26 November 2018

Glossy Eye Makeup: Burgundy Fall Look | Mani Keny (English & German)

Hi MKrew, this is my Fall Look , Glossy Burgundy eye makeup. It is the first time I am doing a glossy look and it came out perfect. Thank you all for watching.


hi guys welcome back to my channel hallelujah he's coming to Japan canal so I decided to always have a little bit of German on my channel if I the Imam is annoyed of my canals question and I'm so excited about that I hope that you guys love this decision cuz you guys voted I put it on the pool on my Instagram story and I actually guys specially include German in my channels and the bigger percentage said yes so I decided you know what let me practice my German which okay so today I'm going to use this one ingredient which is my best liquid matte lipstick from colour-pop in the color lacks I really love this lipstick if melodies are lips lip interesting but Knutson as with mine eyne ingredient is that money greedy I'll use this for my lips in my eyes today to give you guys some glossy fall look before we jump right into the video guys before we run family do not forget to click this button it's red it's written subscribe a bony land okay get one feta a bone even craft your own I forgot clicking and he isn't ready to start its manic any so I would go with my primer from Smashbox photo-finish

I don't know why this particular pimple don't wanna go it's not even pay rent yet veg from an album and Bangladesh polluted and is a palette and palette of Anjou vs place the masquerade so today I'll go in with this dubious place and the masquerade palette and I would go with this purple color right here this here you guys notice I love the magenta color it's just it's just so beautiful so I'm going to use that without putting any base on my lashes because this is going to be glossy anyways so I would use this color and you know make it a base for my eyelid not lashes eyelid and I love this color because it's so big like look at this I just when just one swipe and I can really see the difference and I love it I mean I'm kind of going heavy-handed on this but look at this I didn't I didn't even dip it that much as I says all pigment pigment yet I guess that's what you're supposed to say I mean for the people that watch me that know perfect German please don't make fun of me please because I am NOT a perfect German speaker but my noise is good okay so we have that done and I would now go in with my you know lip stick liquid matte lipstick from the

color from colour-pop and this is what it looks like and I'm going to go over this it's dark and discolor up you know so I'm going to go over this I'm going to put it and let it sit and dry and become Matt but I'm going to spread it over as a schmuck it's my lip and Steve off none is better but in this vision tuffnut formats vary on here have you incredibly web and read an album of maths then listen is good because you're going to put them put the the liquid lipstick everywhere on your eyes if you blink or if you open your eyes too wide so this is going to be my eye workout for today oh my god why is this thing so dry oh you have this yet Wow so city s duos and then vanish just yet lassen this is decent Hawk net learn Vedas matte design whereas a matte lip and stiffness so I'll leave it to dry and then you become like kind of matte and you know move on I'll go with my white liner from Patrick's from the drugstore DM and they shot us on the empty cup on Catholics own this is Owen Visor eyeliner I love white liner in my waterline he always gives my eye this special pop that are like so I'm going to put that

in look at that oh my god leave a visor eyeliner in my nevah selenium while chef Zoe special effect this yellow pop of mine album and it does have a cook man oh my god so this is dry look at that no transfer is dry so moving on to lashes I would use lashes from arason lashes on Amazon as I get Ryan with a big bunch of infants that vanish off karma Hama my lashes are on mine in five shop infants and gets fun I'll go under my eyes with the same color I put up here in the same toilet using the other side of my brush and I'll go on there put some color there it's time to put the gloss on the IDs I'm going to use a clue q-tip to do that yes miss reason gloss drop muffin and I'll use this cloth that I have from Victoria's Secret in the color dark after so it's a gloss with a little bit of color in it and I use this color because it kind of matches the burgundy I look I'm going for so I would take this take my q-tip you know take part of it so I gently apply it cuz now the lashes is an obstacle I decided to put the lashes first because I was thinking after the gloss who might be difficult to stick down the lash so

and the yet maki-chan blows powerfully Chevy it's close in my pimping white oh my god as I shopped towards the infinite vile as of the pimping line the mouth wider shaft attack initiate so as the gloss or drama her beta clip of infinite so good there's Vega knob Jadhav okay schmuck twist about does is here up needle on its back here I get Hamish close in my people this is what it looks like or the yet gauge made minor consider line just for the purpose of using my other product because I keep using the same thing quite a vanish them Kat Von D conceal urban Knudsen so today I'm going to use the Kat Von D lock-it concealer oh you know why I haven't you still a few like it is dried up it's not expensive but this like I don't know $36 for $32 are you kidding me Zoe sharp this angle does his talking before Chavez has longish member Newton is raciest niche of as I shall forget some Vedas forever but that is definite see token why I love this concealer Naya is better in fact vomit on autopilot scooters honest very does open Muslim I have blended that and I'm going in with my foundation from NARS sheer glow time

to set all of this my utter powder it's not here so I'll just use this my perfect color from Primark I feel a little too whiter than my color I mean what do you guys think does it does it match my face in here set it all said ìdo i wana bought city bowl okay that's what he's singing that song but I'm gonna set it out today door slam the bound around my face yeah I don't care what you got to say about my makeup your words don't butter me anyway guys you know I just made that up out of nowhere trend it up brown eyeshadow I use that as my contour with the rest on the brush as usual I try to contour my nose just a little bit giving some definition oh I forgot I was speaking German on dished on this video today I'm going to use the same color I used on my eyes as my blush the soap apple is so beautiful oh I love it so just a little bit of blush you know you want to look like a clown as oh these are classified message of the album beneath haben cache of mine vanish below to the CSV my blush on desert look so I'm high - too much mmm-hmm syllabus using my highlight from PS cosmetic already sent so beautiful

gives you this type of poeple neon kind of vibe as i spended sir - yes is fun hi Mac as mine highlighter ahoy tur as I sign highlighter and that's where this water pollutant she's missing Lila oh I love it mmm my lips are go with this essence pencil and I'll use that outline I'm going to use the same color pop liquid matte lipstick that I used on my eyes on my lips so I'm going to go in with my clothes now the same gloss from Victoria Secrets after dark witch let this dry show you guys the end look I really really like this look I'm super happy because it came out just the way I thought about it in my head just the way I pictured it this is kanau source also comedy to that car is mine SS man means super super super super happy that says good I also communist so loiter he has just end up on my new video own does this end look it hopefully us has to get felt here on the says Jaeger felt she was in my niche Ferguson these are bad Amanda's muffin it's just so you know Germans complicated the verb sorry and always forget that but yeah we add at the end of this video and I hope that you guys

enjoy watching this I hope that you like my glossy look okay fall colors are the best before I should gear up up finish my next video here lasting so before I leave I'll leave my video right here the next video click on dad okay you have time just keep watching and do not forget to subscribe out put my little button right here you click on this subscribe to your girl and get notified every time I post something new but clicking on that little bell and I'll see you guys in my next video forget snitch to ponies and it's last year and not easy ocean my next video truth bye [Music]