13 September 2018

Full Face using New Makeup

FTC Disclaimer ◇ This is not a sponsored video, sponsored or not , gifted or bought I will always give you my honest thoughts and opinions in my videos.


some people so tonight I'm gonna be sharing with you this video is actually gonna be about you making products that I am using so first thing I'm going to start off with is that I already use the Mario Badescu spray on my face so I'm just gonna go in and use my Bobbi Brown Skin and rich vitamin C moisturizer and just moisturize my skin guys this one's a riser is like so freakin happening I just love this moisturizer guys oh it's gonna be so freaking good okay so the next thing that I'm gonna be going in with is the drunk elephant the bronzy anti-pollution sunscreen serum and this is something that I got on the website where they give you light into the samples so it's my first time trying this so I'm not too sure how it's gonna come out it's supposed to give you like a bronze things under your foundation but it also supposed to be protecting you from the scientific as you can see this is so beautiful I am just loving this are loving this and what I'm going to go in next with is that I'm going to be using my white cell Eclat that's how it's pronounced primer beautiful guys so I'm going to go in

with this it's a little sample that I got off Sephora I can and not these are the samples that Sephora has at least it gives you a try to use the products before you actually go ahead and spend your official cash on it because I know a lot of us buy things on Sephora and then when we use it it actually did not work all and so but I am loving this to be honest this is something that looks so beautiful under foundation like any freaking foundation but especially for the foundation that I'm going to be going in with and that is the beauty blender foundation with this foundation I always have to try and hurt my skin with you know moisturize it because it's a drying foundation but guys dinner I love about that foundation as well is that it is so freaking like weird like it's not even funny that is so freaky night with my lips have been a little dry so I think I might go in and use some lips liquid Marvin and I'm using my Lonny inch sleep mask guys I love this this these items that I'm using some of them are actually in my they're going to be in my August favorites if not in my

August favorites then depends which with your I upload hers and guys I just love this key telling you guys my lips are so dry for some strange reason ugly it's I don't know what's going on with my body I do drink a lot of water and stuff but I'm suffering from dry lips and that's why I'm trying to keep away from wearing a foundations like Superman so anyhow the foundation I'm using will be the Beauty Blender and it's in the shade 4.40 and I'm just enough I like to do it like this I don't like to put it on the dispenser and I'm going to use just two pumps and I'm using the Beauty Blender I'm not using my new thus a fireman just use a missile the one that I have guys I so love this foundation I know that there's that big controversy with the shade range that they came all with but I'm super happy he goes up I'm super happy that I did however find my sheer I'm really happy I did Chris this foundation is like so freaking beautiful I just hope beauty blender comes out with more sheets right so I'm gonna speed this process up and finish my look at my skin like this foundation and if this I can't just simply not wear

anything I think what is giving me a clue though is this drunk elephants to him like my skin looks so glowing so anyhow I'm going in and I'm considered my under eyes with the Too Faced barn is where multi excuse me multi use cotton concealer guys this is like crack in a jar I try not to use too much because a little goes a long freaking way funny like a little girls and the whole freaking way but this is my favorite I think I might return the foundation because for me to be an oily girl like I noticed when I do lose the ear foundation my skin gets so highly that it's not even on cue so I press I get christens in my smile line I did do do a video which I might upload it shown him guys that even though I set my smile lines and then I apply the foundation I still decrease so I think I will be returning that to Sephora when I'm aware so I'm just going to go ahead and blend this out on for my under-eye but it's I freaking love this concealer like look at this blends so freakin easy like so is it enough to put some over my eyelids but this concealer I'm seeing this is

like the best concealer hands-down 620 so let us be this part of you guys not jazz I don't have any new setting powder so I'm just gonna go ahead and use my Laura Mercier booze transclusion translucent powder and just set my under eye guys this is like hands down but I've been seeing a few people use the food of beauty and they said the food of beauty and really they're saying that she stole the concept from Beauty bakery and I've seen a lot of people also rave about Beauty bakery on YouTube but I don't know I'm loving my Laura Mercier so I'm not too sure I might try a sample if I'm in Sephora but for right now probably yeah probably no leave it in my comment section if you guys would like me to try the food of beauty are the Beauty bakery now I think Jen let's just leave it to the food of beauty because if it's the same concept then and I love hoo-ee lipsticks too as well so I like to just stick in front okay and now my eyes are finished under eyes finish that you guys know I don't bake we don't like on this chase so I went off camera and I did my eyebrows it's nothing new it though so now I'm

