27 November 2018


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hi guys welcome back to my channel today

we are getting ready for a rock show I just go home from a trip I'm not feeling my entire best sales but Jack and I mean Jack have a gig tonight we are going to see a rock band we're going to see like a pop punk rock band and I thought I would just you know live up to the occasion and become my best rock glam self I am super pleased with the way this like turned out there's a few things in here that I've not showed you guys yet so I yeah I really really hope you love it and with it further ado if you'd like to see how I created that this entire look then please stay tuned our brother sounds like something from the Hunger Games here but I want to be ever in your favor oh yeah right here did it myself I did not Charlotte did it for me she came up to the house to do it for me I'm gonna get our weed right now I've lost the nail so just ignore this finger please and also ignore my spores I have been on ten flights in two weeks such a great time but I'm gonna call this sport British Airways this sport thin air and this little guy I'm just gonna call him dehydration I I'm going out tonight me and Jack Jack and I are going to see

Bring Me The Horizon if you're not familiar with Bring Me The Horizon it's a little bit later [Music] so we're going to a rock concert it's like pop punk rock type thing jack-bots Tech X look whale call we both really like that yeah anyway I would I'm just going to put it out there this is Jack's choice of an evening but I love what he wants I don't sound great I have a wee bit of our colds wee bit rundown so I need to make myself look much better instantly okay so we're gonna do a makeup quickly I've got our we were able to get rid of it but this is how quickly I would get ready for a night out so I'm gonna use the catcher cell canvass fresh spray my face that you'll need a little bit for this by the way I just recently found it again and I forgot that when I first tried it I really liked it but my skin could already so he's gonna rub that in I cannot wait to get makeup on I'm having one of those days where I woke up and I was like well I know he'll look so bad today and Charlotte came up and did my hair for me because I'm not washed it and I don't want to wash it

and I actually put eyeshadow and my hair lane to make my hair Lane look a little bit stronger actually looks really warm on camera but it looks fine and relief I promise once you drop that and obviously wouldn't a coin search so I went when we talked to last ages so we're going to use the Urban Decay all nighter foundation one pump without the back of my hand this is a tiny touch too dark for me to snow so I've got later concealer to brighten it back up I'm just gonna apply that straight on one pump is plenty I saw a couple of you guys come in and him previous videos could have started using this foundation again that you were the same as me I started using this foundation but I used used to use far too much of it and it just didn't look great and the key is to not use as much one pump is more than enough for your filthy clothes actually not bad you can hear my voice is a little bit husky because yeah I've just been so busy but that is Jack and eyes mean Jack's last travels of the year yeah Charlotte did such a good job in my hair got these Braves the whole way down and they've got cute little gold lips in them I will never be able to do that

myself I'm so clumsy and it's too late for chilli from me our foundation is actually not bad color I'm going to use my NARS radiant creamy concealer in the shade ginger for my under eyes and I'm also gonna go over Murray Sports for this as well because this is a hydrating the foundation so we'll stop my spots looking any kind of dry brightest I've been really liking this concealer again I'm gonna do my whole face first my whole like face foundation and all that and then we'll do eyes o dark circles be gone oh I feel so much better already I love makeup I'm gonna leave my legs just Nokes I'm gonna use concealer as a primer but we're gonna finish our face first for powder I'm going to use the Charlotte Tilbury Luke with hit pan I'm gonna use the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder I'm just gonna put that one my whole under eye and then down towards the chubby butts in my cheeks and we're gonna go for our classic rock chick I hate that term we're gonna go for a classic rock chick smokey eye but that's exactly what we're gonna do I want to do my feel smoke I did it on it Instagram a

little while ago in Lord you guys are asking for a tutorial and the power I used is very inexperienced of very inexpensive so I'm excited to show you guys okay I'm gonna use a little bit of my Bondi B I got a new one I'd ran out but I've got a new one this is the nude sticks born baby contour stick I'm just gonna put a little touch on and start warming up those areas of my face yeah you might have seen on Instagram and recently we were away with to feast in New York and we had such a fun time and we were hanging out with Caden I love Sara Lee and her boyfriend Sebastian you may have seen an Instagram stories that were all listen to old pop punk and I actually used to really love it as well I still do for you know for a reminiscing but I was so surprised by the amount of you guys that were a message and seeing that you were totally loving for that Lourdes are you guys intially really loved that can a pop punk era as well so I'm very interested in all doable or as some like music that you guys listened to I have a very eclectic music taste I listen to everything yeah it's weird it's gonna be really a fun night or excited so this is

