14 January 2019


Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel! Today I got creative and I decided to get out of my comfort zone. This makeup look turned out so cool and sexy I ...


hello beautiful people welcome back to my channel this is the makeup look that I created today I am so excited with how it came out I tried many many new products or at least new for me some of them really really surprised me some of them in a good way some of them in a kind of way but everything turned out amazing at least in my opinion if you do like this please keep on watching to find out how I achieved it and what items I used to do it i'ma start with my foundation today I usually don't wear a primer but I do hydrate my face with a hydrating day cream today I'm gonna use the Revlon Colorstay foundation for normal to dry skin it's in shade 180 is the first time I'm trying this foundation I'm going curious to see how it performs it's supposed to stay on your face for at least 24 hours in the same condition as the first time so I am very curious about it so the consistency is very liquidy so I'm not sure about how the coverage is going to be but August I guess we'll give it a try okay so that didn't know much I'm just gonna put it straight on my brush and hope for better results

gives me the impression that keep on moving around like it doesn't set in my mirror from far away it looks good but when I look closer it looks a little bit diems I'm not really sure how this is supposed to say for 24 hours on your face it doesn't look set at all I'm sure if I put my hand right now my face would not have a fingerprint the finishes looks okay no I think it's better to apply it with a Beauty Blender I'm gonna try it one more time and do that maybe I'm gonna like it for concealer I'm going to use their Maybelline concealer in shade ivory so just a little bit underneath my eyes I'm gonna blend this with a smaller brush it's called flawless concealer brush from ELF I'm gonna set this foundation usually I don't set my foundations I know format Foundation and then I just apply contouring and bronzer and blush and everything else I don't set it because I don't like my face to feel so heavy but with this foundation looking so DUII I'm afraid is not gonna space so I'm using for the first time again the Rimmel London stay matte powder right here

it's a mattifying powder and it's in color silky Paige double zero 5 the powder looks really good it made everything look flawless and smooth much better than without it makes me very happy with it I'm not so excited about the foundation though alright so before I go ahead and do my bronzer contouring highlight and everything else I'm just gonna zoom you guys in and start with the eye look that I'm gonna go for okay so for my transition shade I'm gonna use a bronzer color from this makeup revolution London palette right here I'm gonna do that with a blending brush from morphe the n44 one brush and I'm just gonna apply it in my crease as a transition shade I'm going for a very cool I look today with a purple eyeliner [Music] oh I'm not gonna do anything crazy in the prism on the attention to go to the eyeliner now with a flat brush I'm taking the lightest powder color from this contouring palette and I'm just gonna apply it all over the lid can you bring that one more time now I'm gonna use this eyeshadow for male ones I hope I'm pronouncing this correctly it's

the first time I'm using spread I just watched the color and it's washed really nice and it was one year oh I'm saying yours because I live in Spain this was one euro which is insane so I'm very curious to see how it performs on the eye but it's very very powdery and then I'm tilting my head back so I have enough space to work with the crease okay it's not super pigmented as I thought it was it would be but it blends it blends out very nice especially for the price I mean one euro which by the way that equals to one American dollar which is yes anomaly go ahead and do my eyeliner with the Rimmel London wonder swipe 21 liner it's in color purple glittery purple I did open it yesterday to swatch it on my hand because I was too excited that it looks like this and that's how its watches okay it's very purple it has that spongy tip is not really flexible I honestly prefer the soft ones or a brush I feel it's much easier to apply the eyeliner actually really like this eyeliner it's a little bit hard to apply because of the thick but that's just for me to personal taste some girls might find it very comfortable and very useful

