19 May 2015

Get Ready with Me plus Sneak Peek of new products :) | Makeup Geek

MORE INFO: Time to get ready, and why not get ready and chit chat about upcoming products while I show you my new "go to" look. I am obsessed with cool ...

are you guys I have a tutorial for you

guys to get ready with me video I'm so sorry if this video is really long because I'm literally chit-chatting through the whole thing because I figure you know I kind of give you an update on what I'm working on and I might as well do that while I'm putting on makeup at the same time instead of having two videos around like did that I'm just sitting here moms will be at least showing you what I'm wearing for today this is my new go-to makeup look I am obsessed with neutral cool neutrals you know how I used to do like the peach and the corals in the crease all the time I'm over that moving on doing grays now like to switch it up so this is my go-to look because I feel like it's a little bit more edgy a little vampy but at the same time I give you options on how to make this wearable for everyday this is my work look just so you know um so yeah I give you options on that and these are the shadows that I used oh I have new matte shadows for you guys oh my gosh they are so amazing I'm going to show you some of the colors hold on and I swear I'm not doing this just to pimp out my stuff I just it's because I'm excited I just want you guys to be part

of that excitement because I work so hard on this stuff and you guys have come a long journey with me and so I want you to be part of it I want you to see like what I'm working on and how I'm growing because you guys and you buying stuff and supporting me is what's helping this keep going and I just I love what I do so much I just want to be part of that I hope it doesn't come across like I'm just trying to make sales because I'm really not like if you guys don't buy this is fine I'm still gonna share my excitement but here's some of the new matte shadows they are so creamy and smooth and I'll do a separate video later when it's closer to launch we're hoping to launch these in August I even know this forever away it takes a long time for production but they're just like buttery smooth so I used a few of them in my video today just to show you guys but I give you you know some options in case you want to use something else for right now so enough blabbing in that we're gonna get started on my look aren't you guys yes I know I'm totally naked face today and I did not do any spray tan so I am embracing the pasty today just so you

know and then I just had my hair brightens you can't tell on camera I'm really but I'm looking at the screen right now I'm like you can't even see the purple but I swear it's like a bright purple there just doesn't show up on camera so whatever I'll pull my hair back okay let's tackle these dark circles first I'm going to use on a new makeup geek makeup geek concealer it's in my little plastic case you guys just because I'm working on it I'm testing it but it's amazing we're gonna call it buy buy bags concealer it was my cute cuz you know I got some dark circles I got some bags going on here but you want something that's orange based another great one that I like is the Yves pearl and that works amazing so just put some of that right under the eyes okay now I want to show you guys the foundation I'm just doing a chitchat because I was like I have so much to show you guys I'm working on so many products but I have a new foundation this is the lab sample it's not going to come in just packaging but let me talk about it with you guys because I want you to give me feedback on what you're looking for in a

foundation so this one put on this pump it sucks I'm sorry I got to pull it straight from the tube okay so it's like a gel consistency it's kind of comparable to the Laura Mercier silk one let me show you guys the texture of it it gives like a satin finish so it's not matte finish it gives it's like really good for combination to dry skin so that's the first foundation I'm working on I want to do a matte one as well that's perfect for oily skin um but it's full coverage I really like it it's amazing foundation I've been wearing it for quite a while now so let me show you guys what it looks like do you see how much coverage that gets but it doesn't look cakey or heavy and also I really really like it I'm thinking for the packaging I want to do like a squeeze tube kind of like um you know the Laura Mercier one or two cover effects that I really like so you guys tell me and the YouTube box below what you want to see in a foundation as far as packaging um formula texture and all that great stuff we're hoping to launch this I know this is really far out but I'm looking at February just because I want to test it really really good first and then start

