24 September 2018


MAKEUP DEETS: Foundation - BH Cosmetics Foundation in shade TOFFEE Concealer - Tarte Shape Tape in Shade LIGHT MEDIUM Highlight - LA Colors ...

I see wifey hey doesn't wanna fight me

never been the one get RP up on top I keep my hands clean what is up girlies I am back again with another eyeshadow tutorial so I'm just gonna go ahead and jump right in and like I said I'm gonna be using different colors than I usually do usually do like red orange e tones today I'm gonna be doing like a teal type something but you guys still see so face is already done eyebrows are done all I have to do is my eyes lips and then just my highlight we're gonna go ahead and jump right and and I'm told he hasn't been abusing my Sephora Pro palette so I'm gonna be doing hmm let me go into my urban decay I'm gonna be going into my urban decay according to Ron Paul it just to get a transition color and I'm gonna go ahead and go in with riff which is this brownish type kind of color so I'm gonna dust off my brush that I was using yesterday you know my favorite brush oh my god help I'm using orange all week really breathe okay so I'm gonna dust that off and go in with Grif in my crease on both sides and just blend it out as soon as I clean off this brush so I'm a little on a little messy I'm a little everywhere

right now okay so everything is blended out I just used to riff and I think I'm trying to think how am i sorry let me take a look at my eyeshadow up close okay so I'm gonna go ahead and do kind of like a halo cut crease itch type stuff and I'm just gonna actually gonna kind of go in with a little bit of a darker Brown so I look sharp so I'm gonna go ahead and go with good as gone which is the color right on top of Reyes just a little bit not too much because that color looks dark and I'm going in my crease blend it as much as I can so it's not chunky and just blend upwards so I'm gonna go ahead and do that on both sides okay so I went ahead and applied that darker Brown I'm going back in with riff just to clean it up I don't want it too dark so I'm literally I don't know if you can tell just blending it kind of upwards and then I'm gonna get another brush that's completely clean and then clean up riff right underneath my brow suite right now so I'm going with this one since clean just has my setting powder on it and I'm a literally just cleaning it out like that this one looks blended now I'm gonna go

ahead and do a halo so I'm gonna cut my crease type so I went ahead and got my concealer on my concealer brush trying to figure out what side I got it on and then cut the crease well you know halo you okay so I did my halo slash cut crease I don't know I never know what to call it and I went ahead and did it on both sides I messed up a little on this one but it'll be okay once I blend it out with my blue so I'm trying to clean off my brush that I want to use because I never cleaned it after the last time you used it and the last time I used it I did bright bright bright red it looks like yeah trying to clean it off as much as I can yeah I'm a little more hyped today not as much as you know that was the last last time but yesterday's video I wasn't a funk I don't know why but today I'm pretty lit I worked out I had my poor girl I had a good lunch you know all that good stuff okay so I'm gonna go ahead and grab my Sephora Pro palette and I'm gonna be going in let's see if I can grab it with this teal color one to the third one and I do not know the

colors the names because the people that came with is somewhere in one of my drawers you know we're gonna really keep it with it and what I'm gonna do is on the outer corner and the inner corner just pack it on and literally blend it and not too much in just like the outer and the inner corner just like that till it's nice and packed just like that Wow Bri and I'm go ahead and do that on both sides I had fallout underneath my RA should have already do this but I'm gonna go ahead and bake under my eyes just so I don't get under you know sorry the way I be explaining stuff today is just like I'm a little everywhere with it today but it's okay you guys finna understand what I'm saying you know I know you guys know me already so I'm gonna go ahead and grab kind of like a flat brush no not this one I know I got a brush too you know just do this one like a little bit bigger of a concealer brush and I'm gonna go ahead and go in with this turquoise color and literally just kind of blend out the center my right eye and it cut the camera cut off I just want to show you what I did literally that's all I did

and then we're gonna go back into Cena's you know we wouldn't get like nice fill it in correctly we're gonna go back in with that teal color and blend it out and then if we need to go back in with this color we will distract my concealer oh my god chopping everything but we're gonna go just like done just tap so it's not messy and just so it's like nice oh my god really could she popping today I was always girl as always just like this oh my god I'm incredible as soon as that is all blended in why not I'm gonna go back in with Rafe and then just literally clean it up not too much because you don't want it to turn it'll turn like a greenish blackish purplish color trust me I've done it before and you're literally and then if you need to you go back and with the teal just you know lightly pack it on I'm gonna have to do it on my right I could I kind of messed it up like that I'm just gonna just move it like that should I add some gold I'm gonna go back in with that brush I used for the turquoise and then I'm gonna let's see let's see guys I'm going back in with

this concealer brush and I'm grabbing this it's like a teal bronzy kind of like a highlight it's like sheer so it's not like sick does that make sense so I'm literally just gonna write here conscious in the center kind of like on top of the turquoise but not on all of it now go ahead and do it after picture with like all oh man I'll come try and do an after picture and make it you know my thumbnail so you guys can see how this came out you know so you know what you're getting yourselves into I'm such a nerd yeah just like that I'm gonna go ahead and jump right in to our under-eye and I think I'm gonna go ahead I do blue and that's it all of them yeah we're gonna do blue so I'm gonna go ahead and grab a small thin brush like this I went in with the teal and lik literally same as yesterday and then smoke it out with the oh shoot I just got a purple color in there go ahead and smoke it out with a RRIF just because I don't want it dark and if you need to touch it up touch it up you guys already know okay so my undereye is already done I'm

gonna go ahead and of course apply my lashes and do my lips off-camera and I will show you guys the after right now it doesn't look too good because it's obviously not a complete look but we're gonna go ahead and finish it up well this is my final look I am loving the way it came out today I am popping oh my god I'm just kidding I'm not really conceited but if you like this video if you like this little eye tutorial if you liked that it was different give this video a thumbs up go ahead and hit the subscribe button if you're not already subscribed to go ahead and turn the post notification belt on if you want to be notified every single time I post a fabulous you know tutorial but go ahead if you have any ideas questions comments I don't know go ahead and leave a comment down below and I shall see you guys hopefully hopefully sometime soon for me [Music]