20 December 2018

Full Face Using My Moms Makeup

Hello You Guys and welcome back to another video. In today's video I try to do a full face makeup look using my moms makeup with a busted eyeshadow palette ...

hello my friends and welcome back

[Music] alright guys so today's video let's plant you to a full face of makeup using my mom's makeup and it's in this bag I was thinking of doing a full face but you know that's not gonna happen so basically the only thing my mom had was a blush and eye shadow from LA Colors bitch Mary Kay liking me like if your mom has this Mary Kay palette oh my god family red and bronzer palette from wet and wild finally something oh and a brush that's all she had so and I'm doing a full face with this bitch how jesus take the wheel oh and this lipstick girl doesn't even have a lid didn't have a name it's just called mocha licious something mocha licious that's all a fuckin sense bitch so pray for my lips pray for my eyes and pray for my skin I'm not ready I guess I guess to the first thing we're gonna go in it's a wet and wild bronzer color tickets and we're anyway we're gonna go ahead and get the JH o - and we're gonna go ahead with my this on our face do you see something our t-shirt girl pigmented where I'm like really

going hard on this palette how does my mom put this on when a wild color icon bronzer anyways next another time I guess next we're gonna go with the color meets blush palette and I'm going to use a brush called the darker like if you had a doctor a bitch okay we got something the thing I like about blushes I don't like blush with my face is already naturally red so girl where hey guys next we're gonna go ahead and go with the Mary Kay eye shadow palette and we're gonna go ahead and test that take me bitch what the fuck is this oh hell naw oh girl my eyes we're gonna go ahead and test the pigmentation see how pigmented it is so this mean you have a name does me have nothing okay not that bad okay we're gonna go in with the gold oh girl nevermind this shit is pigmented us fuck Mary Kay you go girl we're gonna go with like a dark blue okay let that matter and is this a blush yeah I think it's a blush mothermother man okay Mary Kay we're gonna give you a shot all right LA Colors I guess we won't need you because I'm pretty

impressed with the pigmentation on the American talent girl so we're gonna go ahead and use this little brush that it comes with it now we're gonna go ahead and use and m4 33 and we're gonna go ahead with this blue cutter because actually like this blue color yeah it's actually packed some paper guys I'm fuckin impressed this I'm pretty impressed with this palette let's see what has fall out alright guys the only thing about this eyeshadow palette it has a lot of Paulo I'm not sure you see that it's like all over my under-eye right here so the pigmentation up stays pretty good it's just a follow girl y'all need to fix that and I said now we'll all get another M for 33 and we're gonna go in with this gold color right here I guess I'm go ahead and do this I off camera and I'll be right back you guys want to know something I'm actually not mad of how the colors turned out like who looks pretty nice I just wish I could have seen what other colors team with you know because it should beat up crusty dusty and musty and I don't even know this is fucking I save because they didn't even got any

instructions or labels girl just as Mary Kay she's just throwing it out there all right guys the last item on mom's makeup list is this crusty beat-up lipstick from I don't know where the fuck is from and it's called mocha licious we're gonna go ahead and try this lick which even has a fucking hair on that shit gross I could like put a lot of pressure on this bitch do you hear that fucking plastic screaming for help first of all this lipstick feels fake as fuck does not feel comfortable and it's heavy on my lips where is the shipper and it looks fucking gross on me I like the eyeshadow the lips girl no he'll now alright guys I try to create a full face makeup lip please my mom's like that but we knew that wasn't gonna happen with this bronzer palette the color meets blush palette and then the Mary Kay palette and then this lipstick fucking hate on my lips right now I sort of got away take this off and I get a fucking acting or I get something girl I'm suing oh I can't even sue because the companies aren't on that shit alright guys so you guys enjoy today's new video

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