07 May 2019

Game Of Thrones White Walker Make Up Tutorial 2019

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welcome back to my channel everybody

today I have this really cool Game of Thrones white Walker makeup tutorial for you my model today is Billy you would have seen it before in my Halloween tutorials to start this transformation I have applied a vinyl board cap if you've never used a ball cap before I have a tutorial on how to apply one if you click on the top right hand of this video it will take you to that tutorial and then you can come back and follow along the rest of the process for the white Walker the next step in this transformation is to apply some wax to the eyebrows the purpose of using wax in the brows is to disguise the hairs it will allow them to lay completely flat against the skin so you can apply makeup over the top and completely disguise them this is great for mini mini looks and although there are many techniques such as Elmer's glue and pros-aide for me works is one of my favorites because you can really build it up - you can no longer see the hairs I like to use a metal spatula and apply the wax in the same direction that the hair grows and then I like to use a eyebrow comb to brush that through the hair so it really coats kind of both sides of the hairs at

the same time but you're not changing the direction of the hair and at the same time is coming it through the hairs you're also flattening them and this gives the neatest most even finish and then I go over them one more time with a spatula to make sure they're nice and flat and that there's no brushstroke marks at this stage you would then use a sealer to seal the brows in place and then you could cover it with makeup I'm not going to seal them at this stage because I want to build up the very front of the brow to create a bit more of a sinister heavy appearance so I'm very roughly building this up in layers until I'm happy with how heavy the brow is looking at the front I'm not going to be too concerned about getting it too neat because the overall skin finish of the what we'll cut is textured and using a very small amount of Vaseline just to flatten some of the edges as you can see we've got texture and heaviness to the brow which is perfect so now I'm going to use the Kryolan sealant to go in and apply this with a cotton bud so that it seals the surface so I can work over the top and not disturb the wax I've used the wax

technique in a few of my videos if you check out my gum or a makeup tutorial you'll see how I get more of a smooth finish next up I'm going in with some of the pros shield barrier foam bark Rylan this is a great product for protecting the skin from harsh influences such as effects makeup we're going to be using a hybrid paint which is really great of sticking to the skin and as that it won't be leaving the makeup on you want something that's gonna help to remove the paint easier to create the deep crevices that are distinct to the White Walkers face I'm gonna be using a product called dermaflage now this has been designed as a topical silicone based filler so it's not something that you would inject into the skin instead it would be something that you would wear on a daily basis to conceal any deep scars or recesses on the skin the medical grade silicone actually comes in different skintone colors and it comes with a silicone pad that has a skin print on it you would then press this onto the silicone while it's wet and it would take on the print of skin so it looks super natural and you can't see it sitting on the skin it

lasts all day it's waterproof and at the end of the day you just peel it off so instead of using it for his intended purpose I thought it would be a really great way to create those really distinctive lines that you can see on the White Walkers face I'm using a reference image off of Google to get an idea of the placement for their lines and it's a bit like decorating a cake as I go along and filling in certain areas and building up different aspects of the face so it looks really similar to my reference image it needs to look semi symmetrical but not completely symmetrical so as you can see I've left around the underneath of the eye area because this area needs to look like it's slightly sunken and using a black shade around this area it's gonna help us to really make that look like it's more something than it actually is and here you can see I'm going in and building up around the eye socket so that the silicone sits slightly higher than the actual skin I'm also building this up on the arch of the eyebrow area and taking this up the forehead it's gonna change the shape of the forehead bone making it look like it's more

prominent in these two areas I'm using my spatula to smooth out the edges before it sits in place which is quite quickly I'm also taking that down from the bottom lip towards the chin moving on to the eyes i'm applying some black gel eyeliner by Inglot this is number 77 and I'm taking this along the waterline to darken and lids I decided to use a face paint because this is so much easier to especially as Billy is a guy and the last thing he wants is something that's super durable and hard to remove so I'm using black face paint by superstar and I'm just very roughly blending this out with a fluffy blending brush while it's wet this does not need to be neat we're not creating a nice evening smokey eye we're just creating a nice black base to give that nice deep something look when working on somebody else it can be quite hard to get to the root of the eyelashes if they tend to crease their eyes so keep their eyes open get them to look down when you're applying the makeup I'm going into this certified dynasty palette and I'm taking the shade empro which is a cobalt blue and I'm applying this over the black on the center of the

