know God is just going to guide you okay so I am just blending that into the crease like so so now I'm gonna grab that darkish orange a little bit darker than the first orange and just work this a little bit lower into my crease warm up the crease a little bit more it might not look any different to you but honey it makes a difference okay so I'm just building it up and making this look a lot more intense so now I'm gonna grab that dark brown eye shadow and just work this in the inner corner and outer corner of my eye and just blend that in together and really work that a little bit lower I do not care if this eye shadow gets on my eyelid you guys know I will just fix that okay but I want that dark brown eyeshadow to still pop and be seen in my eye shadow now the brush and I'm using is so perfect for this look I'm able to get into that crease a lot more and also blend that eyeshadow all in I'm telling y'all that brush is a lifesaver check the description box they will be down below so now I'm grabbing that beautiful brown eyeshadow with shimmer and I thought that shadow is so beautiful now

I am gonna set underneath my eyes again this is because of the fallout okay I know this to fall out was you know happening and I was like uh-uh we're not about to do this today so I had to say underneath my eyes with that baking powder and you guys know this is going to eat me alive because I am dry skin and it just it just yeah okay so I am just packing this all in with my finger I did not use a brush at all I just felt like this eye shadow popped and was more picking out pigment with my finger so I'm just blending that all in and now it is time to clean up all of that powder and if you guys see this line okay if y'all ever have a line go ahead and set it again with a setting powder it will work okay if you ever see that line just do that and you should get rid of it you just go a little heavy-handed into that setting powder so then it can just get rid of that line and y'all this made me cringe so much because I was like yeah see I don't know how people Bank I don't know y'all be baking y'all because the thing is not looking right so I end up grabbing a beauty blender that's damped to just set that underneath my eyes a

lot more so I just looked very like too much underneath my eyes okay so I'm grabbing that orange eyeshadow that dark orange eyeshadow and just working this underneath my water lashline pretty much the same thing I did on my eyelids is the same thing I'll do it on my water lashline I'll also grab that dark brown eyeshadow just to smoke it out a lot more as well and I just love the look that it gives me okay cuz I don't like my eyes to look so naked if I'm gonna do a you know eye shadow look so now I am grabbing this lovely lovely pallets okay and it is called the NARS a wild saying face palette and I will use the highlights to just highlight my eye brow bone and also highlight all the points I usually highlight on my face I am so shocked on how creamy this whole palette is okay like look at the highlights and look at that night and I also took that pretty pink to also use as a blush you guys know I don't be blushing but lately lately I've been feeling the blush okay blush was just not my thing I didn't hate it I just never really care to use it but then now I'm just like you know what let's let's make it a thing okay and y'all know I always highlight my

forehead because I like the look okay so now I'm just blending everything all in and this is where I am applying that beautiful blush look how subtle and pretty it is it's not too harsh it's just pretty and it's so pigmented but it looks so fresh oh I live for Bom Bom makeup okay so I'm also popping the highlight in the inner core my eye just to make this look pop a lot more so I am also grabbing this Kylie cosmetics lip pen - and yes I'm using this underneath my water lash line as a eyeliner because I didn't have no brown eyeliner sad story right so I am also using the same pencil I used on my eye as a my lip lip pencil and this is the Kylie cosmetics lip pencil in court Kay and I did I used a sharpener you guys to you know clean it up and stuff I'm not gonna use the same thing on my eye on my lips it's kind of weird it's kind of gross you already know so I'm using this as a lip pencil and I love this chocolate brown it's just perfect if I don't if you don't have chestnut I feel like that's a best alternative for you so now I am grabbing the Too Faced lips liquid lipstick shout-out to my little sister for letting me get this because

girl it is such a beautiful cranberry liquid lipstick it's so bomb on my skin tone I feel like it is going to look good on anybody skin tone and this is in the shade drop dead red okay and it is sure a drop dead red and I did pop that highlight again on on top of my lips just to give that lip highlight okay girl this liquid lipstick gives me life so if you've been looking for like a bob dark cranberry just luscious yes girl you better dance cuz your makeup is on fleek this sum plate okay so I'm just going to set all that in with my Anastacio dewy setting spray and this is it for the makeup honey I hope y'all enjoyed the face beats now we're gonna jump right into the hair um yeah so we don't just you know so now you don't want to hurry up come on jump into the hair okay to yourself yes we're better stomach Amy let's go hair schwa so this is a wig from WoW African wigs girl I've had this wig for months okay y'all stay asked me about this wig I love this wig now this week did come pre plucked bleached all that good stuff and it is just an easy way y'all I love this way cuz I've had it for such a long time and I've maintained

it so good and now I'm curling this so y'all can see it's taking heat really well the fact that I've had it for such a long time I've straighten it I washed it I've just done all the damages you gotta think of okay but Bom Bom hair I am gonna do another review on a wild African wigs they actually send me another wig I'm happy because this one is to rest Oh and you know yeah but I'm just curling this wig just giving it some nice little curls now I didn't have a wand curl because my wand curling iron my sister has it so I had to just do it with this big ol curling iron but either way the curls turned out beautiful effortless [Applause] [Music] time for the baby gail is time for the outfit so girl this is my favorite part because honey is spring swinging out here okay this is that blue sheet girl who thinks she cute she knows she bombed that this is her okay girl let me tell you bad bitch coming through okay so y'all this skirt is from boho the jacket it is from fashion Nova lies lies it's from forever 21 look at me trying to lie to y'all and the shoes is from misguided

let me tell you I couldn't stand to help my life my legs were shaking bitch get your life get your life Esther get your life definitely forgot how terrible these heels are okay so y'all this is it for this spring slay I hope you babies enjoyed it as usual love you guys so so much now up in the sauna and keep up with me subscribe if you need to my channel and I'll see you guys in my next upload [Music] singing of nippers Iggy no baby Jetta dealing with enough