10 September 2017

Get ready with me! clearly I'm not a makeup guru

well that was interesting. I'm not a makeup guru so don't comment if I did something wrong because to be completely honest I don't care if I did lol- plus it's ...

so hey guys this is like the weirdest

pain or not ankle they're like I don't know what I'm trying to say but I probably look really bad right now this is like a clean face nothing on it you can see all my acne pretty bad I know I have some pretty bad acne right now between my eyebrows and I just pop the pimple like right there so yeah this is the measly groomy here's my natural hair oh I hate it but I'm gonna do get ready with me so I just put my hair back so that like I can like work up here and I hope the angles that I use or the angle I have the camera at is fine I'm putting on some moisturizer but God - sure - do first before I put our makeup on [Music] so what I started off usually for my stuff I hope this angles good I'm looking in my own little mirror here but I have some brow products that I use I you see that really has on it down the phase yeah oh wait no I'm Simon I say it it's honest as yep really hills first I used to go dip and then I use the Broadway's sue okay so I just used the brow um dip and on the spread of my brow then I go in the brow is and I do more of like the front here all this right

where my pimple is wow it's like the worst area broken bullets like right where I'd want to put my brow product we've done the brows so now I gotta put on my eyeshadow base this is just like I showed a primer I have to put this on because I have really oily lids and the eyeshadow well it all like creased if I don't put it on something as you can tell I'm not a makeup expert that was the part where I look crazy it's where I used my tape technique gosh everyone probably thinks I'm crazy but I put tape right here and that helps my wing beautiful so my three colors I'm going to be using for the for my base I'm gonna be using this color if you can see that it's just like a little nude base so I'm gonna go in with that [Music] I'm gonna take like this orange e color and we're gonna put that in between that crease and then I'm gonna take a dark pink color this is oh by the way all the shadows I'm using are by color pop and this one's called stay golden eye I don't know what the other ones her broad but [Music] so I'm my but on camera it looks really

bright and really like crazy but I promise you it's not so me too ultimate favorite eyeliners is the Kat Von D tattoo liner and then I love my NYX matte liquid liner I love these both but this tattoo liner is good for getting and like around here then the other one is good for like the wing part [Music] cuz the other one kind of dries out sometimes it proximately ten hours later okay now I can like rip off this tape and see how like even their which they're like decent they're not bad I think this one's worse so it kind of fixed my eyeliner now I'm gonna go in with my mascara I don't wear falsies I also don't curl my lashes because I feel like it's wrexham and then they don't really need to be curled mine personally so I don't really now it's time for a foundation so I this this is the Wet n Wild photo focus foundation I use this I don't I'm not really big on foundation to be honest like I don't use a ton but I try not to cuz I don't like the cakey look so I just I just go with it

[Music] I also trying to put a lot of foundation on my nose and around my nose because I have really weird dry note like a dry nose and the more foundation I put on it the grosser it looks so I don't do that a lot like I barely touched my noses foundation because it'll get really flaky and just I don't really do my nose too much but now I'm gonna put on some concealer this is for my acne spots or anything like really red red spot so I'll like lightly touch there let's try to blend listen now you have to do my favorite part highlighter who doesn't like highlighter if you don't know highlighters you need to check out what highlighters it makes you look pop in so I'm using lunch money by color pop and I have two brushes here because I'm gonna do underneath here my not your I'm doing your makeup but you guys probably won't be able to tell because I don't have special lighting like all makeup whose do they have like the beautiful ring lighting I don't have that I'm gonna take a little fan brush and I'm gonna put some you guys can't see it I can see it oh no no I'm gonna take my NYX dewy finish spray I'm gonna

spray my face I'm just set it all it feels so nice and then i take my morphe palette and i can it so that it will dry fast to highlight and then there that is my makeup so that is the makeup that I'm going with for today I'm gonna go straight in my hair I'll be back cuz this hair is not gonna be like this I'm gonna strain it but I'm not gonna show you guys out cause like it's me straightening my yourself and there we go I finished um straightening my hair my hair is probably dead now because I estranged it so much over the time me but look how beautiful it is straight I love it straightened so much I wish I could have it for a minute straight but yeah so I hope you enjoyed this get ready with me I'm not a beauty beauty professional in any way and I probably won't do too many Beauty tutorials because honestly I'm not that great at them but I try my best I love makeup and stuff but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed thank you for watching bye