13 September 2018

Full Face of High-End Makeup: What's Worth the Money

Here's a full face using all high-end makeup (minus the fake lashes) and what's worth the money. My all-drugstore video: https://youtu.be/TV3v6JvRx_o Thank ...

hey guys it's IRISA welcome back to my

channel I felt like it was about time I came back and filmed myself applying makeup it's been a pretty long time if I remember correctly the last time I did it it wasn't get ready with me using all drugstore makeup so I thought it was only appropriate to film one using all high-end makeup it's just as important to talk about the high-end stuff because it's our hard-earned money that we're putting into this and we want to know if it's worth the money I'm excited I have some new things here I also realized I use a lot of drugstore so I had to go out and get some high-end things I had to repurchase some high-end things and also try something or try a couple things that are brand new to me so I'll talk about those in this video it also was a little bit nervous about filming this I wasn't going to do it just yet because my skin is so bad right now but I thought you know what it's natural it happens to the best of us and we all go through it it's life so I worked at the courage to do it and the reason why my skin's been so bad is I've been having a lot of downs recently and I'm getting through it I'm staying positive I'm at least trying to stay positive but it's

definitely showing in my skin so please bear with me I definitely also don't like to go completely full coverage with my looks I just prefer being a little bit more natural so you're still gonna be able to see my blemishes but you know what that's just how it is this is how I wear my makeup day in and day out so yeah I hope you guys enjoy it and let's get to applying the makeup hey guys so we're gonna start off with the eyes because that is how I apply my makeup every day I have moisturize my face cleanse my face moisturize my face and I go in with a scotch tape method so the first high-end product we're talking about is one that I've mentioned quite often so I'm not going to talk too much about it it is the NARS radiant creamy concealer this one is in the shade creme brulee it is what I would usually use to prime my eyelids or my high-end eyeshadow I'm going with a classic very minimal and it's the Urban Decay Naked basics palette this is one of my all-time favorite eyeshadow palettes and I did get a request to show what I do with this or how I use it so I thought I'd be a perfect opportunity so

first up I'm taking wo s walk of shame and just blending that all across the lid to set that concealer so now we're moving into naked 2 and that is the perfect crease color for me that transition shade if I to choose one palette to wear to work every single day it would be this one it is so simple and it doesn't look like much but it really is effective for me and it never lets me down I love the tone of it because it's so neutral and then the next shade over faint is what I'll use to also go in the crease but not as much I don't blend it as far up as I do with the other one same brush and then I go in with the black so I just go boom boom boom boom all the way across one at a time kind of like an hombre effect and then same brush I'm just focusing that black a little bit more on the outer corner I did the same thing in my drugstore get ready with me I'll link that one below to if you are interested in all drugstore Zoey is trying to get out of Stephens office and is making a bunch of noise you hear that and that is all I do for my eyes very simple and that's all I'm doing for now I just took off the tape and I'm gonna

finish off the eyes at the very end moving on to the face you guys know that I love to face hangover this is one of my go-to primers and this is a real techniques miracle complexion sponge by the way and I'm not really focusing on the tools with this whole high-end theme I'm just focusing on the makeup the only thing though that is not high-end and this is going to be my lashes and I'll get to that when I get to that at the very end here is a new product on my channel it is the Lancer Studio filter pore perfecting primer I've been using this for the last several days and I've been really liking this so I'm just gonna use the bottom of this sponge to apply it I don't like to use my fingers after I've been touching all sorts of products I don't feel like my fingers are clean enough to just apply the primer so I'm using the bottom of the sponge and then I'll go around my nose and then up here in between my brows and this to me is worth the money I've been using this non-stop and every time I think my pores just look drastically smaller than they used to and I wouldn't say it's exactly the same style as the benefit Porefessional it's pretty

similar inconsistency but creamier and then now moving on to the foundation so my new foundation that I have been really liking is the Kogan doe aqua foundation and I did get this and I actually got both of these during the Sephora sale when I got 20% off so when the Sephora sale first started I was vib and I got 15% off and then when I bought some things I became the IB Rouge and I was able to get 20% off which is awesome so I got this foundation and that primer along with some other things and I've been really liking this foundation so I have oily skin but I think that this has been working out really well for me is a very nice natural finish and I like it more than my Dior skin forever you guys know I've been using the Dior skin forever for years so I think this has taken over as my favorite I almost always like to apply with the sponge more than a brush this is pretty much a light to medium coverage foundation I think it's pretty similar in that sense to the deerskin forever the difference is do your skin forever gives you a pretty matte finish and this one just looks a lot more satin and natural although my skin is nowhere

