25 November 2018


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it's a is the window open or I said literally have it can everyone it's clear and welcome back to my channel my camera battery is flashing now and I'm going to just like the phone so that's really good so for this week's video I am gonna be doing something I wanted to do for ages I've seen people do it for so long and I just thought wow I'm gonna do it too so it is the basically a full face of makeup using makeup this going in the trash and I can tell you I picked out this makeup in like two minutes like I'm there's so many makeups what there's so many products that I have that I don't like and it's kind of bad like these products just I could easy oh yeah back back back that I don't know why I think I'm just picky um or maybe it's just me but I just don't I just don't like them so yeah that is what I'm going to do for this week's video and my fellow con- film is intro on my main camera and then switch to my g7x just because it is fashion and I'm not going to go out today like I'm not so yeah it's gonna be a full face of makeup using stuff that's going in the bin because if I'm honest with you the things that I've picked I

hate that I really don't like them so before we get in this video if you do enjoy it then please be sure to smash it because I didn't forget to subscribe down below and click the bow and she'd you know is it single one up with videos and but yeah without further ado let's get started so you might have thought I just want to change my camera but I actually just went to charge my camera then tried to get my g7x out you know just carry on that didn't have any battery so then you know I went the bath and half an hour on it here we go again so let's get started so the first product that I really don't like and it's going in the bin is the wall it's not going but I say let's go to the bin I'm gonna keep them but I just don't use them it's the first base stick by makeup revolution or revolution this is in the shade f3 and honestly I just never got all of this oh and this was such a hype when it first came out and I was like I've gotta try this I never used to wear foundation just concealer and this is like one of the first foundation I probably bought and yeah the it looked really good but for me I think it's just my skin it

just doesn't work and also this is way too light for me so flash but Mary's coming out but yeah I mean all she's way too light I kind of it just didn't blend and then when it did it creased and just yeah I didn't I really don't enjoy it I do want to really try their new concealer foundation thing fast pace way now that's fast base stick fast base just move no more because that looks good but then I want to want to try the NYX was it called can't stop I'll try that as well yeah see like straight women it's on your face it just I don't know it kind of looks it's it doesn't really go in your pores it doesn't really look natural it kind of just sits there and I don't know it just doesn't do bits for me and I also found that when I used to work in this I would look disgusting in like within that a couple of hours like honestly I would be so embarrassed like I really want to take off an auto or can you even see that my hair's like it makes my hair stick up so much of my face like these are like products I haven't used in a while as well so like some who I might like end up loving by probably like yeah

I mean this for me just sits on my face it creases really quickly it's kind of drying it dries really quickly and it brings up my hairs I don't know that I don't know what it is but it just doesn't sit right and I look ridiculous okay so for concealer I don't like the Primark my perfect color liquid concealer um and this was actually I watched that from above his video and she was like oh my god this is so good this is amazing and I think I was running out of my first place and I was like general I'll give it a go honestly hate it YouTube power for a start and it just creased really quickly and it just didn't work it's just one of those concealers it's so this was just when I was and it's also so yellow undertone that's so yellow undertone it doesn't give that good coverage as well either like it doesn't hide your bags it kind of just colors them in and I think that's the issue as well it's not thick enough oh I'm so pale I'm just gonna try and pout it up with this what is this body shop so probably something powder this is good I like

this but what is it going to cover me to make me match my neck probably not see for brows this is just going in the bin this should have gonna move in a while ago from one interview it's the brown this way by Rimmel London I don't think it's a product I think it's the brush and obviously you should really like not use the brush that comes with it but it just it just just doesn't work like I've got such fair eyebrows as it is but when I fill it in it doesn't fill in and it takes a product off and I mean I don't really want the gel bit anyway I just kind of want there's a gel bit and then it's just the powder and the gel doesn't work like the gel is stuck in the past see obviously the brush isn't very good but for me this product just isn't enough like I've hardly got brows anyway I don't need much I'm not soul has is really dark thick eyebrows but it still doesn't work like I don't get it I never used to use powders that always use pencil since of like not how depends or I don't know how kind of like I don't have basically let me start again basically I don't have an eyebrow product like you know you just have products that you go to most people have

