17 March 2019


Hello everyone, back again lol... I'm going to try and upload a video at least once a week! Hope you all enjoy, please like and subscribe and let me know what ...


hi everyone welcome back to my channel I'm very bad we've uploaded onto YouTube but hopefully I'm gonna upload video and once a week hopefully once a week so yeah if you'd like to see how I create this look and also I'm answering some questions from Instagram then please keep watch I said start on using the P Louise BAE I'm just gonna put some of that on my hand so I'm actually gonna carve up my eyebrows as well I'm so obsessed with this base now it's so good a comment for the last time in years like concealer and powder yeah so you just want to get this base really really tacky so that I shadow is can stick to it and it also brings out the pigment like so much more than the concealer and powder so now that's all tacky I'm gonna take the James Charles collaboration palette with morphe the more morphine why I'm going to say that so the first shade I'm taking is daddy I'm gonna pop that all over the lid and I'm packing that on I'm not like blending it or anything so it will look really really okay so I've done like one of those question things on Instagram so if someone's are however you when you properly got into makeup I've let you

been doing makeup for like maybe two or three years yeah recently I've been doing like more creative lips which has been fun my whole face and literally gets stains I don't know how people do it all the time so I'm just gonna blend that with my spectrum a12 brush and the shade socialblade see I've been doing makeup for about yeah two or three years but I've just recently well not recently actually it's probably last summer I started doing makeup one other people which is really good and I'm just gonna take a blending brush just to blend out that pop there I also want to deepen up the crease so I'm gonna go back in with the shade daddy back to the a12 okay so now we're going to go back to the first brush that I use and kind of like pull it out oh my god if anyone been watching the order on Netflix this so it's like kind of good and bad at the same time based one of those things where you don't want to watch it but you like want to see what's gonna happen next okay so now that's blended your deepen it up again go back in with Daddy to achieve like the best blend this is

literally what I do all the time I go back and forth it does take a while but it's worth it and I'm gonna cut the crease and I'm gonna use the P Louise face again and I'm just gonna take my tiny little a 16 brush it's gonna dab that all over and then look up and that gives you the outline for the cut crease I do sometimes like to go higher so when you open your eyes you can still see it and now I'm gonna go back to this brush and I'm gonna like drag I'll kind of like blend these together and go on top of it it doesn't really matter if it's quite messy because I'm gonna go over it with a white liquid lipstick anyway there's just kind of like to guide me so I'm just gonna wipe off what's on this little cut crease brush and I'm gonna get the shade socialblade I'm sure to dab that on here I really wanted this to be like a neon look but I don't really have any products the neon I need to get on okay so someone's asked fave brand of eyeshadow mines under stars the earth is it Anastasio Anastasia I don't know let me know they're definitely our dreams at best pigmentation morphe is kind of like a hit a mess like some of the shades of good some of them about but with like

I'm good as you hear my voice then let your summer go anyway what was I even saying I'm getting really sidetracked oh yeah they've branded eyeshadow oh and I'm just gonna get back in with Daddy just to join these up I don't know my favorite brand right other words I mean I don't really think I have like favorite or no wait I know I know this palette oh my god honestly the pigmentation and this is so good and it pretty much does it for you I mean you put it on and it's just blended anyways but with the morphe James Charles palette you literally have to work with it like you have to blend so much to get the best friend so yeah as you can see that looks quite messy but we just gotta wait I'm just gonna take the a12 brush go in with the shade Benny and just blend that here oh I feel like I just stopped answering that question and it definitely did see how my favorite brown eyeshadow would definitely be definitely can't speaking but it would definitely be the be perfect Cosmetics palette with what's happening Stacey Marie MUA it's time for the white line and I'm gonna use the jeffree star liquid lipstick in

