14 January 2019


Hey guys! In today's video I can finally make a full face of new makeup! I'm so excited to share with you what I have. Watch until the end to get a full recap of my ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel in

today's video since I finally have enough makeup to to a full face of a new makeup that's what I'm going to do today so first thing I'm going to do is take the wet and wild photo focus foundation in the shade third 360 C or porcelain because yeah so first impressions it seems really like watery not in a bad way it just seems kind of liquidy and not as thick as some of my other stuff which is fine like everyone said it smells like paint I mean it's not I've seen people that said it's like the worst thing ever but it doesn't really bother it's at the store right now getting a birthday card for the birthday boy okay I think that should be enough that's probably way too much but whatever so it comes with one fluid ounce like most foundations and it does have that little spatula like you saw so far it's nice I mean I could have gone a little darker with the foundation but but it is blending out really nicely I like the foundations that I have now but I'm just kind of getting sick of them because I've had them forever but this one I think sad to say but I think it matches pretty well blending it out

wise it isn't drying or anything like it's not hard to blend it's really easy so then next I also got the recommendation from Talkies channel which is the Catrice liquid camouflage high coverage concealer and it lasts 12 hours and I got that in the shade like natural which probably won't be much of like a highlight on me just some extra coverage on my skin it has like a scent to it like it just smells like a clean baby wipe like the fresh scent baby wipes if that makes sense I don't know so I am gonna go ahead I probably should have waited and like done a little bit at a time just because you never know how drying things are and I don't remember what she said about drying time for this but too late now so far I like the formula um I don't remember how much it was it was pretty cheap so the photo focus foundation was obviously really cheap but I think most people know quite a bit about that already so hmm hey Sherman yeah I literally like this better than some of my high-end stuff this is crazy Oh magnetic okay so now I'm gonna try to cover up the sit again and if it doesn't

work then you know it's probably just gonna have to stay there good enough I'm just gonna go in and spritz with the NYX matte finish setting spray just to kind of like get everything locked in place just gonna pounce at back in next I'm using the Loreal infallible Pro glow powder foundation in the shade classic ivory and it says it's medium coverage and I know I just sprayed with a matte setting spray don't judge me I'm not claiming to be a beauty guru I just like makeup so there is like glitter in it but it's not picking up on my suit skin maybe it is I don't know maybe it's just making me look glowy Nate's home by the way hello if you hear the garage door that I feel like that added a nice nice shame because I'm normally I mean I have dry ish skin in the morning if this will make any sense I don't know we'll see so I have dry skin in the morning but then towards like afternoon I'm like an oil slick so I have combos combo skin I don't know if anyone else has that problem I feel like everyone else is like I'm dry or I'm super oily but I'm literally built okay so done with

setting powder you know I really don't understand because James Charles says like setting powder yeah James Charles says like setting powders his favorite part and he looks so good doing it and then there's some me who just looks like a dusty mess okay so I did my brows I have the Kat Von D shade + light contour kit use my morphe m5a1 brush and well first we're gonna go in with the like peachy shade we're gonna mix the peachy shade and a banana powder I don't know it's more like a pinky tone to yellow and then peach shade we're gonna mix all three and just Pat it under the eye ooh it looks good I feel like I'm gonna mix these two shades and see where we are and then if I need to deepen it I can but I'm I'm trying not to go for too crazy of a look today because I do have to be around people and talk to them and so I don't want to look too crazy so it'll be more of like a natural just like bronzing I feel like but I don't know sometimes I get carried away so we'll see do the same thing on the other side type off the excess I'm just gonna do the lighter shade on my forehead because otherwise I get really carried away in do the same

thing on the other half of my face sorry my foreheads kind of cut out but I really like this mixture how all of them are blending together it looks really nice next I'm going to be using the Tarte what is it called again passport to paradise I believe it comes in this little like kit so it comes with a liner eye mascara lip paint lip paint yellow pink a blush and eye shadow palette I'm going to be using the blush and it's in the shade Ohana obviously cuz it matches the theme and 105 probably go overboard with the blush like always but it is the first thing to fade so that's okay next I'm going to blend it all out with a big fluffy brush just so it's not so harsh okay so my makeup brushes are you ready as always so just bear in mind first I'm going to dip in shade Mambo that's the color of it I don't know shade Mambo which is right here and we're going to dust it all over which so far my makeup I really am loving how everything's turning out I'm so glad I got new makeup because it's been years we're gonna take the shade back flip which is right here and I'm gonna dust that in my crease