their eyebrow product I don't have that I haven't found that and I need to but actually this isn't that bird I take that back I don't mind this bro maybe I like this is what I mean I have not used these products and so long you could literally see why that I just haven't used it so I keep leaving me I'm dipping in my power honestly they're not even but there's quite alright Wow okay sorry bit more I kind of liked it I don't mind her thumb opens up I'm going to be taking my makeup revolution little one and this I got my own kind of and honestly it's alright I used to use it for nose contour but for here it's not really deep enough but I think it's a packaging that just like the top fell off and then ever since it's been in my makeup bag and it looks like this it's cut it's Bruce and it just doesn't really want to work recently but I will try again I will give it a go and just see what it looks like on my cheeks but I never really used to use this just because I did break it like the packaging was really poor from revolution larger than I've Hammond does um I haven't got one this year I might get one hopefully it's gonna be good

because every single like how many did they have of little pots in that Mike and if you had it last year just the normal like the smaller one and they all broke like you cannot keep that in your makeup bag you have to keep it up on the side by itself if not just break it just so bad ooh it's a she it doesn't look in the camera Ashley but in person it does but in the cut it picks up in the camera so much more than a person like it's actually not here in person I just accidentally put that in the middle of my forehead that's one thing I don't get when you see Beauty people they'll let you just creep over their forehead and it goes to the top I just tried to do that and it's gone here like are you joking so next is eyeshadow and this was so easy for me like a hundred percent Naked 3 palette I don't know everyone was like raving about them everyone's like these are the best pilots in the world they're not like they're just not like I've always been a makeup revolution eyeshadow person if you know makeup revolution you know that that eyeshadow palettes are basically their best product and it was basically their claim to fame like it honestly

amazing and this palette just does not work the fallout it's ridiculous when you put your oh my god sorry the fallout is ridiculous in these palettes like it so this is literally untouched but I really just don't like it the fallout is ridiculous the colors are really really sheer like you've got a couple of mattes in there and they're just don't do very well they're nothing deep in here a balloon like a back um and yeah I mean some of the shimmers all right but for the money just not I'm gonna take a limit here which what you would look at if you were making this pallet you think this color here oh I can't hold it open this limit color here would kind of be your transition shade and then nuna would be the darker color only mind I do have a pale skin tone this is that this is the color you should be use of for transition and there's just not a darker shade for any like darker creases but I'm gonna try Oh seriously can you actually wear as it wears the pop I can't can you see all that fall out I literally just double my brush in that twice you lose half of it when you're trying to get it out why we don't like this palette I'm just gonna

take limit anyway but it's just not enough it's kind of like not that if you're new to my channel if you don't know me then you'll know that I love a good bone so this video was perfect for me because I love learning about things that just aren't up to scratch and this palette isn't like I'm not even dipping into that chamonix for it I'm that's actually falling out so now I'm going to dip into that dark at nuna shade here even though it's not really darker why is that even cooler and you know we've all the fall out just blew it away and I'm gonna try and put that in my crease and then it might have a corner but honestly it's not really gonna do anything I just don't like you I'm so sorry oh I don't if you can see that when I'm putting my brush on it's like I can see the powder flying it's not good oh can you see that way and you see all that fall out there it's all just sitting there this is so bad so we take my little spinny thingy and that's not a spoolie is it spoolie I think it is and I'm gonna dip into probably trick because I know that this dusk color is really like falling out and I found that