the NARS Laguna bronzer with hit pan on this as well using loads of favorites today and I'm just gonna lightly sweep over and then I'm gonna use a slightly more dense brush to build that up and Michael enter and then I'm gonna use my favorite little narrows ITER brush just to do a little contouring my nose I don't know what I did without this brush you guys I've been used that every single day since my first video you use that and then if you go to harm of it which I always do it I just Pat my foundation brush over it just to blend and a little bit for highlighter I want it to be blind man as always I'm going to use the new artist co-chair diamond blocks Luminizer and hot damn hot spelt like hot butcher like fashion this is amazing look at that the packaging is gorgeous as well it's a really nice component and the actual product is pressed in such a gorgeous way and when you use this look oh it's quite a glittery highlighter so if you don't like glitter then you won't like it but I absolutely love it and it almost makes your skin look wait once it's on visible oh that looks so good they mated to my little news I'm just

gonna use an eyeshadow brush oh so good and then a little lane oh I just love it I think it's so pretty I feel better already okay we're just gonna light bronze just enabled and you don't know what the future holds so now I'm gonna train my eyes and do my brows but fresh I'm gonna just put my concealer on all over my lids just using the NARS creamy concealer it again cuz this is what I used to pray my eyes the last time I did this look and I thought it looked really good there's buff in the end with my Beauty Blender and then I'm gonna say that with just a little dusting of my Charlotte Tobi powder again just so it doesn't crease what is w into doing eyes okay so the pilot we're going to use is the Lottie London collaboration with tweet wheelie oh my goodness it's great and I couldn't leave it I went to look up how much it was to buy because my friend Cara loves my eyes yesterday no water yesterday as well and it is donuts explains 50 on seal sex points 50 for all of this and it's stunning so I don't know how soon it's gonna say hello but you guys definitely should pick it up and I'm gonna do a smoky smoky eye so

really the colors are funny the first color I'm going to use as check Italian I actually doing it was at we loves chicken so there you go I'm gonna use this and the crease I'm just gonna start wiggling my brush backwards and forwards we're doing a huge big blended smoky eye today so I'm gonna go ham but the pigment of the shadows and her easily the blend honestly I do not know how it's that and expand so I'm just using my Smith 232 brush I'm pretty sure that those guys in the UK can actually get some s brushes from a UK retailer no let me double check but I'll link them down below anyway because these brush shows I've had these for so long and out to do panic a little bit when I'm doing my makeup and I don't know of them because they are just the easiest most softest brushes to use for there we go that's Czech Italian on the lids looking great one color and it's the most gorgeous warm brown shades so it's all pretty I'm actually gonna go in with porky which is just here just next to check Italian these sheets are so funny bish you're law I like you although no tea no shade

good there's one she called Jam and I but I actually used a CD and we spun no.1 em cuz to be her a million oh how sweet I'm just gonna use porky and mix then with chick Italian and I'm gonna really start blending that out because I don't like my smokey eyes to be too rounded because it just makes my eyes look like we Peggy eyes I like to make sure that we're blowing that out there a crease so you can see when you start to drag your eyeshadow up and out like that it changes the shape of your item more of an almond shaped eye feels like it's been ages since I sat down at foam you guys mr. cheezle okay these shadows are just so gorgeous okay I'm gonna just do the top just no the top of my eyes next is norteƱos shade which is the black and the pilot doesn't honestly it doesn't look like much in the pan but when I used it I was shook when you use the Keeley by saucer brush these brushes are amazing by the way I've been using these two days as well link same as well but we Keeley a movie mmm we baby and I'm just gonna start placing the black on all over the lid I'm just

all over the leg just now and then over the crease because you never want your black Irish Idol just on the lead but when you're doing this I'm okay because it makes your eyes look much smaller and then right into the inner corner we're getting a little tiny bit of folate but that's fine powdered my under eyes I can just sleep early and then I'm going to use a fluffy brush and the black and make sure you're going in with your big brush with the original colors on it just to smoke that in I'm gonna go in with hey guys which is just next the black to start blends in the black coat a little bit more it's got a little bit more depth and warmth to it so I'll help get that black nice and smooth I'm not finished with that blend but I'm going to start packing on the black to the other eye and everyone's going to take a little bit it's hiding working on the eyes and making sure that we can get that blend nice and smooth I'm going to get a clean Mac two to four and a little bit of chickity lien which is the first warm shade and I'm just gonna start really buffing that into the edges and I'm just taking my time going back and it kind of eats shade and build in the

