30 January 2019

Get Ready with Me | Testing New Makeup January 2019

Thank you for watching my Get Ready with Me Testing New Makeup for January 2019! Please let me know your current beauty favorites in the comments below!

hey guys let's max my channel so today

I'm gonna share with you it get ready to me yet using a ton of new makeup products a lot of products I've just released in the past like two or three weeks I'll share with you guys my favorite some like first impressions of products I'm testing out this is also my 4 year YouTube anniversary hate today is my anniversary so I'm gonna be answering some questions sharing like a recap of YouTube throughout the years just a lot of random stuff it's like a chill get ready me I'm kind of sick so want to keep things low key and it share a lot of my new products I've been testing out with you guys so if you guys want to see hi to this look then it just keep on watching [Music] I start off with the cover FX dewy skin app primer and this is kind of like a gel primers I was expecting it to be a more like a moisturizing texture but it would apply this and then put the gripping primer on top also I have two burns on my forehead which makes me so upset I just need a new flat iron so badly let me know your steps into the comment because I curl my hair with a flat iron so the one I have the metal is

on the outside too so when you go to like straighten your hair there's like the metal edge on the outside just like a curling iron and yeah that's what happened so hopefully it was just like marula oil or moisturizers that ends up feeling and I'm also going to use the gripping primer I'm just gonna apply this in my t-zone maybe I should buy it I don't want to mess with my burn but actually a little bit yeah that way I don't have to like pack on foundation so this is a new foundation up from Laura Mercier is her flawless Lumiere radiance perfecting a foundation I can never remember the name of it it's a very long name but it's a really really great foundation I almost forget my January favorites but at that point I had only had it for a week so we'll probably end up with my February favourites because I didn't want to have it a bit more make sure like I was testing it under like different climates and stuff um but I have been loving this I will shave w to its full coverage like you can see stuff like gonna be full coverage but it's very glowy and natural-looking - it reminds me a bit of the NARS natural radiant foundation but this one I think

has a little bit more coverage to it as I am gonna be answering a couple questions in this video I asked you guys to ask me any questions on Instagram and I wanted you to do a little bit of a Q&A coz today's actually my 4 year YouTube anniversary January 29th 2015 was when I first uploaded my first video you wouldn't know that if you were searching my actual channel because it's totally I'm probably it and then I'm pretty sure I deleted like a couple months of videos but I had been uploading at least a weekly since day one and I know I have a photo somewhere I'm just using the Fendi concealer I love this concealer as well I think I posted the photo maybe on my Instagram years ago of my makeup collection at the time if I have that I will go ahead and throw it up right now because I had like two pallets one foundation in like two lip glosses I had a very small collection I'm trying to think of like what brands and what things were popular at the time I know like you have like the Anasazi contour kit that NARS eita brush that everybody was contouring with that was like $65 at

had this really sharp edge like super intense hunter was so in everybody was sponsored by Bellamy everybody was doing those videos more V wasn't even like a thing yet like I don't think anybody had a more pico dia it's like different era everybody had that song and all their YouTube videos if I can find it I'm going to play it right now it's like dude dude dude dude everybody had that song in all of their morning routine videos that was just like classic I'm just finishing up my little coverfx powder but what else was going on at the time 2015 and makeup was like basically like the 90s compared to now like it feels so long ago pretty sure the Foundation's people were wearing at the time of Revlon Colorstay that was a super popular the Maybelline you know color tattoos Maybelline Baby Lips Estee Lauder Double Wear like those were all of the popular products and just MAC lipsticks so this might be the only older product that I'm using today this is the smashbox county contour kit i just use this and this shade to contour basically every single day but I do have a new bronzer blush and highlighter to show you guys now I

need to get into my questions cuz I'm halfway done with my face and I'm just going down like I'm really a lane but um I just also want to tell you guys like I was 24 which feels like twenty years ago I was living in North Carolina I was teaching high school in North Carolina when I started my channel and I wasn't even engaged yet and I've been married for a couple of years old Devon new brunt are from Wet n Wild at I've been testing out for a few days this one is the shade sunset striptease they're all pretty big they have four new bronzers I'm gonna show you guys um a review of the new wet n wild collection or launch for this year and the next like week or so I've been testing out like their new foundation a couple of their new products they have a lot of new highlighter but let me finally get into some of the questions you guys asked me on Instagram I think it was like kind of like half make up questions and half like personal or life questions not really personal just kind of general like questions so one of them was I think how I got yeah how I got started into like blogging in YouTube basically I had gotten into blogging in