to sell it once I'm really happy with everything don't forget to put some on the neck just up here just you don't have a harsh line and then start to slowly blend it down okay now that all the foundation is done you guys know I love my Maybelline Dream powder and yes I'm working on powders right now I don't have the tester with me today but I'll show you guys that pretty soon I'm hoping to lunch that in January or February as well same time as the found a you guys will absolutely love it it's talc free but it's so smooth and I'm have a really good range of colors um putting a lot of powder on today I'm sorry I'm just a little bit oily just because it's getting hot here in Sacramento like really hot so I put a little extra powder I'm sorry so anyways what I was saying you guys hit the powder I'm working on it has a similar packaging to this but it's going to be a lot nicer a lot more sturdy it has room for a compact underneath and the powder is so smooth you guys and the best part it's talc free it's paraben free it looks really good it doesn't cake up it I'm so

excited to work on that so that will probably be February as well I'm like kind of talking about stuff literally nine months ahead but it takes so long to make this stuff happen and you guys know me I'm really picky so I have to test it for a long time before I even put it in production so that's why okay let's do the brows I'm going to use my benefit give me brow to keep my crazy hairs in place and then I'm going to use the Anastasia and ebony and taupe brow pencils I'm gonna start with ebony on the bottom okay so that was Evan e1 now I switch to taupe and do the top part okay now I'm going to take my Mac painterly paint-pot and put this all over the lid I am working on creme shadows now we're having a tough time with formula because it's either too creamy or if it's too pigmented it comes up a little bit but I am working on that I'm really excited we're gonna have a lot of colors mostly mattes so if there's certain colors you guys want to see for that too let me know okay so let me show you guys the new shadows I'm working on oh this one's our standard this is whimsical right is this one whimsical yeah okay and then

this one's unexpected here but then these are new and you guys look at all of these here that are new as well we're going to launch 20 new matte shades they're already going into production now we'll lunch those in August I'm so excited they're beautiful so I'm going to showcase a few of them for you guys today and then I'll do a video later I'm showing you the specific colors okay let's take your pointed crease brush and unexpected we're going to put this in the crease is all the way in now above unexpected we're gonna use one of the new shadows that I haven't launched it I don't have a name for it I'm going to do a video soon viewers felt where you guys get to help me name some of this stuff but it's this one right here let me do a little swatch a swatch for you guys and oh my gosh these new matte shadows you guys they're so buttery I wish you could like reach through the camera and feel them with me they're so smooth Mike lab did such a great job but there's the pink color isn't that gorgeous it's like a rosy brownie color that's oh it's just it's amazing I'm so excited like these are literally

hot off the press these are from the lab we haven't they're in production now but these are the actual lab samples the chemists make for me and I was like can I please have them to take them home they are so amazing I'm so greedy I'm like I want to wear them myself so anyways this is going to go above and expected to kind of mute it out a little bit it's not pretty just like a soft blending color okay now switch to an outer V brush on the next new shadow I have here do I have a name for this one I don't so we're gonna name this - it's like a deep purpley gray color isn't that cool and it's such a fun neutral because it's not too too dark but it still has a little bit of color to it so I'm gonna put this on the outer part of the eye right here pick up some more now we're going to put it on the inner corner of the eye and blend it inwards again leave the center blank okay now let me take a pencil brush the makeup geek one cuz it's really small sand pick up some more of that same color I'm going to smudge it under the lower lash line just to kind of you know make my lashes look thicker

okay now I'm going to use a flat stiff brush I'm going to go in with whimsical and we'll put this just on the center of the lid for a nice pop of shine go back in with your outer V brush and just kind of without any more powder left on there just kind of touch up the color to kind of blend out any harsh lines between the foiled shadow and the matte shadows okay now I'm going to touch up under the why did I just have a brain fart under the eyes there we go clean up any fallout and just kind of brighten it up here I'm using the Maybelline fit me concealer and then I just use this is the it cosmetics number 105 and just feather it out okay now we're going to set it with um a matte shadow this is a few shades lighter than you for me it's white lies it's pure white we're going to put this with that same brush I'm just doing it under the eyes to kind of brighten it and I'm doing down the sides of my nose just a touch almost like this V shape right here because I want it just to be a little bit whiter and brighter okay now you can just put down a little bit of liner you could use a jelly noir liquid I'm gonna use the liquid one this is the Rimmel exaggerate