the shade it's gonna pop some of that on my hand brush I'm gonna use it's like this tiny little is it cool like a pencil brush or like at the detailing brush either you know I do you think I dunno but I really don't see I'm just gonna cover the brush in now and I'm gonna do a line and I counter what what I do this I don't even know if they're the same oh my god best so different that's hilarious okay so for primary use that old hours by wire cell okay and next I'm going to use the strobe cream by Mac in gold light I'm just going to put this all over my face and I'm going to use the iconic London drops just again glow underneath the foundation and Ranma I'm going to use my spectrum sponge which is insane I know it looks mad now but once the foundations on top of it looks really nice and for foundation I'm using the wet and wild photo focus foundation in soft beige I don't really like the spatula but still use anyway and I'm gonna blend that in with my spectrum sponge oh let's get back to answering questions I keep forgetting what brow products do you recommend I've only

really used the the anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade and the makeup revolution ditto for men so they are good but i mean it does it does go really dry but i do want to try the benefit that i don't know what school doesn't my precisely i have no idea what it is I know there's the Anastasio Anastasia or whatever brow Wiz I think it's like that I do want to try not yeah I just kind of used the makeup revolution dip brow pomade and I also used the 24-hour brown setter by benefit which holds them into place like holds them okay so if someone said how do you get as good as you make up thank you well like I said in the beginning and I've been doing it for like I don't know two or three years so it's just practice like constantly I remember going for a stage of literally doing my makeup every day and just watching other people in YouTube because that does really really help yeah just lots of practice and being like consistent with that okay now I look a little bit better I'm gonna take the L'Oreal infallible more than concealer and oh my god it is more do concealer you need like the tiniest bit

literally that much and then again with my sponge you can literally see that that concealer so good it's a really really full coverage you need such a tiny bit bar even though like I think the pricing for drugstore was really really hard because like you think oh it's drugstore it's meant to be cheap but like this concealer I'm pretty sure it was like 10 pounds that that's quite a lot for drugstore okay now to make my face a bit more bronze gonna take the makeup revolution fast base foundation stick I'm gonna take this brush from coconut lane and I have got code for them which I'll put on the screen now so comment what is so I literally tap this on the stick and then Stiffler into my cheek I feel like it's an easier way to apply it instead of dragging it across the foundation because it will just move in and with the excess I'm just gonna push the brush into my nose doesn't look as big okay now for powder I'm gonna use the Laura Mercier loose setting powder so I'm gonna take my hoola by benefit I want a big bronzing brush this is the CEO three you take like quite dense blending brush need a mirror bring that Darwin nose okay someone has

said how do you get sent stuff so I don't know really I've just hired like companies reach out to me which is really really good I don't know I think cuz I'm I post quite a bit on Instagram the makeup and also like fashion posts as well I've had people message me which it's really really nice you just have to be like consistent really so now for Paula oh actually no I'm gonna bronze a bit more I'm gonna use the butter bronzer and I'm going to take a spectrum 0-5 pop that on top of the food um and I'm going to take another no.5 and use this Anastasia anastacio I literally have no idea this blush trio in the shade cocktail party I'm just gonna like mix these two okay so now that's looking a bit crazy I'm gonna put my sponge on top I love blush now I never used to use it and oh my god I haven't done underneath my eyes now I'm gonna take the shade guarde what is this I'm just gonna get right in that water line and you don't want to go too far down because you need it's a matter of this bit I think I want to start doing cloven hooves on here as well so if you want me to do that then comment down below I'm just going to use

a bigger blending brush with the shade socialblade pull the inner corner I'm gonna take the white in the palette which is called flashback and this will really open up the inner corner and on top of that I'm going to use a shimmer I'm going to use the shade ring light and pop that on the inner corner for my lips I'm using the Milani color statement lipliner in the shade 9 today I'm actually going to use the H and B cross my ex this is Holly Boone's brand and this is the shade okay then [Music] I'm just gonna bake underneath here and also down sides of my nose while I'm baking in the oven I'm gonna use my new highlighter by Mac oh my god it's stunning and look at this so I'm just gonna pop that all over my face and to blend that I'm gonna take a big powder brush I'm gonna wipe away this so this is the finished makeup look I hope you've all enjoyed watching please remember to follow my social media accounts which I'll link down below and all of the products that I've used will also be linked down below as well and please let me know what videos you'd like to see so I think I'm gonna do

maybe like one video a week hopefully I say that but it was like three months ago I uploaded my last one great so yeah thank you for watching [Music]