13 June 2016

Gold Glitter Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The California sunshine was out in full this weekend which was so nice. This weeks makeup tutorial is ...

hey guys welcome back so today's look is

just this really glamorous gold glittery evening look so just whatever evening event that you have I just wanted to do something a little more dramatic and a little bit more glam I've been keeping it quite natural I feel like lately so yeah I just wanted to try something a little bit different and a little bit more bold don't forget to hit subscribe if you haven't already and let's get started with the tutorial so I've already moisturized and now I'm going to prime my skin with the Becca shimmering skin Perfector and I'm just going to apply a little bit of this all over my face just using my hands this is just going to give my skin a nice kind of glow from within because I am going to use a matte product as my foundation so I still do want a little bit of luminosity to come through for my foundation today I'm going to use my NARS Velvet Matte skin tint and my shade is medium 1.5 and I'm just going to apply it with my damp Beauty Blender and I'm really just working this into my skin because I do want quite a full coverage but I just want my skin to look really smooth and not like I've got a little foundation on so it's really

important when you use a Beauty Blender to just really work into your skin and also of course make sure it's nice and damp to conceal today I'm going to use my Maybelline age rewind treatment concealer this is supposed to erase dark circles but I'm also going to use it in other areas over a nice little pimple right there well it was it was a small pimple and then I poked and picked at it and now it's kind of just like a scab so hopefully it will cover that too I like the applicator in this product it's like a little sponge on the end so it's really easy to apply I'm gonna use my deaf Beauty blender once more to blend everything in the shade I'm using in this concealer is medium now I'm going to apply some powder and I'm going to use my bare minerals invisible light powder duo and today I am going to use the map side so this product is amazing it has a matte side and a glowy side so if you want to look really dewy and luminous you can use the side that says glow and if you just want to stay nice and matte then you can use the matte side and often I will put the matte down my t-zone and then I'll use the glow on the outside

but today I'm just gonna stick with matte just gonna take a big fluffy brush this is my bare minerals supreme finisher which is perfect to add some warmth and dimension to my face I'm going to use my Too Faced chocolate Soleil bronzer and this is the medium to deep matte bronzer so I'm just applying a little bit under my cheekbones and then I'm gonna go onto my forehead down along my jaw a little bit down my neck and then if you want to you can go into the chest as well full blush today I'm gonna use one of my old favorites this is a bare minerals loose blush in the shade Golden Gate and it's just a gorgeous peachy apricotty tone it really does look good on everybody so I'm just gonna smile and buff a little bit onto the apples of my cheeks for my highlighter today I'm gonna use my Maybelline master highlight it says highlighting blush but I just love using this as a highlighter it's my this shade is number 10 nude and you can see that it's kind of like all different colors it's like a mixture of like rose gold and pinks it's really really pretty and I've just been loving it lately so I'm gonna take a fan brush and apply it

to the tops of my cheekbones a little bit down the bridge of my nose and on the tip of my nose and also on to my Cupid's bow to set my complexion I'm going to spritz myself with my L'Oreal infallible makeup extender setting spray moving on to my eyes now I'm going to prime my eyes with my Mac prep and prime 24 hour extend eye base I just find that this really makes my eye makeup bulletproof it also helps the pigment be a little bit stronger and it just it's just it's a really good primer you can apply it with your finger if you would like to but I am going to apply it with a brush I just like to make sure that with primers it all goes on nice and evenly because if you have any kind of patches it'll make your eyeshadow go on kind of uneven so just make sure that however you apply it you apply it nice and evenly now I'm gonna take my steel natural eye palette and I'm gonna go into this dark brown shade here it's cold cocoa and using a blending brush I'm just going to define my crease I'm just going to go back and forth into my crease and the outer corners of my eye I'm also gonna go ahead and take that same color that I just used into my

crease with a tiny brush and go along my lower lash line now I'm gonna go in with this loose gold eyeshadow it's called true gold and it's by bare minerals and I'm gonna take a flat shadow brush like this and I'm just gonna gently apply it to the movable part of my eyelids just focusing kind of on the inside and just kind of wear that empty space is where I didn't put any of the brown so I'm gonna try and leave the brown pot to stand out as is and then apply the gold now to really add a little bit of drama I'm gonna take this little gold it's an eye shadows for face and body it's kind of like a gold gel I think and I'm gonna apply this just over where I've done the gold eye shadow just to give a little bit more of a sparkle now I'm gonna go back into that brown shade that I used into my crease cocoa from the Stila palette and I'm gonna kind of go back and forth again and just define it a little bit more I'm just gonna highlight underneath my brow and I'm going to use this really pretty it's almost like a champagne highlighter color it's called queen Phyllis and it's a loose eyeshadow by bare minerals this is a beautiful highlighter as well as eye shadow so

today I'm literally just going to use it underneath my brow for eyeliner I'm gonna take my Mac fluidline which is like a gel eyeliner and it's black and I'm gonna use a really thin liner brush this is the essential liner brush my bare minerals and I'm gonna do a slight wing so I'm going to start on the very inner corner and slowly get thicker as I come out into a wing now I'm going to take this round-the-clock waterproof eyeliner by bare minerals into my lower waterline and I'm also going to take it into the upper waterline as well so I'm just going to pull my eyelid up look down and just color in that little part there I'm not gonna curl my lashes today because I am going to apply some falsies in a second but I am going to apply a little bit of mascara and today I'm using my Marc Jacobs velvet and wah major Volume Mascara the false lashes that I'm applying today are the demi wispies by Adele to define my brows I'm gonna use my bare minerals ah-chan defined brow palette and I am just going to use a combination of the

dark one and the lighter one in the center poor lips today I'm gonna take my makeup forever aqua lip liner this shade i think is 3c and it's just a nice neutral kind of almost like a caramel shade it's just a perfect neutral lip liner and i'm just going to define the outer edges of my lips now i'm going to use a nude lipstick this is called nudists and it's by bare minerals it's part of their brand new gen nude lip range and it's just a really nice creamy lipstick so i'm just gonna apply that all over and I'm not gonna wear my gloss or anything else I'm just going to leave it as is thanks for watching if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and leave any questions or comments you have below I've as always left a full product list as well as links to all of my social handles so if you don't already make sure you follow me on social media if you want to see a hair tutorial I've also uploaded a video of how I did my hair using my brand new new me hair tools and there's also a discount code for you guys as well hope you have a wonderful week and I'll see you guys in my next video bye