21 December 2018

Go To Summer Makeup Look | QUICK AND EASY

Hey my lovelies and welcome back to another video!!!! Im so excited to share with you guys my go to look throughout this summer, I really think having that ...


tyronn and welcome to my channel and welcome back to another video if you guys are new welcome my name is Sarah and it is awesome to have you watching my video so today I'm doing that this look that you guys can see now it is my go to summer makeup look when I need to be a little bit extra you like this look then please continue watching I hope that you guys do enjoy this video and if you did give it a big thumbs up so the first thing I'm going to be going in with its oil like a moisturizing oil and the reason I'm doing this is so that I can hydrate my skin and keep it really hydrated throughout summer because it gets so hot here in my Australia so I want to make sure that my skin is constantly hydrate I'm using a tester because I've run out of my other book I know the man that will be trying this one out today don't use a lot I sort of just like rub it into my skin like that it's like a tiny bit because oil is all you want you don't want it to be a tooth now go in to priming my face I'm going to be going in with the maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser seriously just using the smallest amount the reason I'm using like the tiniest amount is because

it's like a gel consistency and it really like it spreads like the what I just use I use like the tiniest bit and it's gone and it just spread it all over my face which is good for like you know if you're trying to save as like say product and stuff but I definitely wouldn't use too much because then it kind of gets like a little bit clogging and doesn't run in well so it definitely use it sparingly moving on to my face so normally I would use like well normally if it's like some and it's really hot I wouldn't really use a foundation because like I don't want to be like sweating and having my face like all like like foundation up however I've come across this little test that I had and then I thought somewhere never got it and it's the hourglass illusion hyaluronic skin ten broad-spectrum SPF 15 in the color ivory I kind of figured that this would be like something like I would want to give a like give it go because it's got like SPF N and it's not really a foundation a small bucket like a skin tint like then like a BB cream I would kind of cool it maybe so I'm just gonna like squeeze it out onto the so just because it is like

summer I wanted to I really have that like wiggle are you kind of like look so I'm gonna be adding a tiny bit because it is like a liquid consistency what am I saying and illuminate to consistency I just don't really want to I just want a little bit more glowing I'm gonna be going in with the tiny bit of the next board to go to liquid illuminator adding like the tiniest bit of know if you can see that to the back of my hand I'm just going to be blending that in too much yeah you say this isn't like a full coverage like concealer and it is more or less like that but I like a tinted moisturizer I guess you could call okay so my skin is done I don't know if you can tell it's probably a little bit you can tell us me like that she glow wouldn't say like completely like full coverage but I would definitely say like like a nice like medium to full coverage moving on so my next step is going to be eyebrows and with eyebrows normally like if I'm going out out like a fancy event I will color my eyebrows in with a crown but because it's like summer I don't want it to be too dark I'm gonna just color them in with like a powder so I'm

going in with the essence eyebrows stylist set in our one natural brunettes are going to meet first taking my spooge e that one a cold [Music] I'm just brushing them out like so they're taking the darker color just keep those eyebrows in place I'm going in with my benefit at 24 hour brow set up I'm just going to be combing that through my eyebrows just to let you let them stick to the place moving on to can't see at La I'm taking my hood of beauty overachiever concealer this isn't the color cotton candy Oh 8b and what I found with this concealer is that it's a little bit goes a long way like a lot so I would recommend probably only using like a tiny bit to start off it and then make it going and adding more and it dries really quickly I look like it's just like completely shrunk yes that's what I done and I look like a complete we don't peeling because I put concealer all over my eyelashes and the looks I have no eyelashes but I'm just gonna have to do that looks a little bit better I didn't get too much of my eyelashes now two sets my like eyes under my eyes and I

can see I'm going in when the may be looking at feet to me I'm sitting smooth in the color 120 and I want to be taking this brush just so that I can sort of but pick up a lot of product because I just want to push it into the skin rather than like baked to set the rest of my face I'm going in with the Australia's fresh and flawless pressed powder pressing that down moving on to ice by eyes I don't want to go too heavy and stuff like that because it is like summer now I'm quite a like a natural look so I'm going to be going in with my naked to a bit okay pal gonna be taking the color piece thank you my morphe m-43 free brush and just really just like swiping it as a translucent color transition color just [Music] [Music] now that I've sort of just like you man like my eyes a little bit of color I'm going to be going in my next glam shadows stick in the color rose gold don't they still sell these I mean they probably do I haven't seen them in shops pages but what I'm just going to be doing is just swiping them over my lid and although this is it like incredibly

pigmented I'm like more or less going in for the shimmer so it gives me like a little bit of rose gold shimmer which I really like and it works really well with that with the color tease so as you can see it's just kind of work just like a little bit of glitter a little bit of color which I really like everything it's really easy as well to do but even if you didn't have the transition color you could pop this onto your eyelids and be done I'm going to be curling my eyelashes and I find that curling my eyelashes gives me like a massive difference obviously if you don't want to curl your eyelashes you don't have to but I find that telling them like really gives up like that really like Kota luminous like long eyelash now for mascara I'm going to be going in my benefit roller lash mascara and I really like this mascara I found that it's like really really lengthening like I find it similar to my better than sex mascara which iswe might might one of my holy grails but um I think I like about this better is that it doesn't clump whereas the better news section can sometimes clump but I really like this because it really just picks up all your lashes and

just Chuck some extra 20,000 meters now I'm moving on to finishing my face I'm going in mind with my cool up benefit Rovers out and I'm just going to be adding a little bit just to bronze up my face a little bit [Music] I think that in the summertime it is really important to have like a rosy pinkie in case so I'm really gonna go in with the lush and just like really compact it to make me really like pinky rosy like a little bit sunburned I'm going with my two-faced Papa don't peach blush I really like this one because it is like a very Coralie sort of blush and I don't you don't want it like too pink for the Sun moving on to highlighter so we want to make sure that we have that like really glowy look on your face or I do at least so I'm going even my phantom UT highlighter and this is in the color kilowatt and I'm just going to be applying that here this is a very like golden it looks like that so it's a very golden highlighter it's very pretty for the song now for lips I find that I really don't want to wear like a thick colored lip

for summer I kind of just want to keep it like glossy and glowy so I'm going to my fancy beauty lip gloss in gloss balm and I'm just going to be applying that [Music] and that really gives us just like a really nice light colored below which I really like do you finish the look off and learn in and set in my face I'm using the Mac and prime and fixed matte spray is it for the end look I hope you guys enjoyed it and got some like like tips for the summer like your summer makeup look as well I mean this is my summer makeup look like when I need to be a little bit extra normally I would just work concealer mascara or just mascara if I'm just going out but this is like my go-to if I'm you know needing a little bit more extra I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please give it a big thumbs up as it really helps my channel and lets me know what you guys are like and subscribe to see more videos in the future I will see you in my next video [Music]