20 December 2018


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little M's beauty babe sorry now I'm going to be doing a makeup challenge for you guys and I'm super excited to do this because I have a list of ideas that I'm going to be doing for you guys but the challenge is is pretty much doing my makeup with the opposite hint now what that means is because I'm left-handed I'm gonna be using my right obviously so I'm honestly nervous like nervous because I've done my makeup with my eyes closed did pretty good but I'm usually good with my right hand like what sports but I don't know about like doing makeup so we're gonna give this a try but before I get started give this video a thumbs up hit the subscribe button hit the notification about to always be notified with my videos comment what you guys think of this makeup challenge and if you guys do want to see more makeup challenges please let me know down in the comments because I need more makeup video ideas so yeah so let's get this started I'm really nervous okay so I'm gonna be talking again through this one but I'm gonna try to focus not talk too much but I don't know what just fell I heard something for so okay so I'm gonna

obviously use my left hand for this but that's a lot okay so I don't like this oh my god this feels so weird honestly I feel like already switching my arm but it's like I can't and I haven't realized that I can yet oh I don't like this oh I feel weird cuz I'm so used to doing guys I think this makeups not gonna turn out cute so bear with me um man I can't believe Christmas is in five days like it doesn't mean honestly like I don't know about anybody else but I am NOT like feeling the spirit this year I don't know if it's because there's no snow or what's the case but I'm not feeling it I don't have no spirit of Christmas this year and I don't know why so that's fun that's that's like unbelievable oh my god okay that was bad I feel like I'm gonna myself because I cannot do this with my right hand like I'm having a hard time just putting concealer on for God's sake okay it just feels weird to me I don't know but I can't believe Christmases in five days like it's unbelievable like how how is this even possible I don't know okay so I don't know if I'm to do contour today do I want to I'm

just gonna go to move on from my eyes because I'm nervous as it is okay this is gonna be fun I don't know what look I'm gonna do I'm just gonna use whatever color I this feels is so weird okay um let's see so we're gonna do a base color so I don't like this okay I hope this turns out okay guys like I am NOT promising that this is gonna look okay cuz deep down inside I don't feel like it's gonna turn out okay okay that's gonna be the base so far Oh okay moving on we're gonna start doing the base of my little lips so we're going to use this one and I'm feeling like I want to use a different color so I'm gonna try this one today I don't know how it's gonna turn out but I'm hoping it turns out okay oh honey oh honey that's dark okay then I just have to make it work oh my god oh this looks so silly because I'm like I can't properly do it the way I would but it's coming out okay I'm pretty impressed it's harder to do it I think on the other eye honestly well it's pretty alright now

this is what I'm gonna be worried about oh I almost wished hands guys did you see that okay if I could do this guys you guys should try it oh this is looking at Rochas right now I'm not excited for when I do my Elena dad I'm not okay okay so now I gotta find the blending brush which is right here and we're gonna blend that oh I don't wait holding my brush either okay Wow this is not it doesn't okay it kind of looks bad because I have black look all right here oh my god okay okay that needs to be fixed easy I honestly didn't think this was gonna be hard but oh hell no uh-uh see that guys do you see that this is not okay this is why we got a use concealer for messy looks well we're in a sticky situation like this definitely all right now what I'm gonna sue let's grab this little brush and then I'm gonna use a dark brown to bring out okay so bring out this makeup look so let's give this a try okay I look busted and crusted and dusted and I'm very sad right now

about how this is turning out but I'm gonna have to suck it up whoa so 40 I'm not even doing this purpose like I like I keep going to that hair oh my god this looks so bad I'm really disappointed in myself if I could do the ship boring folded why can't I do this with the opposite hand it's beyond me okay okay so we're gonna have to clean the up by it it looks sort out somewhat okay I'm really trying to blend this out right now okay it doesn't want too bad I don't okay yeah oh it's really bad oh okay let's get any other app extra access okay we're gonna go back to concealer because this Lunken dusty and crusty and I like it so go back to this I'm gonna clean it up no benefit of makeup okay you'll see that clean up uh-huh okay I really gotta clean this up Oh concealer comes through less gold okay now we're gonna add a little spunk to this shiz put some gold I'm not in a corner of my eyes oh that's a great ass gold by the way lighting in here is like not working with me today so Oh

all right now how for the fun part what is it gonna be the eyeliner this is where I'm gonna go wrong so bear with me okay I don't know what arms me start on that side cuz I know I'm having more difficulty on that side oh hell no oh hell no I can't even like how do you position this okay guys I'm like attempt it at a big nose okay let's go on the next die you see that you see how a hell yeah see I'm doing so good on this I okay let's try it a wing okay I don't think I'm gonna get a perfect wing but that's okay okay that's what that works yeah what I really want to try and make this look a little better okay yeah there's no fixing that so so guys let me use a little highlight for maynoles and I am using the opposite hand okay I'm not gonna put lashes on or maybe I should okay so let me take off any I might just put my Scout on cuz I'm not trying to do a focal I'm walk obviously because so we're oh F step perfect oh here's my mascara I'll go so we're gonna attempt this down I'm gonna use this brush

oh this is not too bad I didn't fully blend my mmm I did fully blend my foundation my god this is not too bad I gotta say it's a pretty good like obviously I didn't do amazing but I did okay you know and you gotta be really careful because this is not like you know you can't get this in your eye okay every girl's worst nightmare is getting freaking mascara on your okay we're just gonna take that off and try to alright last but not least I'm just gonna use a random color lipstick just attempt this so okay guys so that was an ultimate fill okay this was an ultimate fail honestly so we're just gonna try to fix whatever elf's is messed up on my face do you see that I have like eyeshadow like on the top of my eyebrow it's just I don't even know how that Matt that was manageable but they happened so guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video give this video a thumbs up and I'll see you guys in my next video bye guys