I'm still gonna wear it and use it at the end though because I really really like the color it's very pigmented it dried really fast and driving this glittery purple blue color I'm actually pretty excited about it I like how it came out I just realized that I didn't do my eyebrows so that's what I'm gonna do now my name is the NYX decision brow pencil and color black I love this pencil it's very affordable it does a perfect job for my type of eyebrows and for what I'm looking for I like my eye muscles would be very natural so a pencil is just perfect for me to draw the strokes that I need okay so eyebrows alright then I'm just gonna continue with the makeup for the eyes okay so now I'm gonna use the highlighter shade from this makeup revolution palette to put underneath my brows with a detail brush I'm just gonna apply it underneath my brow now I'm going to apply mascara I'm not gonna do anything on the lower lash line for this makeup look I'm just gonna apply mascara and I'm gonna see if I need to do anything else from there by the way I wanted to tell you guys that the foundation now that it's set in and it

had time to warm up with my face it looks ten times better than it looked in the beginning I might actually start to like it I don't know if it's the foundation or the powder but everything just looks very very nice now very smooth it's not clinging anywhere it's just I actually really like it now maybe it made it just a little bit of time to warm up with my face and I don't know what happens but now it looks good okay I'm done with this I'm gonna do the other one off-camera I'm gonna apply some false lashes and I'm gonna be right back to continue with the face okay so this is how the eyes look with the eyelashes and the eyeliner and the other eye done I used the demi wispies from ardell I love this eyelashes they're a little bit dramatic and that's what I mean for this look especially because I don't want to put anything on my lower lash line so it eats that feel line kind of an eye look like that I really like it just to accentuate the eye a little bit more I'm gonna apply a black eyeliner in my upper waterline this is a new one it's from gosh so it's in color carbon black it's really really black and

it's a very creamy texture talk about pigmentation this eyeliner is black all the attention to my eyes people the eyes tickle in your life okay now I'm going to do the contouring and highlighting of my face I'm gonna use them makeup revolution palette that looks like this so first I'm gonna deep into these two colors for the contour of my face the palette is very very very powdery I noticed that since I did my eye shadow so let's see I'm tapping the excess on the back of my hand so that I don't have too much product at one time it's like that way it's much easier to blend in and then you can build it up to whatever color you want to reach I think it blends out really nicely although it's very powdery it blends up really nice but then I have to keep in mind that I do have a face powder on and that makes it really smooth and easy to blend everything on top usually I don't do that so I'm very curious how it performs on top of a matte foundation [Music] this palette is around nine bucks and I think for that it performs absolutely beautiful now for blush I'm gonna use the same brand melons like I used that

purpley brownie eyeshadow it looks like this they have a bronzing shade a face powder shade a highlighter and two blushes one is matte and one is shimmery I'm gonna go with the matte one today although the shimmery one looks like a better color mm-hmm I'm gonna go that she wanted and I'm gonna use another blush brush from ELF wow that's a hot color coming up I'm a little bit scared to put that on my face okay it's very pigmented this palette was like three dollars that's insane and then smile a little bit and they'll take off the excess and blend the product in you guys my foundation looks amazing I don't know what happened but it's really strange that in the beginning it looked like not horrible but it didn't look good and now all of a sudden my face looks incredible what is going on okay I'm gonna be very very blushy today okay so for highlighter I'm using the same palette from makeup revolution nice oh my god I love it boom boom beautiful I love it a little bit on my forehead just above my eyebrows on the team and down my nose I'm gonna use my finger okay so I just

put a little bit of foundation on my on my lip because I want to try this lipstick right here I don't have a batch level basic and when you lift or should I go with this color oh it's like it's calling my name I'll I'll destroy it it's supposed to be it's from Bronx it's the first time I've ever heard about this brand glossy kryptonite metallic and it's a glossy lip cream and the color is there is no color mentioned on it but it's rebel rebel it's a different purple in my eyeliner but you know let's just give it a try um so it has a basic applicator see how this goes the back that's how I feel about slip sick I have love and hate feelings for this lipstick I love the application it's way out of my comfort zone let's just put it like that's the hate part like I'm looking at myself in the mirror and it's like beautiful when I go to do grocery shopping with this lipstick definitely not what I go to a party with this lipstick well I might consider it so I think it goes really good with this look with the eye log and the face it just works I might be interested in creating

other looks with it so I guess all-in-one I like it so family's just I like it it's very different very unlike me and what I would usually do but thumbs up for this lipstick and I'm really happy with everything came out I hope you guys like liked this video too if you do please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel leave me a comment down below with questions tell me which one of the products you liked the most and if you're gonna try it out and I'm gonna be down there answering your questions please follow me on social media as well everything is linked in the description all the products that I use you can find everything over there thanks again for watching I hope you're gonna have a great day bye