27 November 2018

FUNNY makeup video! I dress up too!

hi guys to him recording doing makeup

it's a funny tutorial so this might not and out well good sir I'm not going to use these foundations [Music] I put it back [Music] those aren't my skin tones yeah I might use late something so I can like blend in my eyebrows like them darker yeah I might use some mascara [Music] [Music] yeah makes pretty good [Music] [Applause] [Music] I I fell in my eyebrows because I'm alone yeah you can tell by my hair so let's get started already I already started with these little guys hmm okay stop with that stupid silliness let's get started okay already let's add some lipstick wait no I'll do that like last no but this is really used it's just for skin right now so I'm going to start it with eyeshadow using the other side I'm using mermaid color it's mermaid car I'm not going with eyeshadow super sorry hmm looks good for a beginner like yes

this is my mermaid car I like my mermaid color it's really pretty actually don't know what I'm doing right now cuz I can't decide okay I can see now midsummer my color Wow this side totally looks better this mutual improvement mm-hmm this one looks a little bit more passionate let me look at it there we go matching eyes oh my day yeah let's put that on the side let me put on some blush you need to rub it like this yeah looks good next stop is yeah I'm looking pretty bad I guess but Lisa tries I'm gonna get changed and put on a dress to match it I can't pause anymore so yeah let me go in there hold on guys I'm pretty young wait you guys came here but not see this is dress honestly it looks really pretty here it is the final results boom see don't I look pretty oh one last thing I can't do anything without a prop so so since I want to act like a five-year-old here we go I love you yeah yeah I actually really love that stuffy because it says my name it might seem backwards off for you guys because cameras put stuff backwards yeah hmmm back wait not yet before I need to

write down some shoutouts for some people so shout out to my my cousin Jay win shout out to Tamara the wolf god g.od come on where the wolf god and when lasting one last person to my mum and my dad these are my shoutouts of the day hope you guys had a good time watching see you guys in the next video bye [Music]