it doesn't seem to have a ton of fallout at all which is good it's blending like butter I feel like I'm just having a lucky day with everything normally something goes wrong so since we're not done yet something will go wrong we're just gonna kind of layer it so next I'm going to do the shades 7 wonders and bottom left dish and we're gonna focus that on the outer half my right eye is always easier than my left eye a know if anyone else has that problem same thing on the other side we're gonna take the shade floaty which is right here and we're gonna take a smaller fluffy natural hair brush from morphe which is four three three and we're going to just Pat that on the outer V I apologize for all the wayward facial expressions that I make it just kind of happens other side so we're gonna do the shade lifeguard which is top right right here it's coming up more as just like I don't know it's not a really super pink but it's still pretty it just looks a little different than in the pan am i try to do destination under my lash that looks kind of pretty

I love it except for the fact that my eye is watering terribly okay so I'm done with my lashes and eyeliner my I will literally will not stop water falling and so it's ruining my makeup but we're just gonna have to live with it right so I'm gonna take that Milani lip pencil in the color nude I'm going to take the Tarte lip paint in the shade serenity so I thought I would do kind of like a recap of the products that I use today so you can kind of check in so it's been about five hours I'd say since I applied everything but I'm just gonna go through and say my thoughts on everything after wearing it for a few hours um so first was the wet-and-wild photo focus foundation I literally am obsessed with it like it's the foundation that has creased the less the least on me compared to every other foundation I have and all of my other foundations are high-end so and then next is the Catrice liquid camouflage high coverage concealer it was the best thing that I've ever tried also I honestly think I like it better than Turks rape tape have the L'Oreal infallible Pro glow didn't think I was gonna like that that much I

like it better than the powder that I'm using now um yeah it's crazy it's the shade and light contour kit from Kat Von D which looks like this definitely like that I honestly like it better than my honest Asya contour kit but that one is getting a little old so next is my liquid lip which I don't remember I don't remember if I said this in the video earlier but it says it's they're like lip paint but it's definitely more of like a gloss then a lip stain but I like it a lot it it feels a little drying but that could also be the lip pencil that I put on under it which was the Milani one and I really like that a lot too it did seem to fade pretty quickly but that's again because this is a gloss and yeah and then the tart blush in the shade Ohana I really like that obviously you can tell that it faded quite a bit but that's obviously gonna happen with five hours of wear and then we have the tart I don't know if this is called the passport to paradise or paradise as a state of mind I shadow palette like if you were just to buy it on its own I didn't have any problems applying it it blended out super easily the only

problem I have is that my eyes been watering all freaking day and so it did make like some of my eyeshadow come off but that's obviously because my I wouldn't stop watering I really enjoyed it blend it out super easily and their stuff was pretty pigmented so no complaints there and then lastly was the NYX setting spray and I like about a lot to my didn't seem to have any problems with it it seems like my drugstore stuff kind of did better thought I'd come in and show you guys like what my face is looking like at the moment there is like still a little bit of eyeshadow missing right in the inner corner because my eye won't stop watering and every time I try to touch it up Atwater's again so I'm just leaving it as is but yeah so this is what my face looks like yeah I hope this helped if you guys were thinking of getting any of these products I know when I watch like more professional youtubers and stuff it can be hard not necessarily to trust them but to know since a lot of them do get paid for things which doesn't mean they're doing things for the wrong reasons but just so that way like you have a smaller youtubers opinion and

yeah so if you wanted to get any of these products I definitely 100% recommend every single one of them they all work fantastically and I think they all work really well together also I'm not just individually but all together so yeah thanks so much for watching and I'll see you guys in the next one bye [Music]