14 January 2019

Full Face Of Makeup Using Only A Beauty Blender!! | Challenge Fail.

Hey guys I'm back with another video. Hope you guys enjoy me failing at doing this challenge . What you should learn from this video is you can't do a full face ...


[Music] [Music] [Music] done already but like wax not like full filled things just going to my eyebrow whatever and I think I'm just gonna dip into that little powder and then try to fill in my brows lightly with that since I can't use the little stick thing whatever you think shape my eyebrows with this just [Music] look okay now that foundation is on I'm gonna go in with my concealer I'll buy a wild and bad mic up a girl he's alright so go choose just cuz it's not a highlight under my and their eyes good with these things black and this is just a regular go to concealer so let's go would that be considered in okay I think it's considered cheating asshole I think colleges oops by the end of the show I'm not liking it got to look to shine hopefully once that's honorable back I'm going everyone wow this shade shadow not bad I mean I don't

it probably is gonna give me like flash back a bit take flash gel feet wet and wild cushion and this is kinda Becca like a wet ish we are going to butter brown to me so I'm going in with my butter browser I'm using this end of the beauty blender oh I don't think there's no way I can fix that lesson of this video is you cannot do the full phase using just a boom and early I mean that sheet and I'm gonna try to put this on my lids somehow some way okay pygmy is definitely I don't know this is bad oh yeah like you cannot you cannot like belong to anything that would have blender when it comes to doing simple and I'm not trying to go for simple trying to go for me something else alright I should just like give up at this point maybe we should person yeah I'm giving up at this point um and I'm just gonna go into glitter and just put this in my lid hopefully now lion my eyes look ugly right now don't have eyeliner with me Sean I'm

gonna go into the head like dark brown shade my so much more oh yeah clearly I'm bending our life right freakin clown I look scary and this yeah I think I'm done with this challenge yeah alrighty guys so this is the finished look with me just using my beauty blenders to do my makeup I'm never doing this again pretty pop like I'm not doing this I'm not doing this I'm putting this in my everyday routine or not I'm not using just beauty blender cuz this is this is horrible this is just plain like if I couldn't yeah this is this is already um but yeah so this this is the end of this video just kind of fail of doing my makeup you better people do better than this alright and I don't know how because you can't eat like you can't that's it you can't do you make a Whoopie me blunder and I'm saying that because it's a fact anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to Like share and subscribe so my youtube channel and more videos are coming up so click the notification bell so that you could be informed when I drop a video and yeah I'm out of here