11 June 2019


Naturalhair#Giovannihairproducts#BeautyIn4C Hey guys,in today's video i will be sharing with you the Giovanni Natural Hair Products Shopping haul.They have ...


hey guys welcome to my channel my name is Caroline thank you so much for checking me out thank you to my new subscribers for taking me out and show your support I really appreciate each and every one of you and to all my supportive subscribers thank you so much for stopping for sticking with me to this time if you've not yet hit the red button that is subscribing hips in the bell icon down below and you'll be notified any time I upload a new video and you'll not miss out on any of my future uploads so in today's video I will be sharing with you a shopping haul of hair products I got them online I've been looking for them for a long time in the iPhone when I found them I mean I realize that I should share this good news with you guys so maybe leader also check them out this advic your bunny care products have been there for a long time and there's this how the packaging came this nice little bug they're looking for jovani care products for awhile and the turns of been checking them out on Amazon Apple not even a little bit and the higher side in terms of first so when I found them at a lower

lower price on their website which is www.hyken.com I have products from her hair especially when it comes to moisturizing I've been looking for a nice leave-in conditioner in a nice shampoo and well I have several of them that have been using but I have not yet gotten the rights right they really practicing it and every other thing so I'll be trying out the Giovanni hair products and they'll be letting you all know about my experience with them I got five products and three please some free samples they had they have a sell by name as you can see only their bag these they're celebrating their 40th anniversary so they have they had a sale going on and they have also very many new products coming up as well they also sent me some samples as you can see these are some of the few products that recently I mean they sent me this motion yeah those ones too maybe in future will be want you to try any of those and be and be at least I'll have an idea of there are new products so I got them directs living weightless direct live in weightless moisture condition of all hair types this is how it looks like and this as

the product ingredients on the other side so if they say on this front area here he says that it's salon quality it's vague and cruelty free infused with natural and botanical ingredients recyclable packaging packaging sorry it also has no harmful sulfates no pigs no parabens no mineral oil no propylene Greg glycol no phthalates no artificial dyes so I'll be checking it out and letting you know how goes this I got this these are two of them this I limit condition I got two of them each of them I was about seven seven dollars and something so both gossiped about fourteen think I'll be putting the exact cost on the spool and I got the t3 triple treat invigorating shampoo they have the same they claim to have the sense and they have yeah the same they don't have they say that I do not have harmful ingredients we'll be taking this out it also has it contains botanical arts of cooling peppermints conditioning rosemary and clarifying collectors so I'll be taking this out soon then these are the product ingredients on the other side you can check them a more detailed I mean the ingredient list on their

website as well then I got the 50/50 hydrating I'd read 50/50 balanced hydrating clarifying shampoo this a very tiny one is for normal to dry here is 60 meals this was posted two dollars this is a travel size I wanted something better when I travel and be able to carry it around so I got this shampoo and the direct living weightless moisture condition I need my stuff on my hair so that side I'm really concentrating on getting moisturizing products and I also got styling gel the Giovanni a hold eco cheek styling gel I'll be so I can't wait to see how this works on my hair all these products have very good reviews even here on YouTube so I hope to get the same effect as well I've seen people with my hair type reacting really well with this product somebody who's been using the only living for years and us and it's shampoo for years and the hair is for is flourishing sorry so I hope to to find but rather to experience the same thing Giovanni so I said I got to leave in conditioner store this is the second one then those those are the five that I got then this is a hot oil hair treatment it has black

berry and coconut oil so this is for you should use it this before shampooing your hair these are the ingredients so it should be like a pre-poo I will trying it out soon then they had a free sample this is a free sample then these are also two more free samples then t3 trip trip trip triple treats to the karate shampoo and it's invigorating condition so this how they look like is a free samples are worth and the last free sample is there bad like Giovanni back so they are celebrated the 40th anniversary so they sent me the burgers with all this product posted about $35 and it was free shipping so they said that that they have going on when you order products what $35 and above you get free shipping I said that they're free shipping is a little bit expensive so I decided to take advantage of the fr sale and you might have so Allah I checked them out if you wish I have not been paid to do this video by Giovanni I just decided to shank you guys and to let you know in case you wanna say their products out I've also checked on Amazon the cost of the products now is a little bit on the lower side as well so this three this this the con

the shampoo all our 250 meals fridge is 8.5 ounces it's a big it's a good size for that cost so it's okay with me so that brings us to the end of the video I will be trying them out and give you a detailed review of each of the products that I got feel free to check them out at their website which is www.hyken.com I FedEx so I guess it's like um if you are is the FedEx is an international shipping company so they can ship to I think all over the world if I'm not sure so feel free feel free to check them out and also check me out in my channel as well and subscribe and I really appreciate that from you guys so thank you so much for watching to the end of the video bye bye and God bless you keep this video a thumbs up if you liked it share with your friends and family [Music]