this one's quite good so I'm just gonna take this and put that on my lid see these are all right but they're not like the best and what I found with this as well throughout the day you get that I don't know if you get that line here of like print it's like the weirdest thing it literally looks like you've been to the gym in your makeup and you've been you've had it on for like 12 hours saving swimming in it that's what it is when I used to go swimming that's what I'd expect did not expect that now okay so next is eyeliner and I'm gonna be using my anyway winged wonder liner and this when I first saw it was like this might be good this might be kind of cold that end it's really weird hanger I do what most Probab ut things even know if you can see it I can't even wait for it but it's like a little pen thing and I thought it's gonna be really precise and really good but honestly Oh honestly like oh brush still here yeah this what sometimes and then all the sudden you get no product on it whatsoever like and it should goes dry and you have to shake and it still doesn't work so drawing a line it's alright I've got $100 at ages these hit you can't even

color it in nothing comes out alright also bearing in mind that this is very very new like I've probably used it like three times I hardly do eyeliner it just is and look at that the end has just gone fat its product just so difficult to work with it's just not coming out it's actually no are you actually saying that and you actually see that it just doesn't color look the thing is that you can't save them oh oh I can't that I don't actually give up you're gonna literally be looking at me like this for the rest of video I'm just gonna face this way like look at that doesn't icon nothing comes out of it this is worse than I remembered it like completely worse than I remembered it with that it's definitely going in the bin so for highlight I've got two different things because both of them I can't work with the first one is this cream in here as you see it's like not touched it's just a cream highlight obviously they're very pretty to swatch oh I can't swatch they're really pretty to swatch but how do you put them on your face and also this is basically a cream highlight as well it's like a liquid but it's just basically the same purpose

they both don't work and this is really like sparkly and shimmery and they've got a little bit of bits in it but it doesn't stay on I don't get how to put on so I think we'll go with this one so your eye done was just put it on my cheek like the beauty people do it which isn't me I'm kind of got my finger I'm part it but you can see where I've put my finger where pattern it and you get such a line and you can try and do this as much as you want but the more you blend out the more it disappears like it's just not really a highlight and also when you put things like this on it takes your makeup off up below so it's not too bad but there's just not it's not really a shimmer is it and if I put on this other side and try it over brush like oh that's even worse oh can you actually see that he's stuck there I can't blend that out no I can't you I can't even carry on with this video that's I'm getting upset about how ugly I am right now so I'm kind of getting bored and done with this video so the last item is this makeup revolution at lipstick and again I got this from an advent calendar last year

and it just wasn't what I thought it was gonna be being a advent calendar for Christmas I thought we'd have loads of berry tones and this was the only one I got other than a red other I've got like loads of nudes so I thought this color is gonna be really good like it kind of looks the same color is what it comes out on the lips on there but in person it's like the same color as this and I thought saw that and I thought that is a nice deep plum like the color on there is the color that comes out I don't know why that's doing that and that's exactly who I thought it was and actually when I might have videos I did try this lipstick and I thought there's gonna look so good and it didn't so yeah when you put it on it's literally a raspberry it's so hard to get use I can't even get to my lips I actually probably muff to even do them probably like the color just isn't it like if you're gonna sell your product for this and you put that against that you just it's just not you expect and I was really excited for a color like this I really wanted a dark color kind of like who's up is it Charlotte OB Glastonbury

that oh my god I've jumped bail out for so long but I've never bought it and I saw this and I thought this would be it but it's not clearly and it just makes me a horrible like don't I look like ten times more of a clown now than I did before hmm so yeah that is it for this week's video as you can tell it just doesn't look great does it like it just kind of doesn't I mean I think the best things that surprised me were the eye shadow product and the cream highlight wasn't that bad but it just kind of wasn't there but we're we list about it like my concealer looks disgusting and yeah it's just not really with it so don't buy this products no joke and I know I mean they'll probably work for you like some of them definitely would work for you like another foundation to stick like works for so many people but for me it just doesn't work and yeah I just had it with it but yeah thanks again for watching if you did enjoy the peace of sure smash a big thumbs up do not forget subscribe down below and let me know if you want to seem to do anything more like this I might start there some more makeup videos not like

this move a bit more effort and maybe products that I like and yeah just want to change up my stuff a bit christmas has come in want to do some Christmas videos thanks again for watching and I will see you next week [Music]