13 October 2018

Glam Up Makeup Tutorial!

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guys welcome back and today I'm going to

be doing a gland up look for anything like dates or parties or like upcoming school events like homecoming prom whenever like that and yeah let's get started so first I'm gonna be doing my primer and I'm using the Smashbox photo finish primer razor here not too much next we're gonna be taking the max Studio Fix liquid and this one's and and c25 and make sure you shake it this is a really good full coverage if you're looking for what okay so I finished my foundation and now I'm gonna go in with the tart shaped cake concealer and this one is in light/medium [Music] now we're gonna go do the brows with the Anastasia brow Wiz and I have the definer one yes yeah is your problem you do it out I do primer potion so we could prime the eyelids you don't have to do this step but you can soak it last longer or you can use a concealer [Music] and go in with the eyeshadow I'm gonna use the Jaclyn hill because I guess everyone has it so in with silk cream

right here we're gonna go all over the lid and blend because it's like a natural shade we're gonna go underneath it which is this one right here and it's called pooter we're gonna put this like in the outer corner crease [Music] we're gonna be taking this one right here and this one's called Roxanne put this on the outer corner towards in the crease and blend it in towards the middle one with this brownie right here and I'll chip pack that on our brush I'm going to put it on the outer corner again look at that next to it which is this one right here and this one's called Matt matcha and it's a lighter brown then we're gonna go in the same place and just blend that out towards the inner corners 200 where towards um so we're gonna take a smaller brush and we're gonna put this champagne color right here is called beam highlight the brow bone oh my eyebrow we're gonna put it underneath the eyes on the waterline Oh mom we're gonna take Stella's and this one's in diamond dust

there's just the liquid shadow I'm pretty sure they're the first one to have made this so props to you guys know [Music] okay so now I want to do eyeliner and I'm gonna put it towards the middle which is gonna be eyelashes and now I'm gonna curl them first and put a little bit of mascara so I can hold up since that is drying I'm gonna go in lip blush and I'm using the Tarte Amazonian clay in peaceful how you normally put on blush it really doesn't matter as long as on your cheeks we're gonna use fenty Beauty and this one is the castle sand castle and I don't know how to say the other one but we're gonna use the castle one because it's so pretty we usually put the Highlander I like to put it right here woah look at that go [Music] yes I just finished my part but I'm gonna put some like I'm gonna tight line it we're gonna do lips now and I'm using the candy Kate and I don't know why is it like that oh yeah okay it's gonna go back in I feel like it's broken inside so I just lined it and it looks perfect already kind of perfect already so we're

using candy K's on liquid lipstick oh she is almost done and now we're gonna be putting on fix+ right now so we can set it it's like a walk-in mm-hmm I love this stuff oh we are finished and here's a real close up as you can see it's like I kind of messed up on this part but I don't know why but yeah he's so gorgeous okay so here's my look gorgeous and I got this dress from Tiger mist and it's really cute and you could call your hair if you're not gonna think of this video really tired so she is today here's the look today to you and they did change my background or the tapestry and it looks at the very nice I really love it I'm really happy about it so I hope you guys like this freaking look cuz I for sure did I wouldn't generally expect it to be this for King glam but my mind just went towards that way I hope you guys really loved this video because I sure did and if you haven't already subscribe and like this video and comment something that I would like to see or something that is really nice because no one really wants mean old comments thank you guys so much for watching and see you guys next time on the next video bye