eyelids it's gonna be really really subtle but it's just gonna add that bluey tinge to the skin which we need I'm also taking that face paint close to the lash line underneath Billy's eyes and I'm getting him to keep his eyes closed while I apply it that stops him from creasing his eyes so much and then I'm using a cotton bag just to smudge it out I don't want that black to be too dark all the way down so before I going with the hybrid paint I'm gonna be using some alcohol activated paints by Kryolan and I'm gonna be using one of my favorite brushes by Delia mentors this one is a Thomas super nut brush it's the one known 5 and it's a large stippling brush mixing together the cream and the blue shade we're gonna create a nice base over the skin we don't need to be too uniform that's why we're using a stippling brush the reason for this alcohol activated paint base first is because we have used a silicone product on the skin which is the dermaflage when I created my yondu tutorial we actually use the silicone base around the fin on top of the head I found with the hybrid paint that it took a couple of goes over the silicone because it wanted to kind

of separate but I found it applied better oh the silicone when I applied a face paint base for this look I'm applying it in washes of color so these alcohol activated paints are the best choice as a base for this particular look now I've got that down I'm gonna be using the proair hybrid paint it doesn't contain any water and it contains a blend of water repellent makeup ingredients if you're looking for so it gives you amazing longevity but it's also affordable then this is the best paint you can get as I said this is completely waterproof and it can last up to three days and in case you're wondering it doesn't leave any staining if you see my your loot Oriole then you'll know that Pro here is the a product that was used on guardians of the galaxy I've layered the shade vascular twice on the skin and again I'm still using a stipple motion to do this then over the top of that I'm going to be layering the color bone be sure to give these bottles a really good shape before you dispense them I've poured a very small amount of this because a little goes a long way into a glass step and dish which I am dipping

my brush into and then I'm stippling over the top as you can see as I start to work it in in light washes it does fade into the blue but we're gonna lay this a couple of times to really start to build up their pasty of the color the reason I'm using more of a bluey icy finish to the skin is because the actual color grading of the footage has a blue finish to it I can imagine that the white workers themselves will actually probably be more like a white gray tone so I plan to go quite heavy with the white highlights and the black contouring and this blue tone kind of sink back a bit but it will still be there cream that kind of icy feel to the wet Walker what I love about the proair paint is that it doesn't need any touch-ups once it's on it does not budge but don't have that for you into thinking that this is hard to remove one of my favorite products is Pro clean but it also is easy to remove with something so simple as dish soap make sure you work it onto the skin with no water it will start to break down that paint which will go slightly milky and then you can just wipe it away so now we've layered bone over vascular we have got

the desired lightness to the skin as you can see it's still kind of mottled in its appearance but we've still got that blue appear in fruits now we're going in with some black face paint and I'm gonna start to work that on either side of all those silicone lines that we prayed over the face I'm laying the color down with a fine paintbrush we can be really precise and then I'm going in with a kind of like a flat duo fiber brush and I'm using this for the shaded areas the bristles are at different limps which allows you to create a line work almost a bit like cross hatching and this is great for special effects makeup if you want to create scratches or kind of vehicle wrinkles I'm gonna be using this at the very end of the makeup to finish off the wrinkle work it's definitely one of my favorite brushes for special effects work I'm darkening this area on the outer third of the top of the eyebrow this is between the two silicone mounds that we've created on the forehead darken in this area helps to sync it but it also in turn makes the eyebrow bone and the bone strips on the forehead little more prominent I'm applying some

black eye shadow on the inside of the silicone around the eyes again this is sinking that area and we're making it look like the eyes are more set back and then using a fine liner brush and some black face paint I'm now creating wrinkles around the eyes we're also going to extend those wrinkles over the top of the silicone so it looks as though the crow's feet are really intense and don't be afraid to go quite dark with this because we're going to be working in all the dark shades first and then we're going to pull all the highlights forward afterwards which is really gonna start to create the shapes on the cheeks I'm using the fine liner brush in the black paint to trace around all the trenches that we've created using silicone and then I'm softly blending the edges of those with some black eye shadow it and again don't be worried if it looks too dark at this stage because we are going to be going in with some white highlights on the areas that have larger gaps between the two silicone lines don't fill those completely in with black start to use what's left on the bristles to feather the color out and just keep

the darkness to the very edges of the silicone that's going to create a shadowed appearance along the top of the forehead I'm now going to be creating some horizontal lines and I'm using really light at home to do this natural wrinkles in the forehead I'm not always symmetrical so just allow your hand to be quite fluid when you're doing this don't allow for some gaps in between each of the lines I always like to work on one side of the face first to get a feel for what I'm doing and then I mimic the same on the opposite side of the face now I've got the majority of the black in place I'm just going along with a tiny bit of black eyeshadow and just filling in some areas that need a little bit shading rather than black paint I'm back to my fine liner brush I'm creating some more wrinkles on the forehead you could use silicone in this area like you've done on the bottom half of the face but the guy that I'm copying from my reference image looks like it could be any 60s and the majority of the work is kind of on the bottom half of the face the actual forehead itself just looks like it's super wrinkly so I'm going back in with my flat duo fiber