I just want to darken up my lashes pretty much to ground this whole look so just put it along the upper lash line okay so I'm gonna put on lashes you guys but obviously if you're wearing this for everyday for work you probably want to skip this or just do really natural lashes but you know on my camera and you know I'm gonna rock me some drama so I'm gonna put on the ardell demi whispies okay the lashes are lon whoo that is like such a long process for me you guys when you have to put the glue on and let it sit for a minute cuz you guys know me I'm so fast-paced and impatient that literally that minute of waiting for the glue to dry it feels like ten minutes it's just it's gut-wrenching for me alright so what we're going to do is take a nude eyeliner and just put on the waterline sorry I did it while I was waiting for my lashes to dry but you guys know how to put stuff in your waterline okay mascara where is my mascara that I'm linking right now oh my benefits roller lash I'm using that one so put on a good layer of that I know all the eyes are done let's do the cheeks and stuff I'm going to contour with Barcelona Beach

the eye shadow because it works great for us pasty folk or if you have fair skin even like fair to medium skin it'll work if not you can use on latte also but I like Barcelona because it's like a kulish greyish Brown I don't know it just works really good let me show you guys do you see how it's just contouring really nicely looks natural it's not like an orange II everyone who's doing contour powders right now I'm sorry they don't know what they're doing or making them too orange that's okay I'm working on contour powders too it's gonna show you guys today I left it at home and I'm so excited you guys and they're so smooth and I have really cool colors I'm just so excited because it's like stuff that I want to buy so it makes it more fun because it's like I know what I want that's not on the market yet and I'm trying to like make it it's for selfish reasons I want to buy it myself hahaha so anyways I'm just contouring under the cheekbones like that if it's too dark you can take your Beauty Blender and just kind of Pat it out and then the other blush that I'm working on right now this is a new one can you tell

like the pan is jacked up this is a lab sample as well it's kind of close to spellbound but it's a little more peachy so let me show you a swatch so this is spellbound this is my new one which we don't have a name for it yet do you see how it's like slightly more peachy color and you guys oh my gosh I've been wearing this non-stop because it's really smooth the formula I improved it's a new formula and on oh isn't pretty I like it so I'm putting that right above the contour but anyways it's a lot smoother and these are tout free as well so I'm really excited okay now for my highlight you guys I'm going to use trim mishima eyeshadow let me get my um hold on my cheek highlighter brush okay so stick that in there and just put it on the tops of the cheekbones and if you have fair skin this works really well because it just gives like a really shiny glow but it's not glittery at all isn't that pretty so I'm saving you guys money for six dollars you have a nice highlighter okay now for the lips you guys if you want to keep it really neutral for everyday for work I'm gonna take this out now before it starts crimping my hair okay we could

just do a lip gloss a lip cream anything that you guys want I want it to be just slightly vampy so I'm going to use a next Stone lip liner it's a grayish brownie color let me show you guys it's such a unique color I love this one so much and then what I'd like to do is just feather in a little bit on the edges so turn it on its side and just do a light color just leave the lips in the center blink okay now after that I'm going to put on one of the new cashmere creams that we're working on these are gonna launch the end of October early or end of August early September I know I feel so bad I'm like teasing guys but I want to get your guys's input so let me show you a swatch of this color I think this one's called tomboy isn't that a cool ish color do you guys think you would wear that one let me know it if you would or not it's like a grayish purpley color so let me show you guys what it looks like because I haven't signed I've sent off a non formula but I haven't signed on this color yet so let me know if you like it or not and the formula is like a very buttery it's it's on the lips it's very

moisturizing and softened mmm it's like a I know how to describe it it's not quite like a liquid lipstick it's just like a creamy creamy lip color I don't know okay now if that is to vampy for you what you can do blot it off give you like more of the pinky color I really like the Gerard cosmetics nude lipstick let me do a swatch for you guys of that one it's like a warming nudie color so you can put that on top and it will make it a little bit more wearable so there's an option of that one as well so anyways that is my go-to look for now you guys and a sneak peek of all my products and stuff please give me your eyes feedback in the box below I love to include you guys on what I'm making and stuff because I'm making this for all of this not just for me I want you guys to be happy too with what I'm working on so I really hope you guys are doing great so you happy and healthy have a great start to your summer and all that great stuff so I will talk to you soon bye you