09 April 2019

Good Buy or Goodbye: Nyx Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick

Would you believe that I never got this up yesterday because I was in the mood to clean and tidy and thought I'd better run with it? Available here ...

hi guys so today we're having a look at

the NYX glitter cools liquid lipstick I of course bought the purple shade amethyst vibes and yeah let's see what they say about it on the NYX website so it comes in nine shades and the UK this is eight pounds in the u.s. it's nine dollars so just to give you an idea of the shades we've got some Reds some kind of properly Pink's a silvery one and a black almost shade yeah it's called oil spill so that sounds cool anyway so the description is shift just got real with our brand new classical's liquid lipstick available in Maine transformative tones this matte liquid lipstick glides on metallic and switches to stunning glitter finish here's had to make the magic happen sleep on the smooth sheet you can't get enough of and let it set then it simply smack your lips together to spark the twinkly twist yeah it's super duper easy the dazzling effect make this inspire you to go for a glitter like every single day I totally didn't read this before I started filming this video I just thought this was a glass here at liquid lipstick because I've just been sitting here thinking huh it's weird it

doesn't it doesn't look the same as yeah I actually read the box so it doesn't look the same color as on the box because I have this might relapse together so let's do that just now and we'll do the transformation section before the application section because that'll make so much sense so you know this is supposedly pre transformation it's pretty shimmery but anyway oh yeah that's crazy shimmery hmm okay see you guys then I also feel like my lip stud may have knocked off a bit more than we would have wanted it to - so it's a bar um but yeah so crazy glittery itself I suppose I should do a timestamp from this point rather than thee when we've done the wear test the application sorry so these hands is 10:00 to 12:00 so I'll be back we'll see how glittery I am but so far no fallout which is the main thing that next seem to be proclaiming about their glitter goals line because they've also for eyeshadows and I believe liners as well so let's see how this goes I'm very purple today very shiny today it's um - all right so let's try this guy on I obviously went for our crazy intense color this is

amethyst vibes and I am a little bit nervous I wish I chose something more subtle to test this with oh it was squeaking for a minute okay so does smell of something is it slightly coconutty I don't know we will try and find it so don't fit applicator incredibly sparkly part pool zoom you guys in get a good view let's see how a peek and shiny this goes on it's a big it's shiny I wonder if this would be I safe because that would be a glorious I later okay okay so I will say this looks a little bit patchy and that was just a rubbish application anyway I need to even a height which I'm gonna do cuz I'm gonna do another layer on because we could dis and I always doing nice of that corner of my mouth so let's try again that looks better it's really not sensing nice in the corner of my mouth but hopefully that won't be a thing all right two layers that seems to be pretty key although let planer may have also been a good friend okay and yes I have a wonky lip sheet I always have an event it really hard to even it out actually was something that I would need

to do truly yourself but when you're not zoomed in ray out my nose it's not that bad anyway so what time are we at mr. foon it is quarter to twelve I'm not going to get as long a work to Atlas as I wanted to do yeah well so it's quarter twelve we will see how that's to hold up and I will be back for a chicken great so tame for a chicken is 25% to have not been doing much I've had walked some catfish I have ever had a little bit to drink some juice I mean I don't think this is gonna be a very long wearing formula because this is not a good look L or you know even really two errors and so really broken up or in those corners or it wasn't setting well to begin with definite butthole let to steal the expression I'm Sofia and yeah I mean the shimmer is still insanely pretty and that's nice but I think this would be a very high maintenance kind of a product I think you would maybe use it for photoshoots possibly more than till where so I'm gonna leave this and you see how it gets but just to show you if you touch it it does kind of come off so you know if you're eating anything or if you're

kissing anybody they're gonna end up turning into a disco ball so I will stay on this for a bit longer see what happens maybe see what happens if we try and you know give it a touch up whether it sells it's nice or not but I just wanted to check in and show you what it happened raped we are it's not being it too much longer it is ten past three so this is feeling just a little bit gritty the wear is not particularly worse than last time cleared out a little bit so we'll see what it looks like when we do try to touch it this up because obviously if you were going to wear this for a long period of time touch-ups are going to be necessary so let's see whether they're possible it feels so weird okay not precise it's the other server to wash yourself anyway so let's see yeah so the coroners it looks like if it's totally worn off in a larger area you might have to do the fill to layers again everywhere else actually looks relatively even so this is actually a possibility and you could touch it up I

suppose I no need to wait for it to dry and see how well the kind of glittery side of it or works so yeah I still quite disagree with their version of calling this matte and put there you go so it's less did worse than normal so I don't think you can even quite touch this up so overall this for me is gonna be a good buy it's definitely something you'd wear for like a photo but don't try and actually wear it for a night or a festival or anything it's just too high maintenance so if you've any questions leave them down below and I will get back to you and I will see you next thing