near perfect I still prefer a natural looking finish on my skin I like it when you could still see my real skin peeking through and that's what this does for me and then I'm gonna go in with a concealer and then make sure that I'm covering up certain areas but overall I prefer something like this so although this is a very expensive foundation I really like it and I prefer it over your skin forever not saying this is a review or anything but just letting you guys know right now I'm really liking that foundation and I do think it is worth the money so I'm really glad that I got that foundation I really like it so next up is concealer same one that I was using before all my eyelids this is NARS radiant creamy concealer I'm using this one again because this is truly what I like to wear almost every day when I go to work I could choose anything in my makeup collection I end up picking this it's so easy it's such a trustworthy concealer for me and this is my favorite shade creme brulee and this is a very thin layer - I don't like to lay it on thick and you can still see some darkness peeking through but that's totally okay with me I'm not really

looking for beet full coverage every single day when I go to work I just want to look a little bit more refreshed than when I just woke up in the morning and I do have a breakout right here on the side of my nose so I'm going to add a little bit more there and then around my chin I've been breaking out so bad lately because of stress and I've just been mentally all over the place emotionally all over the place and it's really showing on my skin it always does my skin wears it's hard on its sleeve for sure and I'm going to apply some powder so for high end powder I love the Laura Mercier Lucent loose setting powder of course it's amazing everyone talks about it I love it and it's definitely worth the money for me and I'm using a very dense brush by morphe I like to Pat powder onto my skin that's my preferred method and then I quickly take a stippling brush and then dust away the excess for the sake of this video I'm getting a little powder heavy I want to talk about all of these this is the hourglass ambient lighting powder in dim light I did repurchase this during the Sephora sale I said I was going to I wanted to

and I'm so glad I did it's been a while so I'm putting this in the areas where I would typically put bronzer it's just a tad darker than my skin tone I am gonna also apply bronzer because I want to talk about that too and sometimes I do layer up the dim light with a bronzer if I have time because this just gives me that extra diffused look with my bronzer and then I put another bronzer on top and it just makes my skin look so good I love these hourglass powders they are so worth the money for me a plus so now going in with my favorite high-end bronzer and this is the Too Faced sweethearts bronzer in sweet tea I love this bronzer it looks glowy in the pan and it does kind of give you a glow on the skin but it doesn't look like you're wearing a high light bronzer it just makes your skin look healthy and I love the tone of this bronzer it's perfect it's not too warm so now for my favorite hourglass ambient lighting powder this is diffuse light many of you guys know this is my favorite powder and this is a pale yellow so I'm taking this instant pop cheek brush by Real Techniques and I'm applying it under my eyes I did get a request to show you guys what it looks

like on one side and not the other so let's see if this really picks up on camera it's very very subtle though that's the thing that I love about these powders they're so subtle okay so this is what it looks like on this side and not on this I don't know how easy it is to pick it up on camera but it's just a little bit more brightened and I notice a difference when I'm getting ready for work I'm about to go and I think mmm I could use a little bit more something under the eyes and then I pop this on so I'll go on with the other side and then I'll apply a little bit to my forehead to help balance it out and then again I do take a stippling brush to dust off any excess powder for brows this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow definer in Ebony and this is the one that I always have in my handbags so I like to brush up my brow hairs here and this pencil is really good it is worth the money but I too always mentioned that I love my three dollar elf brow pencil so just FYI you don't need a high-end brow pencil there are so many good ones at the drugstore this is a good brow pencil though if you have been interested in

the thicker brow pencils because it does have that triangle shape it is a good one I also did use the benefit one before the goof proof the goof goof proof brow pencil I have used that before I used it all up and I did like it alright so the blush that I forgot to mention or forgot to use is benefit Dallas high end blush love this one I was thinking about doing this video and realized that in certain categories I did not have high end products so I went to Ulta and purchase some of these things and this was a repurchase for me because I used to own and love benefit Dallas so this was an easy no-brainer for me it's one of those blushes that just doesn't look very exciting in the pan but I love it on the face alright we're getting closer guys so now we're moving on to my gosh I forgot all these face products so highlight I also forgot this one and it is another repurchase I talked about this in my makeup collection and then I ended up getting rid of it because I was like oh my gosh this is actually very old so I repurchase day got a new one and day to day I don't always apply a

