06 January 2019

Giant palettes? The reasons brands make unpopular makeup explained!

My thoughts and explanation of why we're seeing these giant ELF, Makeup Revolution and Beauty Bay palettes.

so I accidentally deleted the intro to

this video so great but in this video I'm going to tell you why these makeup companies have started making these giant penis if you're interested keep on watching hey my name is Nikki and welcome to my channel I am going trying to be answering why we see these huge makeup pellets from these relatively inexpensive brands the first one is inspiration brands look for what their competitors are doing they look for inspiration they look for how to date generate profit and when we look across these three brands so far that have been doing this with Beauty Bay elf and makeup revolution that has put out these massive pellets it's all brands that have I would guess a similar customer in mind a young girl just starting out looking for relatively inexpensive makeup that she can experiment with that kind of sounds like the audience that Murphy is going after so those three brands have looked at that competitors and thought can we do that can we reach maybe the audience that is more fan of color or could we get more money from that audience our customers won't pay for 30 shades of the same color but then they see morphe

doing that and then that I mm-hmm what's happening so that's one of the reasons to experiment this is probably an experiment from that side they don't know how this is going to go so they haven't been putting a lot of money into this product this is why we also don't see like a huge rarity of shades because as we have previously established that is not an issue for the customer that they're trying to reach so they're testing this out if they so they sell and they might have gained a few more customers that are more worried about quantity rather than quality as a YouTube viewer you might believe that this pellet won't sell because you've heard oh you you favorite youtubers striking this this giant pellets through the mud but we are far from the only community that these makeup brands have and that makes sense for us to think that way makeup junkies but not everyone has the same attitude towards makeup as we do or live in the same countries or even have access to YouTube or use YouTube the way that the YouTube community does 3 stuck they don't have a very big stock of these pellets because it doesn't make

sense when it's an experiment and they don't know how people are going to react so they didn't make that many the Leicester make the lesser aesthetic and makeup company that's your very word about reducing risk constantly so in conclusion what do I think have happened there are three makeup brands that have suddenly started doing very large makeup palettes and beautybay palettes have really gone out for it and this has probably come from a heavy inspiration from morphe seeing what they did and how that succeeded massively I mean the amount that Murphy's revenue must have gone up this is very large and maybe that had something to do with the pellets they were providing so trying to copy the palette from a person from a person who's sitting in their development that might not be the worst idea especially not if you can figure out a way to reduce the risk on this experiment by now they're still probably awaiting the numbers from this experiment what sold what didn't sell aha where did it sell or where did middle or how do they have excess stock and where can they ship that to in order to get the rest of the pattern

so they have probably already heard the loudest people the loudest community which is YouTube probably and and they're probably very aware of what we think already but in the end what really matters to them is not what one community out of the community they they are trying to serve thinks its surrounding its found simple their company they meet that revenue to go up in any way shape or form it can to increase their value as a company and it might be a bit disillusioning but no company works just for creativity or the good of their hearts or whatever noble purpose they could have of course some values aligned with the company and especially if they can make that their niche that makes a lot of sense to them to value profit with whatever their initials every company puts profit as the highest of them all because they need to be able to pay the bills there's not really any shame on that at least not from my point of view thanks for watching like comment subscribe and bye