24 March 2019


Thank you so much for watching ♡ Subscribe for new videos every week ♡ Hey in this video I am going to be trying new makeup! Some of the makeup products ...

hey guys so let's make this video I'm

going to be trying out no products that I haven't tried out before the most two products I've used before because I just gonna find our replacement girl at but most of these products are new to me I got them for my sister or I bought a newly make up so yeah I just created this spring luck with it it's all if you guys want to see how I created this look and all the new makeup that I got keepo much I'm gonna go into the BH Cosmetics and Daisy palette and look at its magnetic I'm going to put the shade Daisy I was scared I'm just gonna build that up I made makeup of them doing is gonna be spring for me until summer feminism Submission colors but if I'm doing makeup I want to reach for more color instead of the bones in bronze shades like how that's looking just wanna make sure it's like even color pale oh yeah I like this shade a lot if you look on the eyelid I look so good too I'm going to take the shade lucid which is pretty purple shade I'm gonna put it on my eyelid but the inner part of my eyelid oh that I chose nice I didn't want my brush these eyeshadows are so perfect for spring we see how it looks what are you I think

when you use your finger it's so much better next we want to take the eyeshadow shade Cherie know how it looks nice it needs me fingers now look what you use your fingers how better that looks personally I would use my fingers because you use your fingers it looks more glittery than when you use a brush little bit more Daisy I'm gonna put that my crease right there for my lashes I'm gonna take these evil capela bombs so pretty there mummy of Lily lashes and theirs are so nice they're my favorites and expensive lashes to wear oh my gosh dropped and I literally can't find it so I have another pair someone who was the other side of it right now so no I don't know where to lash warrant if it's like on me right now uncle it means I'd be the most funniest next I'm really excited to use this product just was sold out every time I try to look for it this is the elk gomez putty primer but I snagged it like 12:30 in the morning on Ulta and in five minutes later it got sold out so I was hella lucky for that but it has no fragrance so a bitch what so this is how

it looks it supposed to be a little pretty attached in a primer I've never tried to touch it by my cuz I don't know it's just expensive and I'm scared I won't like it so oh so I just like dug into that oh my hair back good so far uh-huh hopefully this is good for dry skin a little bit moisturizing to put some up my nose putting a lot because I make a lot of primer on me that makes sense it feels moisturizing feels like a hammer primer I don't think it's not gonna matter face I'm using a new foundation finally I have a charitable foundation in fiber so this is the forever forever get it okay this is the forever skin glow to your I know they have a matte version but I want a glowy foundation I got the shade for wo and this is a 24 hour rating imperfections in caring foundation with sunscreen well I bought this online and Sephora matched me so this shade because this shade is like the French Beauty 310 which is my shade and I'm gonna use this with the nude with this Juno and cold sponge I've had

a journal and Coast punch before and I really liked it but I felt on the toilet so I didn't use it again but they sent me a new sponge it looks like a Beauty Blender that when I tried kind of look like the Penta Beauty one that was flat and pointed you know to one so that's how it pump looks I'm gonna ply on the face I feel like I shade matched really good also farted on life Oh has it fragrance smells good it has good coverage now I'm gonna put foundation underneath my eyes because the concealer that I got is actually it's not a full concealer it's a brightening pen and I thought it was a concealer and I need a lot of coverage I knew my eyes so okay it is it's so glowy there smells so good I really wanted to try like a luxury foundation for like longest time well I remember right now I always wake up my nose for my concealer I use this twice L radiant touch I thought I got the concealer one this is a brightening pen and this is in 3.5 and it's just so cool look at that okay I'm going to leave it on ending my eye for a good minute I used to use um bright forecast from

the Mac if you don't remember that that was like the brightening pen on my holy and I always had like a concealer underneath that I think this is supposed to be like that to be honest cars intentions of this foundation bomb the dry down but I still see the glow eNOS to it if you have oily skin I recommend getting the matte one let's blend I don't think it's in the car my dark circles not covered my dark circles I still see it don't see it this isn't going to show my dark circles like I should have put my concealer on before but it's like if I put my concealer on before this it would win great but I'm just gonna put him out a concealer over this one of the defense he went over it 21 has great coverage and I slowly the same color next I might also put a concealer under this so I'll put a little bit over this open to be one Nora's gonna mixed up almost it together actually really nice you see how my darks are goodbye cover now the power of n te somebody's dead setting power freeze the Kylie went to set under my eyes and I'm gonna hook them fake a little bit because I use a lot of

concealer so much so for bronzer I've never used this before this is the banana bronze bronze I missed my sisters that's why I need to use but I haven't used it before this'll be nice my foundation is totally it's totally I might have to say next movie name is blush this is a newest blush I have I didn't buy any of the new one this is the body of the blush from Kylie now let's just the way the baked perfect that's it I got this new setting spray the illuminating prime and fine cut Kat rest's I think that's how you say brand I'm not sure because my legs and this is a dewy glow fix fixing spray they say gets to the definitive I got a legitimate touch it in here and girl the spray is really nice too - sprays strong but it spreads out I don't know if you can see if I don't want sort of a camera here to make sure I get my under eyes because it looks dry that why itself by itself messed up my own eyes or sources so I'm gonna take the Daisy I shadows shade and put it underneath my waterline next I'm going to take the shade icy and put that in my inner tear duct I'm going to drag it on my lower lash line to

my last school inner tear-duct coming out I'm gonna have to fix that and it's your dad my inner lashes one of them eyelash glue dry so I won't put my spare right away so right now I'm gonna highlight I'm gonna highlight using this palette that I never used before cover sisters and this is the Kylie cosmetics wet sets palette looks like this I don't know how to use it I'm just gonna wing it I think I'm gonna take the shade when it makes the shade privacy please and unbothered I'm gonna put it right on this brush I'm just brush it up this is like my new favorite highlighting brush this is from the it's my ray-ray collection from BH Cosmetics in number five y'all guess what I forgot to do mom I forgot to do my eyebrows again to do my brows some use this out brow pencil and deep brown I think this is a darkest shade they have or I would have went darker and this was only like three but but my brows I already think so if I he's a three dollar I brought himself bitch signed me up and this is actually her a nice but I'm not used to the pointy tip because I use the

brow definer and now has like a slanted pencil but this nice pigment so I changed my camera settings on my camera and hopefully the quality is better I watched this video of a beauty guru saying how she does her lighting and her setting how she sets her camera and it was just helpful because I've been watching videos of people who aren't beauty guru who film videos and when you do makeup videos you need your settings differently and she just really helped me out hopefully it looks better let me know what I'm a little it's better let me put my scare on quick from behind mascara I'm using the last sensational Maybelline one it's this one I have I really like it it's waterproof I'm gonna use this jeffree star leo lip pencil my father my sister I never tried it I'm gonna add a little bit more eyeshadow to my lips my sister need to shy my pencil is lost from artist couture this is in the shade climax my camera battery died what I was saying was I'm gonna add a little bit more eyeshadow the same glitter eyeshadow is just right here whenever I take spray my face the eyeshadow shades get dull I've noticed so it's gonna add

up so this is a finished look I hope you guys like it let me know what you guys wanna see Max and I see my next video I'm spiritual I don't rush into it if it's too soon but I know me to get it done done done done if you come home