20 December 2018

Full Face Using Tiny Makeup Samples

Hello! Products Used: Real Chemistry - environmental rescue essential day cream Make Up Forever - step 1 skin equalizer // hydrating primer Milk Makeup - blur ...

hey you guys welcome back to my channel

in this video I'm going to be doing a full face of sample makeup everything I'm wearing my face comes from little samples like this and if you want to see how I got this look and what samples I used then please keep watching hi welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a full face of samples I want to see if I can get an entire face done with just the samples like these little paper samples because you know when you order off of Sephora or wherever they love to just send you all the samples in the world and I have a giant collection of them let's get started a first thing I'm gonna try out this is from the brand real chemistry it's an environmental rescue essential day cream I love a stuff that has environmental properties and pollution protection because I do live in a city and I feel like pollution is just having a toll on my skin let's try this out so it's like a thick cream smells fresh hopefully this doesn't break me out or anything feels really nice and like thick that was really nice that little tiny dollop that I put just was enough for my entire face I have to primer samples

this is the makeup forever step one hydrating primer and I also have the milk makeup blur stick it's not so cute I'm going to open up the makeup forever hydrating primer first I haven't tried this before so I'm really excited to give this a go especially because my skin is really really dry feels nice feel like it could be more moisturizing it's like a moisturizing smoothing primer like it has that silicone II feel to it alright and next I'm just going to blur out my pores with this milk blur stick all right this looks like it's doing a pretty nice job with minimizing everything also have this Clinique it's a universal bronzing gel well I think I'm just going to use this to kind of bronze under the foundation oh that's interesting this really goes a long way but it really did just put like a nice bronze I'm gonna add a little bit on my temples I think I used a little bit too much like a little dot yeah that's nice so now for foundation I have this Giorgio Armani power fabric long wear foundation with an SPF of 25 oh and before I get into this I have a tiny Beauty Blender this is the pro one

and I did already danfa No oh it looks like the perfect color I always struggle with finding a foundation because I have a horrific undertone but this looks this looks perfect I don't know how much I should put on just kind of guessing and the texture feels really nice hopefully this isn't dry fast um I'm just gonna start blending away it's not fully covering my imperfections but it is going a long way just gonna build it up a little and I'm going to put a little bit more of this bronzer on just like a little dot because this foundation really just covered it up but it is lifting up the foundation on my nose this has lifted up the foundation so I'm just gonna reapply this little Beauty Blender is really nice for just spot concealing these multi sticks from bite and it comes with three colors this one is the shade papaya this is biscotti and this is Kashi I'm going to go into papaya and I'm just gonna go right onto the cheek I haven't not tried any of the bite Multi sticks before but I love bite so oh my god what's this

amazing that's just so natural like a nice natural flesh that's perfect I love it I'm gonna try the cashew shade as a bronzer I really like this um I am totally gonna pick up a full-size because I just want to be able to draw on my face next up is this Eve song Lorant xuxa Kula and I'm just gonna pick it up on the longer edge and I'm just gonna highlight with it I've always wanted to try these out but I haven't this isn't a shimmery it's just a looks like a glow more so it's really nice I like it this is the prismatic multi step in the shade rose pearl and I haven't swatched it Wow it's like really really intense pink I have this teeny-tiny little chop stick from Aryan this is their Rose lip conditioner isn't just so cute it's really nice and thick and hydrating and it smells like a roses so nice so now for the brows I just to receive this little teeny tiny sample and it is so small look at how small it is this is benefits a goof proof brow pencil and I have a not ever tried anything from benefits eyebrow range so let's just try

this together dyeing on how teeny-tiny this thing is this is in the shade number three and it's supposed to stay on my eyebrows for 12 hours you I like how the tip of this is quite long so it covers a wider area this is also from benefit this is their gimme brow let's see what the direction say it says twist and pull oh my god look at this looks so tiny I think this might be a little bit dried out this isn't doing anything for me it might just be dried out so I'm just gonna go with my Dior bold wrap I don't have much for eyes I'm just gonna kind of improvise improvise with my eyes and I'm just gonna use the byte multi sticks as my eye shadow I'm gonna take the shade cashew I'm focusing the color more on the outer corner and then blending the rest of it into the inner corner going to use this beautiful prismatic multi stick this is such a pretty color that's so pretty it's like the subtle shimmer I have this little itty-bitty mascara from Urban Decay this is the troublemaker mascara the bristles on it

are very long this is the Lila Bibi natural powder it feels super super soft oh my god it just it just made my skin look flawless I have a never ever experiences from a powder I am just extremely blown away right now I was not prepared for this at all whatsoever this powder is amazing the last sample I have this matte lip tensity they have three shades right here if this is their lip density lipstick I'm going to go into the middle one right here and I love how they include several shades for you to try of these same lip formula I can't that way you can at least try one if you don't like any of the others and that completes today's video I really hope you enjoyed this and that you can use some of the samples that are in your collection if you really like this please give this a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to hang around for some more videos I post Mondays Thursdays and Saturdays at 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time I'd love to have you back here I'll see you in my next video [Music]