14 January 2019

full face using my mom's makeup!

This video was so fun to make; shoutout to my awesome mom for letting me use her products!! Thanks so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed!! Subscribe!

hey guys what's up welcome back to my

channel if we knew I'm Jane I've having an awesome day so already a half full battery so this is great I have to take an intermission during this video but today we are doing a full face of makeup using my mom's and makeup I've been lying to do this for so long and it's like 9 p.m. and I just decided why not because I'm guessing it's not gonna look good enough for me to want to go out after so word is gonna dive in some of my mom's makeup I chose for her some of it I advised against it's kind of haphazard but we're just gonna get started give this video a thumbs up if you want me to do my mom's makeup so we're gonna start with the G ball she act mean illuminating primer during one Sephora trip she got one of those like little consultations and they gave her a lot of you want she because it's expensive sorry this looks like sunscreen and it smells like flowery sunscreen very white you know what that means okay Wow so now that we look very pale and glowy we're gonna get started on foundation

and I'm going to mix two of her favorites the cosmetics CC plus cream and lights okay too dark for us but that's okay and because she when she met teasing velvet and I'm going to use V Bobby Brown full coverage face brush okay well you can't tell on camera but it's the light is too dark for me but it's okay miss I don't love this brush it's like not as dense as I would want which is makes it feel really weird try and blend a little bit more um aside on the color I like the finish of those two together the coverage is not as amazing because I would like especially the cosmetics cream I thought that was really full coverage but no matter okay we're here on my phone my camera died again I'm so sorry this keeps happening and there's only been like five minutes okay so anyway I had just finished my foundation and I'm going to going with under-eye concealer this is the L'Oreal magic lumi highlighter and illuminator oh wait then this is offer under eye I thought she likes these parents you know we're just gonna try it under the eye why not I mean it has like color and like you

know coverage like it doesn't look like just a highlighter and then for other concealer I'm gonna go in with team yards um Matt soft matte concealer which I adviced heard you get does not use it as much as she should but it's okay oh my god why is it in 2.75 okay and don't do this with your finger because it's disgusting use the back of a brush to like scoop some out onto your hand and then go in but just for this video I'm doing this my camera has started dying so quickly it's so weird I used to be able to do like a full like 15 minutes of filming without it dying and now I can't get through like 20 I'm going to take these evil she sponge and blend it out oh that made my under eyes very shiny I don't also understand the shape of this battle um she just got the Ecotools one so that's good she doesn't really use this that much the Ecotools one is it really good and this is probably way more expensive than that okay so um and see so lady but I blend it up a concealer an amendment under eyes super glowy as you can see she really likes it's probably in her purse she really likes the Bobbi Brown cream blush in

uber nude actually I have it to some to put it on we got these together and she really oh it's super beige not reviewed but I know she's a big fan I'm - is it really nice and I'm gonna take that foundation brush come blend it out and now I'm going to set with powder and I'm going to use this shoes on she prism Libra powder set that has like four powders in it a mix of all of them I guess and I'm gonna use this Norris number one brush which is so old that she gave to me when I first started doing makeup I returned to her and now she is using again and it's very old and Scratchy which is why I gave it to her but don't know why she hung onto it and sheds like crazy um okay that powder I mean it looks fine and then go too heavy with it I think it's supposed to be glowy because I look still very glowy but it's gonna plow forward another one of her you love products is the Estee Lauder bronze goddess which also told her and I'm gonna go and this on the Arbonne cheek brush I got this for her because I saw it in I believe Hills Gabriella's video or she talks about it a lot I wish the lighting reflected how it is in my

mirror because I look so much darker then it's coming up in the mirror like I'm quite orange at the moment I'm also gonna put on since we powdered bit of this prism blush from Chanel she in number one passion it's like a mix of two different ones because she has like three brushes I'm going to use the cheap wash again just mix those together it seems we're really going for a shiny sparkly look today the powders seem very like heavy on my skin now we're gonna go to eyebrows let's see I'm going to use the NYX eye and eyebrow pencil in dark brown to fill in my eyebrows and I never do it with a pencil as will become obvious I can do it on my mom because her brows and worse part than mine so I know I have like a clear guideline and I don't like go crazy but on myself I always go crazy oh yeah oh they're so bad Holland oh my very hard eyebrows okay um that I don't like that pencil at all that's a very like waxy I guess I like oily no I don't know where since the word I don't like that puzzled but it's fine now we're gonna go on to eyeshadow and first I'm gonna use this Burberry well it's this eye color contour in number 100

