14 January 2019


Hey Everyone!!! Today I have a full face of project pan makeup. There's new & old products and I'm almost done with them as well. Hope you enjoy!

hey everyone welcome back to my channel

today I have a full face of project pan makeup so I'm just using all the products from my project pan to create this look if you guys want to see how I did it then continue what so I'm gonna go in with my stellar Beauty foundation and just apply that on my face part of this is gonna be a voiceover because you guys know I like to concentrate [Music] [Music] when I also wear this foundation I get a lot of compliments from people especially my sister like she always asked me what foundation I'm wearing and I always start this stellar I wrote it makes my skin really glowy makes it look natural it actually works also okay so now I just set my face my concealer my foundation don't mind the bump right here I'll conceal it and do my eyeshadow and you won't even tell it's there but I want to go in with bronzer I wanted to tell you guys I do my face so out of order but yeah whatever I'm gonna go in with my NYC bronzer looks like [Music] [Music] I used to be so intimidated but when I

would wear this bronzer because of the color range like you see here three different colors but one to mix all of them together it gives you such a natural oh my god it's starting to rain I could see it through the window what the ok I'm moving on now to finish off the face and the base I'm gonna go in with my off blush but I used it as a highlighter it's in the shade steak I always use this eyeliner it's the best [Music] [Music] okay so now I'm going in with my ELF concealer and I'm just gonna prime my eyelids let my face bake in the meantime [Music] [Music] okay so now I'm gonna blend my consider with my finger and then I'm going in with this powdery here just [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so now that my eyes are set with my powder I'm gonna go in with this shade

right here just as a transition I'm gonna do a simple look [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now I'm going in with this shade right here I'm pretty gonna use this shade right here and I'm just applying it on [Music] so I'm gonna try my best to do my eyeliner I haven't done it in a while so I'm gonna go in with my tattoo liner from Kat Von D and hopefully do it I'm scared [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I can take a deep breath and say I do my eyeliner look that's s yes yes and it took less than five minutes oh my god I'm liking this eyeliner I've never tried alright so now I'm going in with this pink shade right here and I'm running it under the lower lash line [Music] alright so now I'm going in with this

black and so and I'm just reading it [Music] okay I'm gonna highlight my inner corner and my Bravo just bring some glow and finalize that I look [Music] [Music] before I actually apply my lip gloss and my lip products I'm gonna go in and set my face with this Maybelline fest master fix spray and I'm just gonna send [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so this is the final look for you all I hope you guys enjoyed my video and my project and as you can see I am using a lot of things and they are actually coming to an end which see kind of exciting because I'll be trying out other products but kind of sad because I'm so used to them anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'll see you in my next one [Music]