highlight but I wanted to give this one some love because this is my favorite high-end shade and formula I love these definitely worth the money the Becca highlights I didn't even say what it was it's the Becca shimmering skin perfecter pressed in pearl love the shade it is a pure white but when you just buffed it into the skin I don't think it looks too light it's gonna be light for a lot of skin tones but I'm okay with it real quick did up and up the target up and up brand get rid of their makeup brushes because I don't see them anymore and that's a bummer cuz they were really good brushes and I can also add that to my brow bone as a quick highlight up here and then the inner corner right in there shoot amara eyelash curler mascara was another category where I didn't have anything high-end so I ended up getting the it cosmetics superhero mascara this is one that I've been wanting to try for a long time I've heard good things I did use this already though once and it didn't hold the curl of my lashes so I'm disappointed in this one when I first applied it I was like okay this looks

pretty good but then it's that 20 second mark or so when the lashes start to kind of sag and then my heart just sinks along with it but it's okay we're gonna apply this I'm still applying fake lashes so it's okay it starts off strong I'm like okay okay this is not bad and then it just starts to sink lashes is the only category where it's gonna have to be drugstore I don't have high-end lashes so this is my standard Ardell 162 the soft touch 162 I wear them pretty much every day I love wearing fake lashes I wear them to work it makes me feel a little bit more feminine and if a pair of lashes does that for you girl rock your fake lashes that's all I got to say so I'm gonna let that dry for a bit and I'm gonna smoke out my lower lashline so this is another new purchase for me I already used it once and I really liked it it is the Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in demolition this is a deep brown I love it deep cream Brown I will take that eyeliner from the outside or the outer corner up until about the middle of my eye I also go in and actually go right on the waterline and then on my skin to

my favorite smudging brush is right here this is the Sigma e 21 smudge brush and you just easily buffs out that eyeliner and then I'm gonna let that sit and we're going to go over that and set it with a powder and then I will set that with faint from this Urban Decay palette and I did apply this mascara all my lower lashes before and it worked out just fine something to do that and then last but not least the lips do I need to sharpen this all right I just sharpened it this is the charlotte tilbury lip cheat reshape every size lip liner in pillow-talk this is my new favorite definitely worth the money were there things that I didn't mention if they're worth the money or not this is worth the money to me I love this eyeliner I was always using the Maybelline precise skinny pencil but I think I love this one more let me block my lips cuz I had a lip mask on and this right here to me is also worth the money I now understand why pillow talk is so famous anytime I say something is worth the money though you got to understand that I love drugstore makeup and I think you can find drugstore items just as good as

these but it's a matter of if you want to try it and if you have the money to I do think it's worth the money you know what I mean like it's all up to the person I'm not saying that you should get this over anything from the drugstore I just really like this pencil as well and I do not like to over draw my lips not really about that and I do like to go in and fill in my lip and then my final high-end product that is worth the money is this right here the Becca Glo gloss and this one is in opal I also love Camellia which is a beautiful bright pink kind of in a nude mood today it's a very simple gloss it has a bit of a minty scent to it but it doesn't tingle it's not one of those that really makes your lips hurt and this is a very basic nude but if you like basic nudes I say this is definitely worth the money I love this Becca Glo gloss formula I am interested in trying maybe one or two more it's not too sticky but it's sticky enough where it really hangs on for a while and it just gives you a nice Sheen it's not the glossiest gloss out there but it just feels very comfortable on the lips I love it and that's it guys

for my everyday basic natural high-end makeup I hope you guys enjoyed it I'd love to know from you in these categories what high-end products do you guys love do you have a high end mascara recommendation foundation blush etc pretty much any category I'd love to hear from you guys on my next video is finally going to be the collaboration between Emily Noelle 83 and makeup revolution I've been talking about this forever and I will be filming it soon so that will be my next video I finally got the needs palette in the mail so I will start using it and by then I should be able to tell you what I think of it because I already know what I think of the wants palette yeah that will be coming and I appreciate you guys thank you so much for watching I hope you have a great rest of your day and I will see you guys again in my next upload bye [Music] you