29 January 2019


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hey guys my name is Ali Jones and Eli

and I have officially chosen a venue for our wedding welcome back to my channel today's video is going it to be a not really at first impressions but just me sitting down trying a couple of new products from Finn T anasazi Beverly Hills a Laura Mercier I just wanted to sit down and chill and put some makeup on this is a look that I came up with it's really glowy on the complexion and then really deep on the eyes um I just think it's really really pretty but yeah let's go ahead and stop the chitchat and get into the video okay let's get this shindig started I am going to be using a couple of new products including me or being a pallet now I know I know I am very late on using this I've actually had this I think when did I get this I think I got this the second month it came out and I just never used it it's been sitting in my makeup drawers ever since and then I'm also using a new foundation and primer that was think to me what else are we going to be using today oh we're gonna be using some new printing products which you know your girl we support flinty here the last week in the mail I did receive a package from

influencer and it had the new Laura Mercier flawless Lumiere irradiance perfecting foundation and they sent me the shade Sun Tan and then they also sent me the foundation primer I don't think the foundation primer is that new but I know for a fact that the foundation is new they did send this to me for a testing purposes so I decided why not record a video with that then about Reimer I've seen this before so the primer it just looks like that um you know just a foundation primer sighs it says reused smooth on foundation primer by gently massaging over skin's surface can be applied to over moisturizer and onto clean skin before Laura Mercier Mercier tinted moisturizer foundation and concealer we're gonna go ahead oh I think I squeezed too much on and I was like a little pinky tin which is cute some of that off I'm gonna start on the sides of my nose and then kind of smooth that down I'm just putting it on the same way I would a regular primer hidden definitely feels smoother but it didn't do anything for my pores so we'll see because I like a pore filling primer okay next we're gonna go ahead and try

right I want the foundation like I said it's the flawless a Lumiere radiance perfecting foundation and the shade that I was sent was suntan stuff let's see I'm going to squeeze it smells like foundation I'm like really I was gonna say I'm a really smelly first name I'm someone that likes to smell their products so I'm gonna go ahead and apply this with a Beauty Blender starting up this thinker mmm I think this is gonna be too dark Oh we'll see okay this foundation is too dark for me I'm gonna go ahead and mix in another foundation go ahead and got that real quick hopefully it's not too bad on camera but my complexion well at least my face is a little darker and then my neck and stuff but hopefully like with powders and all that good stuff it'll fix that I'm using the new Fantine Beauty concealer I'm still going to use the corrector underneath my eyes just because it's what I would normally do anyways I have not found a concealer to completely like conceal my under eyes it doesn't bug me or anything but like when I want like SuperDuper flawless foundation or complexion I should say like I don't want my under-eye bags to

be like making an appearance like that's just a fact I don't want it so I'm just gonna conceal these anyways so don't hate me oh the shade that I normally am which by the way I like the Laura Mercier foundation it is medium to full I would say the shade is just a little too dark for me so I did go ahead and mix that in with my Finn T beauty foundation in 310 I did pick up the 310 concealer for the Finn T Beauty concealer oh my gosh your 310 in the foundation your 310 and concealer should be like your highlighting shade or your concealing shade originally I did pick up 310 in the concealer but I wanted something a little writers so I ended up picking up the shade 300 I hope all of that made sense if not sorry about it I'm just gonna go in with concealer I like this applicator it's like very creamy we like a creamy consistency I'm childish I'm sorry and then we're just doing like that upside down triangle shape and then that's how I like the forehead okay hello-o thoughtful adults so beautifully oh my gosh that looks so good think you did it again Wendy did it again that is it I really

like the way it looks like I can't stop looking at my under eyes it looks really like I don't know how to explain the consistency of it like I almost want to say it was kind of like okay this is gonna sound bad it was kind of like sticky but not if that makes sense like the formula was just very smooth but there was some like like like I could feel it kind of like I don't know how to explain that I don't want this to come off bag I don't know like it was kind of like I don't know I don't know could be might be doing her I don't know but I liked it so next I will be using the new fin 2 beauty pro filter instant retouch a setting powder and the shape that I ended up picking up was banana now if you have been following me for a while we love all things banana powders so if that is mainly why I picked up this versus a different shade that was recommended for like my shade rancho so the packaging once again a one from fin team it did come up with this guy i did see a couple of people and they said that it came off like a sifter thing and you're supposed to like snap it into your powder maybe is i want to unless is brand new

