14 January 2019


Hi Friends! Welcome back to Makeup Monday! I am doing an affordable makeup look using the James Charles Palette as well. Its my current fave! Go ahead and ...

I have what's up welcome back to my

channel it should go brunette so today I am going to do makeup Monday and I'm gonna do an affordable makeup Monday I'm gonna use the James Charles palette keep it lit up in here cuz this palette is so so good I don't know exactly what look I'm doing because that's how I got Mondays it's more of like a chitchat get ready with me but I wanted to make the focus more on affordable looks so yeah like affordable products that's what I wanted to do so yeah if you guys want to see what look I create with whatever I am going to create then go ahead and subscribe to my channel don't forget to turn on the notifications to get more videos from me and don't forget to comment and like as well and let's get started first thing that I always do when I go into my makeup is I will go ahead and do my brows first um I tend to not use show you guys what I do with my brows but today I am going to be doing the so proof about brow foolproof brow powder I take the color Cola which is a nice blue color I haven't used this color on my eyes at all so I figured this would be a a nice color to use into my crease so go ahead okay it's an okay

color it's cute and I'm just going to basically just stamped it on so I'm gonna blend more on this side that looks really nice then I'm just gonna drag it inwards a little nice drag inwards gonna lift it up to the top with this color you definitely have to build it up a lot there's no way it's not super pigmented right when it gets onto your your eyes it's just not definitely having to build that up a lot okay guys so I want to kind of tone this blue down I feel like it's just a little too starchy I'm going to use the code James and it's just like a brown shade and I'm just gonna kind of add it onto the outer corner maybe instead of that I'm gonna go in to love that or no single I'm probably gonna just go into single and then see what single does maybe single yeah I like how single looks scratch out code James we'll just going with single I got it like seriously wash my brushes you guys my brushes are a mess freshest are horrible so I'm gonna go in at with this shade Cape Cod and I'm just gonna pop it on there just pop it on there I'm looking the key I'm just keepin this look like really easy and achievable so it's like

two quick colors and then just a shimmer no cut creasing today cuz if I cut crease your girl's gonna be here forever and I'm not trying to be here forever and then sometimes you lose a lot of the color when you go in with the shimmer so I'm just gonna go back in to Cola and I'm just gonna like brush that big in to the eyes because Cape Cod kinda lost Cola a little bit and it's gonna help also to blend out everything and just give a really pretty look I really like Cape Cod I love this color looks really pretty it's just a nice seamless color and today I'm gonna go ahead and use this foundation right here this is the L'Oreal infallible Pro matte foundation I haven't used this foundation in a long time so I'm excited to try it out just gonna oh that's a lot and I'm just going to put that in right away it's a very light coverage it's not super full coverage and it's not even medium coverage I can still see a lot of my skin underneath but let me tell you guys the texture is really nice okay so we're keeping this look affordable I'm gonna go in with this color pop no filter so - a foundation color pop no filter concealer I actually

really like the color pop no filter collection that they had cuz girl it kept me snatched and I liked it even though some of you guys might make my concealers a little too light for me but your girl likes that heavy masky look um trust me when you see me in person you probably will not even notice that I'm a masked ball or that I have a mask on you might tell me to go and put a mask back on but but you know if I'm gonna glam it up I'm a glam up all the way and this is a medium 22 I really like this concealer it's super affordable I think it's like six dollars and I mean color top even though they used to be five dollars they're slowly going up in price but nobody's hating on them for it I'm hating on them a tad bit for it because it's like yo um why are you raising your prices inflation is already real like I live in California and the chances of me buying a house is very slim but your girl constantly puts it on her vision board and says one day that house will be mines and you know I'm just listening to all these gurus and I'm believing in myself and I'm like okay they say if I put on my vision board and work for it it's gonna happen

so we'll see you guys we're gonna be friends for a while so let's see if um I can make those dreams become a reality but yeah anyways I just had a TED Talks one-on-one with you guys as I blend my concealer so consider talks 101 and I feel like whenever you're like in a girl session and you're with your homegirls and you're really just doing your makeup and it's like a bunch of girls and there's some bitches you don't like but like you're still friends with them because it's a group effort and you're just like I have to tolerate this bitch because she's my friend she's part of the group but anyways at this session once you get to the concealer it's like gets deep in a room when a bunch of girls are doing their makeup like as soon as you get to concealer cuz like you're over doing that and you're like now you feel like it's just cake now um stuff gets like really deep people start talking about like deep core feelings and like you know pain and stuff like that in the beginning it's like superficial conversation but after a while it starts to become like core conversation and she snatched now I'm gonna do my undereyes I

