20 December 2018

Full Face Using Charlotte Tilbury Makeup | Simple Smokey eye| Nude Lips | GRWM

Hi Guys I wanted to share some tips on Charlotte Tilbury Makeup, I have used Charlotte Tilbury make up for about 3/4 years now, and with the line growing there ...

hi guys welcome to another video and

today as the title suggests I'm going to be doing a full face of Charlotte Tilbury makeup I have you Charlotte with me for a couple years now but some of the things I'm trying other news so I thought you know you and I could try them out together and sort of kind of do like what I think have a video and makeup so to start off with I have nothing on my face I just washed it so you can see all my patchiness but you know it's good we still have this so I don't actually have a full-size of it so I'm a little sample of it I'm gonna try that out this is Charlotte's magic cream all over my face you start off by putting on a little bit if I feel like I need to add more on now that was like one of the things I'm trying out for the first time this is something that I I want to do I've used for a while and I do recommend it this is the brightness glow I'm kind of between a seven and an eight it's a little bit too dark it sounds a little bit too light but I'm kind of hoping I could like like the two out and go with it to blend it I'm gonna use this brush which I absolutely adore which is a von Braun full coverage face brush I've

taken wonderful and I've taken the foundation when I mix the two together and I like to play about on my face wonder blow is designed to give you as the name suggests like a really nice glow and don't worry guys if my foundation is looking a little bit pale right now it's okay because the powder that my user was sold was a little bit darker than my skin but so when I use this foundation and that powder on top it balances out quite nicely which is not something I'd recommend you do but if you're giving this in the situation where someone gives you their own color accidentally you need a balance it out you've got like a lighter foundation or something at home [Music] I don't be very much like a little bit goes a long way and this and I don't like I find the tip of this quite hard so I don't like to use straight from the tip I like to blend it out I'll apply it like this it'll look like patchy and then I'll use my finger press that in and there we go so it's nothing it's not full coverage or anything like that it does kind of give you a little bit of

concealing I need to have special for traveling looking right along I'm gonna do my eyebrows and I don't have anything I don't have a Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow pencil so what I'm gonna attempt to do is in this eyes palette that I had bought it and if you saw my Instagram not but I've recently bought just like looking at palette thing she does is like number two and three which are eyeshadow colors I'm gonna try to blend the two to do my eyebrows to do that I'm gonna use a bobby brown brush I definer and I'm first gonna dip into the enhance which seems like it might be a little bit light and then define with that and then if I need a little bit more color I'm gonna go in [Music] [Music] and I'm just gonna sort of work some of that product oh and it doesn't have to be perfectly defined because it's a very soft it's a very soft to look I think I'm gonna go for the other side okay and there we go those are my eyebrows so let's move right along I'm gonna do my eyeshadow next so I'm gonna take a large eyeshadow brush luxe crease brush by Real Techniques I'm gonna go into this

palette now I'm gonna it's numbered let's be one two three I'm gonna go into number one which is saying define and I'm gonna take that use the large fluffy brush dip this into the eyeshadow press it all in tap off any excess so it doesn't fall on my face I'm gonna take not underneath my eyebrow it's like quite shimmery right now but I think when I take the other color it will blend oh I'm gonna use the same brush and I'm gonna go into the number two color I like that now for my bottom lash line I'm just gonna take that along my lash line my blender [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] since my eye shadow for me it's very soft smoke I'm gonna take the feline flick liquid eyeliner and I'm gonna just give myself a nice chunky liner but I'm almost dotting it along my lash line [Music] there we go I'm turning out I just want to brighten my under-eye a little bit more bronzer just below your cheekbone

think about a bronzer anywhere the Sun would naturally hit use if the Sun's facing you from right above where are you gonna get shadow that's kind of where you go okay then for number seven she's got highlight I'm just gonna take my Sigma f 64 brush dip the tip into the highlight and then I'm just gonna want to highlight the tops of my cheekbones [Music] [Music] take a blush brush go into number five which is called cheek and that's actually gonna go on your cheek so take it and press it in first then take the same brush I'm gonna go into number six which is labeled talk which is gonna be a pop of color now because for me I'm like a number seven this isn't really a pop for me it's more of like a natural sort of color so it works really well for today's look it's gonna be absolutely beautiful it's enough of a pop that you can get a blush but it's like if you're and I'd say if you're a mole number six and up this isn't gonna be a it's gonna be more of your own natural kind of blush but then it works really well because that's kind of the look I'm going for I want like an

unnatural kind of to the other side I'm gonna go legendary mascara so I'm gonna try the full fat lashes which I'm not trying before so I'll give you I'll let you know and also if you've tried your legendary one let me know I I do kind of want to try it is that what it's called I don't even know this one is a full fat one it seems to glide on quite nicely it just kind of goes and it doesn't feel like it's really doesn't feel overly liquidy so it feels like you know I feel like I can build on this like without it making a mess and going everywhere it feels like there's not a lot of product on the brush but so definitely is because I'm applying it I can see the difference I'm getting gonna jump to the bottom lashes and there we go that's my mascara okay to finish this look up we're gonna take a bit of lip color but before I do the lip color I want to take a bit of the powder and like I said I'm gonna warm this up because as you can tell here it's not looking quite so well and I want this to last longer and I have an oily skin so to make your skin you set everything so I'm taking her airbrush cold yeah airbrush flawless finish in

number three I'm more of a number two but like I mentioned earlier sold in one color I'm just using this fat brush powder brush by Bobbi Brown and I'm just going to add that definitely everywhere where I get shiny no forehead and my t-zone quite licking my face and let's finish it with a bit of lipstick and I'm gonna use this is in their kissing range or kissing lipstick range it's called nude Kate I don't know if I don't like it don't worry about it I will be linking everything I use down below some of this stuff was bought in a set so the colors were kind of prefixed and I didn't really get a chance some of them are gifted to me so you know when someone gives you something thank you please comment down below let me know what you think if you like this give me a thumbs up you want to follow me along for more makeup videos and DIY and all the bits that I do subscribe button down below and until next time I'll see you guys all later [Music]