high school actually was like blogging in high school which was like 11 years ago and just kind of stuck with it I did take a break from blogging through a lot of college and then after college I knew that I wanted to do that and see where I can go from that especially because I had been following like a lot of fitness people not a lot of like um lifestyle people like Blogilates I was obsessed with her in college and I really wanted to do a similar channel like that when I graduated college I went to college for dance and I have been teaching my food fitness and stuff so I thought I would do like a fitness channel which I might do in the future we'll see if I end up like wanna go back into that route so that's what I expected to be doing but actually after I graduated that's when I subscribe to makeup subscription boxes and that's how I kind of discovered the makeup community was like going on YouTube and finding like if seeing baggies and stuff and that's why I still do that on my channel now that was my first video and that's a video you guys see for me every month so that's kind of how I discovered like the makeup YouTube community and got into makeup but I have

always been interested in bloggers and blogs from like a lot of different topics I'm gonna move into my eyes before the rest of my face just because I feel like so sick and I want to like make my eyes look alive and I'm going to use these to you new Kevyn Aucoin palettes these are in the shades I'm blinking and focused one is um like a gold shade and then the other one is copper it has like a cream shadow in here and I think I want to use this one like this one looks super pretty like a shoe that I love to wear on my leg I'm gonna start off with the unblinking palette and the city used as like a lighter transition shade the thing I'm just gonna take transition shades drama both palettes and just blend that out and up into my crease and then next a question I got was will you ever do vlogs would have loved to see content on your most recent trip um from my Columbia trip I went to Columbia for Christmas and that's where my whole family lives my parents live in Columbia as well and I actually did it filmed some things of like makeup shopping and stuff and do you still plan on uploading that video I just need to put together

all of the content so it's just a matter of like taking a whole day to make that video so hopefully you guys will see that a few weeks I always have it on my list for like videos for the week but then they'll be new releases or other videos that I want to make that like end up taking priority just because they're a little bit more time-sensitive and then in terms of vlogs let me know if you guys are interested in that I'm pretty sure I've asked you before but it's one of those things where I love vlogs I watch vlogs before I watch anything else in my YouTube feed and I feel like the people I'm the most connected to our makeup people who also upload a lot of vlogs like I love Alex and Michael I've been following them for years I feel like I love their vlog channel probably more than like the MENA Channel also because it's more of like a regular thing and then Stephanie Letta is also one of my all-time favorite youtubers if not like my favorite beauty youtuber and have her channel news blogs and I love them I love them so much and it's just like her cooking in our kitchen or just like going to target and stuff and I

love those kind of videos a lot more than like anything else I could possibly watch but with that being said the main reasons that I've never flogged is well mostly because I have a huge fear of like talking to myself in public or just in front of anybody like I just super awkward and then also I would have to like always have my house if I'm like walking around my house and there's like pile of like laundry or like even just like my bills or something or things with my address I feel like I'd have to be super aware of not even having my house clean but just like what I want to show and not show so that is kind of like what's always stuff me and also because of like my work schedule I'm pretty like on call all the time throughout the week so I never know when I'm gonna be able to have like a wall pure throughout the day where I can like show you guys like it kind of thing but it dry out the cabinet want cream foiled shadow this one is in the shade 24 karat gold see this is definitely like a liquid shadow I don't know if it's gonna dry it out right away let's see hey so I just learned that a little goes a long way with these cream

eyeshadows I first just applied this like all over my lid and it was way too much I had to take it off and I just have like a little bit on the back of my hand that I'm gonna work from and because yeah it's like super super pigmented and creamy if you just swipe it on that wasn't working out so I had to redo it otherwise this is a gorgeous color I'm super pigmented I just threw on some lashes and mascara and actually put on a tiny bit of the new benefit roller lash eyeliner on my top lash line I normally just use a liquid liner to like cover up my lash fan um every single time I wear lashes but I don't think I've done a wing liner in like three or four months so I'm not sure how this is for the Hat but I've been using this every time that I've prime lashes just to cover it up so this is a felt tip it's really precise but whenever I do you do winged liner I use the Schwing liner from the balm that ends up being my favorite liner and then for the eyeshadows the actual pigmentation of the eyeshadows isn't like super pigmented and it's not as creamy as I would want them to be so it was like a little bit um hard adorable

