02 August 2018

Grande Cosmetics: Focus On Eyes and Lips

Alicia Grande of Grande Cosmetics chats about eyelash extensions client giving their eyes a break, and introduces the new lip line.

here buddy its Maggi Mulhern from Modern

Salon TV I am here at one of my favorite places in the world the grande booth and I'm here with elite the lady herself Alesha grande who I have to tell you you are responsible for me having eyebrows because that is one of my favorite products in the world is the the brow serum because that I'm telling you right now it works so you know you've got a lot of hot things going on here and she did us a real service she took off her lipstick to show something new so let's talk about eyes and lips so take it away I'm gonna start off with your eyes because I feel like a lot of people who use grande lash don't realize or people who have extensions don't realize well I'm really pointing at the extension people right now you are supposed to actually detoxify detox your lashes once a year for four months this is according to the medical ok people at the Medical Associates they're they're talking about this I'm hearing it all the time because you're clogging up the follicles with the glue and you're really not giving your lashes a chance to breathe so here's the recommendation okay I'm not telling you not to love your lash extensions they

look beautiful but if there's a time that you can pick out of your year where you could take a couple of months off of your lash extensions and give your lashes a little time to breathe okay you take them off and you're just gonna use grande lash to basically re stimulate the follicles of your lashes so you can enhance your own natural lashes and when you put your extensions back on it's gonna be a stronger lash a healthier lash and if you do this once a year it's gonna allow you to keep your lashes while you're on lash extensions another tip for lash extension people if you are using lash extensions you probably didn't realize that grande lash is actually water-based so it's not going to interfere at all with the lash extension actually a lot of lash special a lot of lash browsers are recommending lash serums in general to use while you're using your lash extensions so you're keeping your lashes healthy Maggie and look at those lashes those are her lashes those are not extensions those are not wefts those are the real deal lashes and her brows oh she's got it going on and you know what I mean I started this company almost ten years

ago and why I really made grande lashes because when I used this product my lashes were not great because I lost my lashes from you know childbirth your hormones go out of whack and my lashes became short and I actually got my beautiful lashes back so I said oh my god being that my last name is grande I need to make this product for myself and I worked with a doctor and a scientist and they developed it for me and Here I am ten years later with my baby and I have changed thousands and thousands of lashes and won so many awards and I am so happy and I honestly still get goose bumps over it and my daughter uses it and actually literally has to trim her lashes cuz they hit her eyebrows oh my god I love those stories and I even have a lot of people who are even 90 years old that come up to me and say you know what my lashes I have beautiful lashes as a matter of fact I was on like the Home Shopping Network and there was this woman who came on as a testimonial she's 80 years old her lashes hit up to here I mean it really is crazy you know and also if you want right away to have that false lash look and I want to tell you this is what I use today I use my grande

primer this is a pre mascara treatment you put this on before your mascara it's white it Prime's your lashes it also thickens your lashes it has many fibers and it's made in Italy it's very luxurious so when you put this on its gonna set your lashes up to be amazing before you put your mascara on you could use it with any mascara by the way but of course I'm gonna recommend grinding mascara because it's my mascara and I love it and I'll tell you why it's great-granny mascara also has conditioning property to help boost the results of granny lash or even when used alone Maggie it actually has Marisol penn peptide 17 which is a peptide that actually helps to enhance your own natural lashes so even if you just wanted to boost your lashes just a tad bit and you weren't using cron unless you could see that benefit of lash enhancement which is grande mascara alone so when you use grande mascara what's great about it is water resistant it's made in italy it's easy to remove and it's safer like eyelash extensions to because it's water-based so there's no oil in it and cosmopolitan just wrote about it they

evaluated sixteen mascaras and it was the number one out of 16 for best value i'm just so happy for you and your success cuz you're really doing a service now i know we only have you for another minute or so so let's total it so okay you know what i have lines in my lips and i don't like them and i'm sure a lot of people don't like it and you know what sometimes you don't like your lipsticks because of those lines in your lips so i I look for problem solution here it is grande a lip primer it is a solution to fill in the lip lines and set your lipstick up to look better I'm going to put this on it's a matte finish so you can use it with any lipstick it doesn't change the consistency of your lipstick it not only primes but it plumps so it has this applicator like this it's gonna fill in my lines okay easy to put on it's a spongy applicator that's filling in the line it's okay you have to wait for it to dry gotta wait a little bit like 30 seconds but I'm gonna put it on I'm putting on now one of my new hottest mats sparkling sangria it is a liquid lipstick in a matte finish semi matte that also has a metallic finish okay and

it's so easy to use this applicator you don't even need to use a lip liner with it because anyone could really use this and it has hyaluronic acid and plumping ingredients in it as well so easy this is why we love Alicia grande she she walks the walk talks the talk she does it all she's doing us all huge favors and I'm plumping how long does have plumping how long does the plumping last the plumping last for four hours and actually this liquid lipstick stays on for eight hours okay and I have it in seven colors it's available in salons and spas and salons centric and through independent beauty distributors as well so for more information go to WWE and a cosmetics calm or grande wholesale if you are an esthetician or a beautician you could go to grande wholesale and you could look to find your nearest distributor as well on our website and her stuff works I've done it and I'm just I'm so happy that we have this time for you she's a big star and she's pretty fun you're so fabulous oh okay oh and you look amazing too vague