13 September 2018

Full face of makeup I hate!

This video is about makeup i don't like Follow my insta: @mollyemilyrose !

hey guys it's Molly welcome back to my

channel welcome to my channel if you haven't seen me before my name is Molly and I try to post videos as much as I can but I don't do it very frequently in this video I'm gonna do for myself and makeup looks I hate well not hate but just don't like don't go well with my skin the colors aren't good see you guys at the end of the video so messed up this brow pencil from Primark the actual like pencil as you can tell when I do it it kind of it's very like stop so it snaps off and it's really hard to do your eyebrows because of how much it does snap or look like it's just as you can see my but it just looks very like I don't know it just isn't going whenever I see my having to use my school sharpener Sharples just it's just breaking your nothing against the brand or an outlet that makeup so she makes them so much arrived but the brow pencil the PS brow pencil just doesn't really work out with me next thing I'm doing for the perfect match concealer by L'Oreal and you know I don't like this is because it's sometimes when you rub in it makes it block she's accessing it doesn't blend whether your skin that much like I have uses

like me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] just [Music] then I'm gonna be taking this at an exclusive collection by candy is this that's disgusting oh I hate it is so stinking just see that's over this video if you liked it please click the like button subscribe yeah all right