and like I took a little bit too long to blend but I do like the famous shadow a lot so the shade that I used was 24 karat gold and I'm still want to try out this show you to copper I think I would love it what as well like especially for like spring into summer and then I'm gonna move into the new up blush palette from J way I think this is not out yet I just got this a few days ago this is their new blush palette they have some sheets that are ready I'm part of the jus a collection at like this shade adore me and then which one it seduced me those are the two that I use the most and I really want to try all this marigold which is like a peachy has like a little bit of a bronze hint to it and I also did a really bad job of the Q&A portion of this video because I go with so many tangents and then it like get into like all the makeup products so I will probably do another Q&A down the line of me just like sitting down and answering questions that way I don't get like distracted but I do want to internet one or two more questions one that I did want to answer is do you speak Spanish regularly II know I rarely

ever speak Spanish so lemon Tickle Me mama like once a week on the phone or whenever I talk to my mom at least once a week I don't even think that I speak Spanish with my dad I'm trying to think like anytime I talked to my dad on the phone I think we're only speaking English and I saw this question earlier and I was talking to my mom on the phone earlier and I'm pretty sure my mom only ever speaks to me in Spanish and then I answer in Spanglish I'm using this new elf highlighter this is a shade of 24 karat gold we'd be doing an alcohol in next couple of days but I see cute in bed only the owner's son yawn they have make so many most common types because I can probably do that it might not be great but I could definitely make it happen ok ok bye bye science team is so la prossima you know why practica know there's so many words in Spanish and makeup that I still need to like get into my system because I've never had to say a lot of like make up words in Spanish like Deepu mean odd which means to blend I would have never ever used that in my life but we're gonna do it one day una de metas para este año es hacer o me en espanol hopefully más que

unos realmente quiero hacer como una cava mez pero no creo que esto la posada because as soon as we did you see I'm done Durst when you're 14 in casinos yes so we'll see see is the point Poseidon come on dos tres meses y practica no and from there maybe I can do a Spanish video once maybe once a month that's like pushing it I don't maybe like every other month but anyways this lip pencil from buxom in the shade self this is one of my Holy Grail lip pencil I'm gonna top this off with the buxom full-on lip cream and sage Holly is a breeze this is a brand new I mentioned this is my favorites and the last question that I'm going to answer is very selfish because I want to talk about it I could make a whole video about this somebody asks me who were my favorite girls on The Bachelor this season and granted I'm filming this before the newest episode so we'll see what happens there but if you guys said I don't like The Bachelor is my passion like I live for The Bachelor I basically study The Bachelor like if I'm getting a master's degree in The Bachelor like I'm so invested in that show I don't I never

thought I'd be somebody who was watching The Bachelor but like I started watching from Nick's season and then I just got really into it I listen to like every single bachelor podcast watch recaps like daily like as much as I'm consuming YouTube makeup content I'm watching bachelor content so I don't know why it's just my thing um so if you guys watch the better let me know your favorites I predict Cassie it's gonna get the final rose I had to do and Hannity is gonna be second place I don't think Hannah G's gonna be a winner I think that's like too predictable I also really like Katy and I think Kailyn will be up there and go to hometowns as well if you guys know spoilers don't tell me in the comments because my new year's resolution is to be unspoiled because I read a reality sieve every single season and I'm trying to be not spoiled for one season finally just to watch it and just kind of see it unfold without knowing what happens at the end and I would also love Elise to be the next Bachelorette I hope she makes it far enough I think she's so cool and so like interesting and then I really hope

that we see up we Catherine we did not get enough of Catherine breed Catherine and Demi all need to go to paradise they just give off total that's what I'm paradise 5 so you guys are watching the season let me know your thoughts hey guys so this is the completed look I hope you enjoyed this video I feel like my makeup so glowy and half of it is because of the makeup and the other half is just because I'm sick and sweating but I think it still looks good it looks so much better than how I looked in the past couple days like lying around being sick so I felt a lot better doing my makeup today I wanted to show you guys a bunch of new products I will list all the products down below I did also get a lot of like Q&A questions that were makeup related like specific makeup or skincare favorite I didn't get to answer those but if you guys have any questions like that I couldn't go ahead and answer them in the comments of this video like what's my lipstick skincare product stuff like that so I will get to those in the comments too but all the products I mentioned will be listed in my description box and I hope you guys

enjoyed this video if you liked it make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and I'll take your serum next video thank you so much for watching bye [Music]