25 November 2018


Leave a like for Today I went into a Morphe makeup store for the first time and got wanted to challenge myself to do a full face of makeup with under $50!

hey guys it's Haley welcome back to my

channel today I went into morphe and I wanted to challenge myself and see if I can find a full face of makeup in under $50 if you haven't heard of morphine it's kind of in-between drugstore and professional but if I know more on the professional side but they have really good prices so I wanted to go into the store that just opened up next to me and look around see what they have and see if I find a full face of makeup in under $50 this is all the stuff that I got from morphe I didn't want to buy a full face and makeup just because I don't like having a bunch of excessive makeup I just like to have what I need and then if I you know want to try something out I will go out and buy it so I got things I want to try some more feet but I will be listing the other products to make it a full face of makeup from morphe and these are things that you can buy in store and it will stay under that $50 budget if this video is interesting make sure to check out the rest of my channel because I did post more content like this and would like to post more in the future and without further ado let's get into the video I got these products here and I'm actually really excited about

all this stuff this store is brand new so I went in there and I toured it and they just had so much cool stuff they actually had the James Charles palette and I was like oh hell yeah oh my arm and it was very exciting so first things first I did successfully find a full face of makeup in under $50 but I do have a few things to say about that more be cosmetics does not have a foundation concealer or mascaras these are that you will need to purchase separately they also do not have powders so that's what I'm going to be supplementing it with my own makeup thank you every day so I kind of know that I would like the products I'll kind of be giving you guys a little review of these products as well but it's kind of gonna be like is it worth your money you know so the first thing that I got from morphe it was this cute little eyeshadow palette it is c3 be pure nude and it's a mini eyeshadow palette honestly is a pretty small one it has three different shadows I think in their haul like this is my first time opening everything on camera so this is kind of like a first impressions cute it's very well packaged it's really easy to open comes with

three different shades it comes with kind of natural Velvets and TPU they're all very neutral toned and you know very natural so it's not gonna be like big heavy makeup unless you want to do something with the Duke Q which is darkness shade but it kind of looks like there's very natural shades in here so it could be perfect for it everything looks I also thought this would be perfect for like if you're traveling because it has all the shades that you need and you know you can darken it or you can just use the lighter shades you know there's a lot of versatility with this [Music] that's just really nice they all kind of compliment each other three and yes that is a TI shadow pellet that you can get the price on this one was six dollars so this is actually a very inexpensive eyeshadow palette from the pigmentation I honestly am really excited to try this out the next thing i got was the morphe I shadow primer I got this one because it was actually on sale so when you buy an eyeshadow palette which does work with the $6 palettes you get high primer for five dollars so that's actually a

really good price so I'm kind of excited to try this I'm excited to open it up yes I was very neutral and I feel like even though it kind of looks tinted it doesn't necessarily kind of blends out but then again I'm not sure how it would look for somebody that's more tan or more pale than me as you know obviously I'm not going to talk on deeper skin to look at me I'm whitest book but I'm excited for this as well i shock timer was five books the next thing I got was I got a lip pencil the reason I got a lip pencil is because these are only as three dollars that is so inexpensive I got it in this kit natural shade is called sweetie there's actually a lot of darker and I thought it would be that's just something I want to point out like you should really try and swatch these if you're in store as you can tell the actual pencil is darker than the BA and I really don't like that because I thought this would be a little bit more natural but it's not really dark in color so I don't know how I'll be able to use this but we'll just have to see when we actually try it on so this was three dollars the next thing I got is I got the brow cream in the color

Java I like to keep my eyebrows darker because I always had very light eyebrows and I like having the appearance of real eyebrows it's kind of just like a regular like brow pomade I'm just kind of interested to see how creamy it is if it stays on if it's a competitor like the anastacio stiff brows which is like really good this one is six dollars and the last thing that I got from morphe is I got a mini bronzers so they have one miniature bronzer and it's in the color debutant I thought this was just such a cute shade it looks really pretty really natural at least from my light skin tone obviously it's not gonna work for everybody but I thought this would be really good it is a matte bronzer so it could be similar to the bronzer which I do have right here just looking at that this one does look a tiny bit warmer but I don't know there's pretty similar honestly really excited about this it was six bucks okay so along with all of the stuff that I did purchase today I did do some research online to figure out what I could supplement that morphe has to finish my full face of makeup morphe has a mini highlighter for about

$7 they're kind of similar to but honestly these seem pretty full size and for the prices I think it's a pretty good deal they also had a mini flush and that one was six dollars or so it's kind of similar to the whole miniature style but they are very a little compact like this and I actually really like the packaging it's very easy to open and close these and I feel like it's pretty secure like I'm not worried that's gonna fall all over the place you could also buy a lipstick for nine dollars so I ended up not buying the lipstick because I already have a bunch of lipsticks and I usually keep like the natural you know pink shades and I already pretty much have a range of colors I'm fabulous I didn't buy the lipsticks that they are nine dollars you could also get an eyeliner pencil I think it is really similar to the lip pencils and plus they are only three dollars they have a bunch of different colors so that one is a good deal so I don't really use a pencil eyeliner that often but it's some if it is something that is stapling your routine there's a pretty affordable one so those are three dollars if you think I'm forgetting something please let me

know down below but I thought that's pretty much rounded out the full face of makeup at least for the general makeup obviously they didn't have foundation they didn't have that stuff so just basically stuff you can use to complete the look let's add everything up I did five plus six dollars six dollars plus three dollars six dollars plus seven dollars dollars plus nine dollars plus three dollars and so my total is fifty one dollars so here's what's actually really cool you can get all of these products online and then when you order online and your first purchase or a 10% off so even though it is fifty one dollars with that 10% coupon it will actually be $45.90 it is actually at five dollars below our absolute limit on price today and that's pretty exciting okay guys that is all for today's video if you liked it make sure to leave a thumbs up and check out the rest of my channel I post videos like this I am going to be doing a demo and basically a part two in my next video which will come out next Sunday so if you want to see me try out all these products and give you a true review then make sure to stay tuned for

that video anyways guys [Music] [Music]