21 May 2018

Full Face Using Only My Fingers (NO BRUSHES MAKEUP CHALLENGE)

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hello friends both old and new and welcome to my little corner of the Internet Matilda it smells a little like pee over here do you know why that might be funny story before we get started I filmed the entire rest of this video yesterday but the intro footage got corrupted and I didn't realize that until I sat down to edit the footage today so I had to go back today and try and recreate the makeup look and my hairstyle from yesterday and uh yeah let's give this intro another try as the weather grows warmer and we get closer to summer I find myself gravitating more towards glowy and natural makeup looks I really enjoy using cream and liquid products to achieve this sort of look and I wanted to create this tutorial to show you guys how easy they are to work with so easy in fact that through this whole video I'm not going to use any brushes or sponges or tools just my fingers yep that's right that's how easy it is you really don't need anything else so if you want to learn how to create this book and basically finger paint on your face with me just keep on watching first up I'm gonna prime my lids with my

current favorite eye primer the wet and wild photo focus eyes shadow primer [Music] next I'm taking Nick's lid lingerie in the shade dynamic and applying it all over my lids I'll zoom you in so I can show you my technique I'm picking up some of the product with my finger and patting it onto my lid I focus it on the center of my lid and then blend it outward above my crease using patting motions I'm placing it down in light layers to gradually build up the color I'm making sure the edges are well blended by using gentle smudging motions I think this is my new favorite all-over lid color for natural makeup looks it's such a pretty pinky nude and it works so nicely with my peach tone skin [Music] [Music] [Music] next I'm taking Nick's lid lingerie in new romance and placing it on my mobile lid focusing on the center and blending outward the mobile lid is the area below the crease that moves when you blink this shimmery shade is a beautiful champagne color that pairs perfectly with dynamic by placing it on the mobile

lid only we will achieve a subtle halo eye effect with the outer edges of our layer of dynamic serving as a transition shade I'm gonna go do my brows and lashes and I will be right back okay now onto complexion I'm going to be applying a combination of Emmy Diane illuminating SPF and pur Lisse BB tinted moist in fair I often use the Emmy Diane eliminating SPF all on its own but the pur Lisse adds a touch more coverage I start by spreading it around on my face and neck until it's evenly covered and then I press it into my skin using my fingers I really love applying dewy light coverage based products like these with my fingers I feel like it gives such a natural finish and sometimes sponges or brushes take away a little bit of the glow by the way I will be posting a 10% off discount code for Emmy Diane in the description box down below I don't get commission or anything like that I just wanted to share it with you [Music] [Music] [Music] now I'm gonna take the bodyshop Matt clay concealer in the shade Peruvian

Lily and cover up my blemishes I always use this concealer to cover pimples because it contains tea tree oil so it helps clear your skin while it's covering it it's pretty full coverage and a great match for my skintone I'm using my finger to Pat it onto my blemishes and then lightly blending out the edges next I'm using the Becca under eye brightener to conceal my dark circles this is one of my holiest of Holy Grail products and I don't go a day without using it it dramatically brightens your under eyes by both color correcting and reflecting light on natural makeup days I wear it alone under my eyes but you can layer it under concealer as well for added coverage I like to apply it to the sides of my nose too which helps it look a little bit slimmer [Music] now I'm gonna use the jordana sculpt and go contour stick and light - you guessed it contour I'm placing it right in the hollow of my cheeks and leaving a gap by my temples [Music] I'm using my finger to blend it down toward my mouth and back toward my

hairline and up toward the apples of my cheeks by doing so the most concentrated area of product will remain in the hollows of my cheeks which will look the most natural [Music] I'm taking a bit more of the Jordana contour stick on my finger and dabbing it on just below the apples of my cheeks and then bringing it up my temples to my forehead this will give you a subtly bronzed appearance [Music] next I'm going to use my RMS living Luminizer to highlight my face this is my most used highlighter it goes on sheer but can be built up to a gorgeous glow first I'm going to dab it onto my cheekbones [Music] [Music] I'm also going to apply it to the tip of my nose the bridge of my nose my chin my Cupid's bow and philtrum and the corners of my eyes lastly I'm going to apply the Care Weis lip tint in the shade romance can we just take a moment to appreciate this incredible packaging though romance is a beautiful coral pink that's perfect for summer I'm going to dab a little bit

of it onto my cheeks I always place blush behind the apples of my cheeks rather than right on them I'm finishing off this look by applying the care Weiss lip tint to my lips as well I'm really into coordinating my lips and cheeks like this lately I just feel like it's so fresh and pretty and here's the finished look I'm definitely going to be wearing this on repeat this summer [Music] so that's it I hope you found this tutorial helpful I think YouTube and social media have been making it seem like makeup is always really complicated and a million steps with a million tools but the truth is that it really doesn't need to be that way I'm all for a super glamorous makeup look but it can be really refreshing to just take a step back and simplify as always if you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe before you leave and please hit that notification bell so that YouTube will notify you when I upload thank you so much for watching