21 December 2018


Watch me do my makeup using only concealer...it was a fail ofc. Wanna stalk me? Look below! #roadto1k Email:dbonaparte99@gmail.com Snapchat: ...

what's up y'all welcome back to my

channel and as you can see by the title today I'm doing a full face of makeup using only concealer and I'm gonna be using these four concealers I have the Vinci Beauty concealer the Maybelline concealer covergirl and heart concealer only true these are actually once I use in the other two I don't use so that's probably when the problems gonna come in so I'm not gonna talk too much I'm just gonna start and make sure you like comment I browse using the covergirl oh my gosh it's already falling out but this is definitely I need a mirror okay down here so I can see the full damage I'm definitely not trying to be like perfect with this at all [Music] so I was fine like concealers and just trying to guess my shade but then I got tired of getting along shade and wasting my money so I just finally caught like tested from one - I think I'm gonna use the affinity for my foundation but I'm just gonna apply it when I don't think it's done and I just realized this the I didn't clean this brush and I use it for my blush so as you can see my face is pink kind of and that is why there's already

and while I'm blending my foundation will concealer I'm just gonna go ahead and pull in my eyebrows just like dude okay I'm gonna take this brush and blow my eyebrows out a little bit more because it's not moving like if you can sit on camera but it's like stuck in these places I how many different people do but I'm getting it right now so next I'm gonna go in with my stick until I actually use so I want to use this as the actual concealer I'm just like spreading out I'm like trying to seep it into my skin this looks literally terrible I should use my other wishes but I'm cleaning them right now and they're drying and I didn't want to mess them up so it's not that bad and then I'm gonna be contouring with my covergirl foundation which I don't even contour but I'm just gonna use it I'm not yelling use just once so I'm not really sure how you twist it I probably use the wrong concealer finish because I should use other one because this one's kind of hard to get a more defined look but who cares right okay yeah um Thomas I definitely should have used a concealer with a little

brush you can detach so that's that so then I'm going to be using some more concealer as an eyeshadow lastly I'm just gonna using all my lips and that's it these feelers definitely are not my shade um so yeah and this definitely didn't turn out good in any way shape or form but this is just a little fun video I wanted to do so yep thanks for watching she like comment subscribe see you in my next video