20 December 2018


Hey guys, it's Victoria! In this video, I use all Wet N Wild Beauty Products to create an affordable holiday makeup look! These products were so good and they're ...

hey guys it's Victoria welcome back to

my channel in today's video I'm going to be using all wet and wild products to create a portable and inexpensive makeup look for all of you guys I think it's perfect for the holidays and winter the most expensive product that I'm using is $6.99 and let's get started so I'm going to start out with my face cuz they're gonna do a full face using these wet and wild products going to start out by using the Wet n Wild photo focus foundation and I'm in the shade soft ivory oh it's like that's so weird like a little scraper spatula thing okay well I'm just going to apply it with this it's like a metal stick in here I've never seen that before I'm just blending this out so the shiny camera is only 649 where I got it so it's super inexpensive definitely the most expensive foundation of ever used and it does work really it does work pretty nicely it's like it feels pretty light on my skin I'm using the photo focus concealer and again this is the shade light ivory like matches this isn't gonna be very brightening on me because it's kind of a little dark yeah I think this was the lightest one that I could find them pretty good though so

the concealer does cover pretty good actually probably could have used a lighter one but it's not too dark it just kind of matches my foundation color now for brows I'm going to be using the Wet n Wild brow pencil looks like this it's double ended so you have the pencil and the spoolie and this is in the shade Burnett to do it better so I'm just going to fill in my brows with this pencil is really creamy so that's kind of nice so I'm not I don't suppress super hard with this pencil to draw them off or to fill in my brows and I'm just going to use some concealer clean these up a little bit now I'm using the wet and wild contouring palette my tea is the lighter shade to set kind of as my powder and then obviously the contour shade to contour I'm using this yellow powder and just setting under my eyes and anywhere that I want my face to be highlighted in the contour shade and I'm just going to contour the rest of my face with this so now I'm going to move on to the eyes no I'm using the nude awakening eyeshadow palette it's super pretty such a great fall and winter shade perfect for the holidays you've got some mats and some

more shimmery shades I'm going into this light matte shade and just applying this all over my lids now I'm going into this transition shape but even specifically says transitional and I'm going to apply this into my crease into this matte burgundy shade and I'm also applying this into my crease and is now I'm going to go into the darker matte transition shade and apply that to my outer corners and into my crease these options are actually pretty pigmented I'm pretty impressed this probably $6.99 so once again and inexpensive eye palette and really nice quality to actually also go in with a little bit of this black even though has some shimmer in it and I'm going to add this to my outer corners and then I'm going back in with my concealer and I'm just going to cut my crease but I'm cutting from the inner part about halfway on my lids in with a flat eyeshadow brush and I'm going into the matte burgundy shade I'm just going to apply this on to where we just put on some concealer there really soften that edge so that it looks blended into the inner quarter part of my lids I am applying this Cherie Shay

I'm just popping that right there now we're going in with this single glitter eyeshadow in the shade brass from wet and wild as well obviously and I'm using a brush and she just picking up some of this product and it kind of comes up as a loose glitter which I don't know if it'll focus but it comes up as a loose glitter I just wet my brush a little bit just so I could pick up a little bit more glitter at one time and I'm just tapping this on to the inner corner to basically maybe apply that concealer earlier there's tapping it and then for my lower lash line I'm going in to the burgundy again and just applying this to my lower lash line well I get to go back into this light shimmery color and I'm going to apply this to my inner corners also to my Bravo now I'm using the wet and wild h2o proof liquid eyeliner oh this was a felt tip it's not it doesn't move it just stays like that so now I'm just going to apply a pair of lashes so now for blush I'm using this balloon time highlighter but it's a pink shade so I'm just gonna be using this as my blush I thought it was just so so pretty and for highlighter using this I'm so lit loose highlighting powder so

I'm just using this in the cap because there's so much in here and I don't know how people said this is gonna be so okay there's this nice really nice highlighter oh my gosh if you guys haven't noticed highlighter just like when highlighters are super pigmented it like makes the look great such a nice highlighter I'm supplies I'm here like a really close dupe for Kylee highlighters this was actually at least $6.99 amazing there's a ton of product in here this will last you so long I mean okay you need this in your life so to finish this look I am using the wet and wild secret news lipstick and this is kind of just a dark like a deep nude lipstick shade so it was a really nice shade super creamy not matte it does have a little bit of shine to it so this is the finished look that's it for today's video I hope you guys liked it if you did be sure to LIKE comment share and subscribe hit the bell button when you subscribe it's right next to it to turn on post notifications it's you're notified when I upload every single new video I upload a new video every week so be sure to go check out

last week's video really liked all these products the most expensive products on all these was $6.99 so these products are super affordable you can find them pretty much any drugstore Ulta those kinds places and they are pretty nice quality especially for the price super impressed by highlighter and I even I'm loving this glitter I'll have all of the products that I used in today's video a listed down below in the description so you guys can also find me on Instagram snapchat and Facebook at Victoria Costanza and on Twitter at Invictus Dan's I will see you guys in my next video thanks for watching bye