crease up but I just forgot to press record all I've done is used black 77 gel liner by Inglot a 77 yes and I put it in my waterline and wiggled it between my lashes and before it dries I'm gonna go in with here guys which is just this one right here and we're gonna smoke that I'll show you exactly I read the first part another Ickes I missed it I'm gonna go in with a black gel liner and I'm gonna paint my entire waterline and then when it get a little bit more gel liner and I'm gonna wiggle that between my lashes so there's no skin poking through like so this is a nightmare to get off but it does add such an intensity to the eye look and then we're gonna blame that again when the gel liner is still a little bit tacky and then if you want you can go in with a bigger brush and the lightest transition color and just kind of smooth all that I love it for scout on lashes I want to do big lashes because you're in such an intense smoky eye you can get away with weird and a huge lash so I'm going to use remember I am collab daph today I'm gonna use tacky lashes and Mitchell mmmm Irma Mitchell's

collaboration I'm gonna cut these to size and then glue them up and the glue I'm using as my favorite glue ever this is the dual glue with the green right hand and it's the brush or latex free glue honestly I sure buy it I use it every single time I wear lashes and I'll like be using it on my weight and say for sure I just think it's the base for mascara I'm just gonna use my NARS at climax mascara to get my top lashes nice and black and my bottom lash is super chunky to go with the lip if you don't see what that's look you don't actually need lashes if you don't want I think it's such an intense I can it actually looks really nice without lashes but I'm gonna real lashes all this well we're waiting for our lashes to dry I'm gonna pull up on a little bit of the artist Kutcher highlighter on my brow bone so right at the top here and that just tie does it and they slay to the cheeks I'm gonna use a tiny brush and just apply this right to my inner corner I don't want anything to me until my neck oh no oh I quite love that maybe I'll add more just gonna give my little speckle these lashes are Sony to this eye makeup mmm drama for my rose I don't want anything

too heavy cause the whole looks quite heavy so the first thing I'm going to do is come through with my benefit 24-hour rosette or jail yeah okay I'm just gonna do them I can't know what this is a fill glam look okay so I'm just gonna go end with the cabaret and shade number four and we're just gonna do a light sculpting of the brave Rose will dine I'm gonna zoom you eight and we'll do ellipse Portugal I am hers so far left is probably gonna be the last time I'll be able to use this because you guys are I think it don't really always going on but I think it's although and I'm gonna use my MAC lipstick for the last time on my channel but I can guarantee you that I will be using this lipstick for a long time I flip in love it obviously I love it and I'm so so glad that you guys loved it so much as well we're going to use Mac gimme Genevieve and my lip liner I'm gonna use as Mac stripped down so this is a really nice color for with my lipstick Oh guys it's like bittersweet you know it was the best the best of times the worst of times because now it's gone I'm gonna lay my lips and strip down first where's

my lipstick Oh baby then we're gonna use Mac me and I'm gonna use my lip liner to blend that in I'm gonna grab a tiny bit of my NARS concealer on a little concealer brush and I'm just gonna tidy up my lip line now I'm gonna go in with my little contour palette contour highlight palette by Mac 35 quid that says I always fill a makeup artist I would be all over this stuff shade stir and this middle one here just to add a little bit more culture make sure there's no fallout or anything on my face that shouldn't be there I could rub my hair and then I'm just gonna set my makeup with the Y a sale top secrets makeup setting spray and then I need to put my hopes in and then the very last thing I promise I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take a little bit the Charlotte Tilbury powder when I really big fluffy brush and I'm just gonna pounce that all over my skin after this and spray cause we're going out out I knew when we got to last now you guys as they finished look I am feeling obsessed I think this logic bait I could honestly remember a couple that's every I think it's so glam I love a feel smokey eye I hardly ever do it because I

do think it might just take a little bit more effort than my usual smokey eye but I think that this is so nice obviously that's pilot I really hope it's not sold out by the team that I've put this vigil alive because sex print fifty is ridiculous for this pilot I think it looks so good but if you can't get this then I actually think that the Morphy James Charles pallet would be able to do this look absolutely no problem there's probably loads of pilots that you can do this lick with but I do think that this pallet performed super shipper rail to get this look other than that wish me luck hopefully I don't get crushed in a mosh pit and I'll see you the next video bye come on look at this guy bye alright I am pretty sure that weekend but I'm pretty sure that you live I'm gonna get a clean Mac Mac I'm gonna use tacky latches latches oh that's good that is bloody great okay I'm gonna let me fly boom oh cool that's really wait my head hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are getting rid throwback