14 January 2019

Goth Girl Face paint Makeup Zurifx

Goth Chick Living in the Dark Side FAB Face paint from sillyfarm.com In colors white, black, berry wine, Crayon Case Box of crayons eyeshadow ...


everybody's eerie effects here and I am doing a goth look today so I'm just taking my white faced meat and I am dabbing it all over my face applying it with a sponge adding a little white face beat down on my chest area and I am going to body paint my full shoulders and chest area with this lovely magenta or purple look and I'm going to fade it in and I'm adding eyeshadow on to my face right underneath my eyes just blending it out and now adding a little black eyeshadow putting a little bit of a cream face paint onto my eyelid to shape it out a little bit next I'm putting lines underneath my eyes and above my eyes mixing it with black face paint as well and making a couple more lines starting on my chest area I'm getting a round brush and making lines to make my lace shirt it's like a lacy type of Gothic shirt I'm trying to paint and adding a neck piece as well using black face be giving my shirt a little bit more definition adding some face paint and just blending it in now to work more on my face I'm giving myself a little contour using eye shadow making little buttons on my shirt

two simple circles I wanted to do a very creepy mouth using the same colors and making lines on the top of the mouth and on the bottom the lending name with the black face paint as well you bring it in my mouth and a little bit cuz it was too far apart so a little bit more detail on the body arts using my star blend to make it a lot more darker [Music] and I'm all done thank you for watching please like subscribe and comment have a great day over and out [Music]