13 January 2019


Heyo!! This was so hard.

hey everyone I'm jasmine welcome back to

me to channel today I am a park that's my shadow and if you're wondering my god a shadow farm I will be showing you so I have some brushes here I will be using this for highlighter this for anything I need it for and this for blush and then [Music] my birthday guys yes my birthday's coming out I'm turning 13 oh I got this you're probably like what is that um is morphe brushes that I have for is I think gold morphe brushes we here we have this angled brush it just says morphe on it then we have this super tiny brush we have this eyeliner you talked about this one we have this brush has a pink on it chitty-chitty on it this brush that i was just using really cool have this brush that has some eyeshadow brush that has some ring light on and then this one that i already showed that one has skip on it so you're wondering what am I saying well there's something that I also got for my birthday the yes I got the powder guys oh my gosh I was so happy so here's this sister right here James Charles Murphy X okay I also got a sister saying so have an active so today

I'm gonna be doing my makeup oh and for Christmas I got a light a mirror light so that's what I will be using to do my makeup I already started doing move on tour so I'm gonna finish doing my contour so I have some one before it so for my conference I'm using palm tree so for my contour i am using punch me for my contour and it is this dark color here and canvas could probably be used if you really light like if you every night stand up I prefer country so I am trying to go over some tape lines with this I had a lot of tape lines all over me and when I say tape on that I mean like like was it called like I was using tape to try to make a wing when I was using the spookie which is black so I gotta cover it up with um we punch me so that I can get so that my skin looks even it's a lot more on this high I'm just gonna completely oh okay so that's done my eyeshadow so I will be using this morphe brush right here this one for I'll be using pink in eternity which is this light pink right here right there okay so that I will be using as a base my aura of eyeshadow on and I it's the same style but I'm just fixing a bit

I'm doing this one this book and I will be wearing like my hoodie and maybe wearing black and white and pink accessories because I will be wearing my pink cloud Gulf Coast - and some pink lipstick so we are finished putting the pink kitty drink to be on that I so I will be taking the my next morphe brush which is black and then white tips and I'm gonna be using skip which is the one that is under pink kitty drink a tea this is hot pink right here so I'm going to be using that and going over pink it each entity just to make it look like pop out more cuz pink ehm Kitty has a very light color and you do not see it that much going for a nice hot pink lip today okay now we're gonna be taking this morphe brush right here and winding it up there's no makeup on this one so we're gonna skip and pink any tricky charm being really quiet so I'm going to take this smaller morphe brush and going to be dipping it a ring light which is this nice sparkly color right here and I'm going on kinda to make it look like an ilogger but not really I'm sorry to blow off the excess [Music]

and we're going to be taking this highlight of our year getting it [Music] I'm gonna put some more moonlight on pop and then we're going to be taking our black our brush that we're using for blending once again this part a pink work that is done looks nice and I will be coming back one second our is done and we're back so I'm going to be taking my brush my blush brush and I'm going to be using rested for blush no I'm going to strike then I'm using literally for blush gonna get that 518 on it good am using literally which is this one right here I'm going to be taking my other brush and I just used to like kind of blend a little bit just blending all this out Oh finished looks good okay this angled brush and I'm going to be using the dip again wetting the brush a little bit [Music] by the way I forgot to title this video well tell you what this video is probably already on by the title but um this video is going to be called is called well this video is me doing a full face makeup like using really is this hard you guys like I can't do this

nobody does I feel like jeans of them that poor I think he has so you feel like you didn't watched it but like if I need you but okay guys that's really coming out really bad this lipstick Dyce makes me mad I can't do these I cannot freaky news I shout out as contour and blush and bringing everything we're gonna do a top lip so the bottom up came out okay I would say came out good I'm getting I shadow yeah I can't oh my god this is hard it looks so bad my eyeshadow isn't even even right guys I think we're done with this look okay doesn't even feel like lipstick routine eyeshadow palette but I will say that uh-oh I forgot about highlighter so I think I might be using face because this looks like a nice collar like a nice like shiny got me I could use prayer well this is this is this is this is great this is really great okay now for the best part of all rosy pink cheeks is oh my didn't it it looks oh it looks so good oh my god I look like a freakin around ruining my morphe brushes guys ruining them just kind of blend it look like a clown really look like a clown so

I know I already did blush but I thought it would be a good idea to make this look like blush alright guys this is the finished look it looks kind of bad that's okay and then you know wait blow this off so I can actually do my makeup I'm going outside so this is a bad idea and I hope you guys like this cuz this was hard and yeah bye [Music]