gonna go and mp's my eyelids with the Too Faced shadow insurance anti-crease shadow primer I have had this for a whoops harmony guys and I have not worn it but I haven't used it I should say but I've had it a while so this is somehow kind of you it is telling you I don't know then the reason why I tried it once and it didn't work with that it was a bit messy you guys can see my eyes are running now she just one second guys whoops my eyes are on you so I had no idea where that Ronnie I came from now I remember why I stopped using that I shadow primer because it is so freakin messy but and you know I'm gonna be going in and use my uh Nastasia Beverly Hills not being a palette and I'll be using three shades I'll be using eccentric which is this orange shade I'll be using Pasha and then I think I might go in with summer it's not summer probably wild child so I'm gonna go off camera and just be this part up so it doesn't take up too much of the video okay [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] you alongside [Music] so the next item I will be trying is the Bobby Brown long weird gel liner this I got as a sample as well both of these are samples guys so I'm gonna be going ahead and try this and try this the other night and guys I'm a sucker and lining my eyes like I will express that to anyone I suck at lying eyes but what this liner it made it very easy for me so this process I can't talk while doing it so you guys will see how easily it glides on you [Music] [Music] so for mascara I'm using two products I'm using my Marc Jacobs mascara and my backyard benefit van I love both of these guys these two are like my favorite mascara I use the Marc Jacobs on top cuz that's just me and matches how I love to do like I don't know something about this

mascara is just heavenly guys lately I've just been so lazy to apply lashes I don't know if anyone is feeling this same exact yeah oh crap I just remembered this foundation is so freakin amazing I completely forgot I have not powdered my face so I'm gonna have to do that before I put on the bottom lash mascara like I just love this mascara it gives my eyes like so much definition like trust me I have barely two novena eyelashes so the powder that I will be using it's not new it's my makeup forever do all match them out and it's new as it is a new package but it's not new to me and I'll be just using my Real Techniques powder brush guys I love this border you guys would never see me use another powder on this channel because this powder is a this is why people okay this is my V it's white be right here but I just love this polymer this powder just gives me that beautiful this is what conceals my makeup not just making it look so a brush like I'm ready to go I'm nothing now my skin is looking oh I'm loving this so I'm going in with is my Anastasia

Beverly Hills project powder and in Ebony guys if you haven't gotten your hands on this I advise you to go ahead and I'm nothing like this look is looking long guys I'm not gonna lie my skin looks so freakin healthy like it is so freaking out I think I probably will pick up the larger size of this while I'm away but I love this and next I'm going to go in and use a highlighter that I will be using is the Becca what's this money leave backcountry sickle I have to hold on to these guys guys this these not to slip out of my eyes and try not to go to dance with it because this is a look that I am not wearing any lashes so I will be doing a video and stuff that I will be talking for my upcoming trick that I have not really looking forward to it but it is what it is nose looking like a shiny right there so I'm thinking this is good enough what do you guys think what I'm gonna apply to my lips is not new I've had it a while but I haven't used it much on my channel and that is the NARS Velvet Matte lip pencil guys if you haven't caught one of these get your hands on it

like this lip pencil seeing lives I was explaining in my August favorites not the reason why I started using this because my Mac lip liner is like it's so dry I don't know macht nichts liners are really in dry out - my lips are already dried so I just did not want that applying it it feels like my lips are dripping in part and the color that I use this one is entry and blue now so the next color that I will be applying on manage I know that I said I am trying to stray away from my lipsticks but because I already put a sleeping mask on my lip I'm gonna go in with the Stila patina my lipstick guy still has some amazing liquid lipsticks like and they don't move they don't even Bunch you guys know I'm all about mouth color so this one I try to go or not too heavy with it because it's very pigmented as you guys can see so this will be a connor that you will definitely need a lighter but once it's dried it's so freakin beautiful so beautiful so I'm gonna go off camera and come back all dressed up to my here you know my grandma used to say a look is not finished without your hair

because your hair is your beauty so I'm gonna do that and I'll be right okay and there you have it guys this is my makeup look using all the new products that I am liking some of them are sample size but so far they aren't working out so perfect one thing I have to say is that I am so in love with the drunk elephant I am seriously in love with this I can will consider into purchases it's just kept in I think this is what's giving my skin not perfect glow and I just know that guys so whether it's a sample size you'll be so surprised I stuff that you can actually use and create a look whether if it's a small item like even the primer and like I said even the bronzer is like smaller than items you can use to create a look and persuade these are the small sizes I can actually take them when I'm traveling as well let's not take up too much space in my makeup art but guys I do love this book just let me know what you guys think on in my comment section and until next time I love you and stay beautiful and save us [Music]