natural she really loves these kind of like crayons she has a lot from Laura Mercier too and like Bobbi Brown just any kind of like retractable or just color stick so I'm just gonna use this and he's kind of tap it in oh my I'm learning not over these eyebrows they look so bad and then I'm gonna go in true I want to use as much as possible so she does it that this color pop palette that I made for her during one of their BOGO now build your own palette sales of just like oh my god sorry for lying to you that's the first time that's ever happened to me actually okay which is for very basic mattes and these were used so I'm going to go into them using this pony tail brush from Laura Mercier I'm gonna go into the second one and I don't run from what the shadows are calls but I will look on my color pop history and like put them on the screen I believe it was like a kathleenlights video if like the best color pop shadows and I just chose four of the neutral ones for her well on this brush because that was cool I did very quickly okay now that the crease color is set [Applause]

I don't think we have any kind of like shader brush or like lit brush so I'm gonna go in with my finger on the inner corner into a limited edition in this clinic palette oh that's a very soft and very strong white and ideally I would do this on a brush because my fingers are way too big for this area but it's okay and I'm gonna take that white in the brow bone too and then on the lid I'm gonna go into the Maybelline blush nudes palette and I'm going to go all over the lid okay they don't have names that's cool with I think just this nice champagne e pink color yeah that seems about right just on the glue inner portion of my lid because somehow my crease color has gotten all over my eye probably due to the brush that I used that Club doesn't really have any pigment but I just goes like a little sparkle like that and then in the outer part of my eye I'm gonna Pat in this like rose raspberry color really to dig my finger in there for some pigment and just kind of well okay that one is not going to at all I'm really rubbing my finger in there and it's just not not coming out it's kind of the same just like looks sparkly but

no real color okay I'm gonna go okay I was gonna take it on the lower lash line but I don't have a brush low enough that's okay we are going to line the eyes with thee if you were gonna line the upper lash line with deep so glory smoldered coal waterproof eyeliner and cocoa beans that's nice soap and glory does good stuff I'm so bad at doing my left eye so I just put that on my upper lash line and I'm gonna go in with C oh this is so sharp and it looks like it's gonna hurt um all for Honor's are brown yeah so hard don't know what to use because I've seriously just gone through like four pound eyeliners yeah I guess we're just gonna skip it and go - oh my god don't me have any lipstick oh wait yeah I do but it's not gonna match the look that's fine I'm gonna go in with mascara I'm not gonna use for mascara because that's gross but unless she has here is the Maybelline total temptation mascara I'm just gonna go in with my own because sharing mascaras gross and then for lips this might be the PS resistance I'm going to go in with the bites mat okay I can't win drugged someone us so much mr. Matt creme lip crayon in aubergine I

honestly don't think I've ever seen you wear this color probably just like dabbed on and then blend it in would be my guess so that's what I'll do I look so good right now and shiny it's just aqua for this is the first time in like a year that I have not finished my lips and you can tell because like my above my lip is not her same color is my face thankfully because my lips are still like hydrated from the aqua for this product will like bend not bent like move and wiggle a lot better okay I just dabbed that on no settings for a that completes this video sorry was kind of weird and random and resulted in you're quite harsh um it was fun to go through my mom's products there's anything that I really love I could like this lip color but this was like very blotted out oh I like that soap & Glory on liner that was nice and not like the brows the br√łndums okay I don't know as I remember and because it's a huge pan and it's a Lauder it's expensive and I think my Rimmel natural bronzer looks like the same I kinda like that blush JLo or that blush thing not the cream powder blush but it was also

overpriced the eyes when I tried to implement the pink they're still just like a sparkly taupe which I don't love but the color pop were not nicely I think it was all because of that Burberry crayon so that completes this video I really hope you enjoyed comment down below anything you would like I love you so so so much and I'll see you next time [Music] [Music]