think I'm gonna make my undereyes a purple because I'm basic and like it only seems like an obvious thing to do like like if you look at this you like you should do purple so that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna use a purple shade underneath and I'm gonna attempt to find a clean brush in my whole collection because I have no clean brushes and I need some clean brushes but I don't have any so anyhow should we do hot pink I think I'm gonna go in with skip which is like this hot pink cuz I think that would be so pretty so just going with some hot pink yeah okay I'm filling in and just like build this hot pink up like you gotta build it up I feel like whenever I do my eyeshadow when it comes to like the under eye I just give up like I'm tired of blending but we're gonna blend we're gonna blend that baby and then you just want to like make sure that you don't leave any line so next I need to add a little bit of color into the inner corner I'm gonna go in to hello it's a really light blue color too shimmery shade and we're just gonna pop that in the center right here cuz it's just gorgeous why not just pop that into

the center so I'm gonna go ahead and bronze my skin I'm gonna bronze my kit skin it with this Rimmel natural bronzer I don't know I have never found anything on the market that I really like that's a bronzer this Rimmel one's pretty good it's actually one of my favs drugstore wise so you you guys have to tell me what you think there's any other like brand that does better shapes just let me know but this is like not a bad bronzer just very faint it doesn't really show up so if you know if there's any other drugstore brands that do really good let me know also if we're really gonna go for like the whole affordable I'm gonna use some setting powder this is a no filter setting powder from colour-pop I'm just gonna take that I'm gonna basically clean up my you know my contour okay so wow that's come on I'm gonna go ahead and do some highlighter I'm gonna do the color ring light from the James Charles palette I know this is like such a good palette you can do so many looks with it you can even use it on your face so why not hold up okay so now I'm just gonna go ahead and do some concealer and I'm just gonna do a little bit and I'm using

my Real Techniques blending brush to do this I'm gonna focus the color mostly right here so I can like have that ball of bling I mean it's a little too shiny for me but I probably would have kind of gone in with a different color to take off all this stuff right here and then blend all that out and I'm just gonna kind of blend out other areas then I'm going to go in with a blush this is the Milani romantic rose blush this is my fave brush you guys and you know I go in a real heavy with my blush and this is my fave so pretty you don't have to wear blush if you're not a blush person it's like my thing but if you don't like blush and don't worry but I love blush I think blush is just so pretty I even like to take blush to the top and look all red something wrong with looking red what if we were all red I like to rebuild red you know this is a drug store I even drugstore it's like an affordable lashes type of look I'm gonna go in with my all-time favorite lashes but I always wear there aren't Dell lashes I love our dye lashes and I'm gonna go in with the 113 so they have somewhat with 1/3 x I'm gonna go in with that before I go in

with that I'm just gonna line my eyes just a bit not a lot no wing nothing cuz I feel like I mean this could probably use a wing so I'm just gonna do like a little bit of a wing not even a wing just like a brush I just waiting never mind and all that does was a dip like gives my eyes more dimension and I just don't really put a wing I'm gonna skip the lip liner I'm just gonna go straight in with like a a darky nude lip this is cinnamon do you think I look like a clown a tad bit today I don't know okay oh when you veg the hair it actually looks good hey guys so this is the finished look guys so this is the finished look makeup Monday's officially over right now and this is the look that I created it's really whimsical it's cute I love it I think it did um head I would wear this to maybe like a really fun Dessie wedding Dessie party a night out is definitely an artistic vibe and it's just so freakin pretty and I just mmm-hmm-hmm I just love it I think it's I think it's stunning oh it's stunning the lashes are like said oh they're not super like boom lashes so it just looks really good you can see the shadow

so I really really like it hey guys so if you like this video don't forget to subscribe turn on notifications and comment down below like the video you know the whole Jam I'll see you guys in the next it's the next video the next make up Monday I'll see you guys on my vlog channel don't forget I have a vlog channel I upload there Saturday Sunday and Wednesday and on this channel I upload Friday to Monday so Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday so you girl it's been busy and it's always busy with content so don't forget to subscribe to channel and support your girl and I'll see you guys in the next video bye