I'm gonna put some of that into the cap on the back of my head blue this kind of smells kind of like perfumey but it smells really good oh it looks good it works so like smooth my forehead as well and then down the bridge of my nose now I'm going to go ahead and quickly set the rest of my face contour blush highlight all of that jazz I'm just gonna kind of fast-forward through it just because I'm not using anything new for this so cue the music okay I'm finally are you okay I don't mean to laugh oh my gosh okay sorry Mila are you okay girl I am done with bronzer blush highlight eyebrows probably the lids so now we're moving on to the honest thoughts of Beverly Hills novena palette now if you guys don't know my favorite eyeshadows are the Anasazi over the hills lines so don't expect me to not like these because I will say right away like I know for a fact I'm going to like them don't come for me okay first of all let's first let's talk about it these are brushes that come the Anasazi beverly hills palettes like the

duo sided ones keep those these are bomb I use like the kind of stiffer side for highlighting the brow bone and then the fluffy blooming side are used for blending obviously hello but those are literally like those come in clutch for your call this is the palette here and I'm just obsessed to say the least first gonna go in with my text me I'm gonna go in with the shade instant and I'm just going to blend that all over the lid and then go up into the crease as well this shade is just pretty much gonna be our base shade just gonna get that a little deep for the next shade you guys caught me hello hello I was looking at the palette I could have swore this palette had more like matte purple shades and I really just want this to be like all purple so because it does not have that I'm gonna go ahead and dive on into the one and only James Charles and morphe palette the shade that I'm going to use is single and escape which are these two matte purple shades here so I'm gonna go ahead and dig into those and then I'm also gonna go back into the nor vino palette let's go into a single first and I'm just gonna put that in my crease

I'm taking the shade and I'm kind of blending it upwards that way it kind of just fades out all over the lid and then going up and blending into single I'm taking the shade escape which is like a beautiful deep deep deep purple I'm going to put that on my lid and then blend that up into the shade single and then I am also going to take that along the lower lash line as well starting with the shade a single single is kind of like a fuchsia shade I would say like it has some pink in it and then escape is like a true like purple shade this is what we have so far now with my finger I'm gonna go ahead and go back into the noir bina palette and what shade do I want to grab I want to grab the shade Celeste you'll why don't I just tap my finger anyone's me with the right one I'm gonna finish off with so I'm going to take the shade dreamer which is the vanilla bean appellate I'm gonna pop that on [Music] I'm gonna go ahead and go off of camera finish up this I add some lashes and then I will be right back I'm gonna go ahead and finish up this look with the lip I'm gonna go in with the morphe kiss

no not just being coffee it's a coffee and kiss the lip liner and then right on top I'm gonna go in with a morphe lip crayon and PDA so that is it for this not makeup tutorial for this trying new makeup products the video but not really a full face of new makeup products I don't know I don't know but that is it for this video umm I really like that I look it's like a deep like great purple I think it's so so pretty I really liked the Laura Mercier foundation I just wish that it was my shade I know I could have probably worked it out with the banana shade from the finta Beauty powders but I just didn't like how dark it was um the concealer sitting under my eyes it looks really really nice what did that powder on top so I'm actually really really impressed think it looks really smooth in airbrushed and I'm just feeling myself I look really good at the lashes look good everything is just so cute I'm pretty and I feel like kind of sassy I don't know what it is about when I put on hoops in lashes I just feel really sassy it's not just me that is it for this video don't forget to subscribe but down below and giving this video a

thumbs up that way I know you guys enjoyed it also don't forget to watch my previous video which will be right here and then subscribing to our channel like I said and then follow me on Instagram and snapchat and Twitter so we can keep up with one another that I'll it and I will see you guys in my next one peace out