brush to create those more theatrical looking wrinkles which look really effective when you step back and look at that overall face so the highlights that we've got on the face at the moment have come from the bone shade that were previously use now I'm gonna go in with a white face paint and I'm gonna use this to emphasize all those areas that I want to call forward so I'm applying it with another fine liner brush if I apply the initial color first and then tack that onto the skin and I may need to grow four different areas a few times until I'm happy with how bright they are first stop it's better to apply a softer layer step back look at it and then go in and start to highlight the areas that need to come out a little bit more in particular you want to start around the eyes because we really want that area to look like it's pulling forward and that the eyes are sinking back I'm free handing some highlights across the center of the nose highlighting at the base of the lip will make the area look like it curves around and I'm also emphasizing around the crow's feet remember it's always really important to

keep looking at your reference image as your guide it would be really easy just to go over all the lines that you've not painted black and make those white but then you really wouldn't get much dimension to the skin you just take your time step back and look at your reference image against what you've created and see where you need to go in and highlight I'm only highlighting certain areas of those silicone lines I'm not doing the entire length of them and here I'm using the very tip of the brush to tap over the kind of little squares I've created to make it look like wrinkles around the eyes using the white over the black here I'm creating more of a gradient to this shadow I'm also using stipple motions with this small brush to create pinpoint highlights and you can see it's what really does make such a difference to this look now for the hair I bought this really cheap seven pound wicked wizard mask from Wilco which I picked up at Halloween time when you use small scissors to detach the hair it comes off in weaves so I thought this would be a really great cheap alternative to create the Whitewater hair at the back of the

head we're going to start to layer strips of the hair you won't see the band because once the hair starts a layer of the top the band will become invisible because it me underneath so I apply some spirit gum in a line and allow it to go tacky and then I press the hair onto the spirit gum and it will stick to the bald cap this was definitely one of my favorite parts of the whole look I applied three layers across the back and as we get towards the crown of the head I don't allow the strip to come too far forward because be what we'll go has quite a high hand line so you don't want the strip to be too visible at the front at this stage with his hair like this it reminds me of the character in the original Disney's Beauty and the Beast the one who tries to put bells dad in the asylum get that wrong hairline so here I've cut the hair off the strip I've applied the spirit come to with their bald cap and now I'm just gently pushing the very tips of the hair on to the spirit gun and laying it down in the direction that I want the hair to fall and then tuck Nick behind Bill's is applying it freehand like this

makes it look like it's coming out of the head rather than off of a strip which makes it look much more realistic a little tip is not to flatten the head so you don't want it to glue slap to the head you want it to have a little bit of lift at the very top of the head I'm still applying this in a strip and then I'm gonna start to apply the hair in the same manner that I applied the sides of the hair so cutting it from the strip Fanning that out and then pressing the very tips of the strands the hair onto the glue so it's got a little bit lift at the root and you need to looked at the shape of the White Walkers hair he has a very high hairline has that M shape so it recedes back on either side of the forehead and then it comes forward again just above the ears magically it's really really effective I'm now going in with a little bit of in deniers silver gray and this is a really subtle way to kind of dust down the hair although the White Walkers hair is white once the footage has been color graded the hair doesn't look as super white and against the face paint color we do need to just darken it ever so slightly so I'm just roughly running that through

with a fluffy stipple brush for the beard I'm doing the same process as I did with the top of the hairline I've applied spirit gum to the chin allowed it to go tacky and then I'm applying some thin layers of the hair onto the spirit gun not all of the White Walkers have beards some of them have moustaches and beards something just have a beard which is the same as the reference image that I'm following once you've finished laying your beard on you can then use some scissors just to cut it into shape or a 7-pound mask for on will coat it's pretty impressive but the lenses I use the icewalker contact lens from come up is here for the images at the end I've just photoshopped them the same as they've been CGI'd in the actual Game of Thrones footage if you do want those is that go all the way across the I you need to cólera lenses they're the ones that go all the way across the white of your eyes thank you so much for watching this too I hope you've enjoyed it and I really look forward to watching the last season of famer friends I must say thank you to Bill for modeling for me as usual

and for being super patient all the products I've used will be listed below in the description bar if you've got any questions don't hesitate to leave them in the comment section and I'll do my best to get back to you please subscribe if you haven't already done so and if you'd like to follow me outside of YouTube my social handles are on the screen thanks watching and I'll see you soon bye