14 January 2019

Full face of Focallure makeup look | Nikki Sanco

This video is about Full face of Focallure makeup look | Nikki Sanco FOCALLURE BEAUTY SWEET AS HONEY PALETTE - $17.00 EVERCHANGING PALETTE ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel it's

me again Nikki saenko ethnic bubbles in a monopoly as part of it I said no no panty bar go makeup look and this is our first video my young 2019 and for today's video I'm gonna walk with is you mom full face of focal or products anything you look neguin Abajo I an actually not going to return a video it'll mom full face non-focal unit of a song I love me edit finish ah now good up you files copy up there goes our condo by yarn so brightness a young and I put this up so bead you know you said you know I could say every cone you know what will be didn't get on full pace non-focal unit awfully nice I hope will you will be open at all an Indonesian burger pneumococcal a cuz I'm here a family who let cool it for the wonderful paste and makeup on here a pair and if you wanna know how I do this look please keep on watching [Music] [Applause] you [Laughter] you know what brother Munna you mocking eyebrows off campus a major hit up Telugu forgetting but Coquille I make it

on your maneki-neko major one the little it anonymous Allah para Indiana Mozilla pantai a new I Brown economic core your eyebrow pencil no color i focal or at all Danny talk Iranian product Nia that was triangular pet Benson shot and then the good thing is Marilyn shampoo Lisa do load this article venom event - are passing an examination a palindromic film about opposed Romina and then 18 swatches now pigmented numbers then indicia mahira pumpkin eaten in furnace and then Nexus and other monotonous opinion I and I have two pallets here I have bomb sweetest honey at tulum ever-changing eyeshadow palette and then at the young ever-changing inconvenient bar and then a Mossad Picasa eyeshadow not own apartment and at all and then I will do the swatches on you girls phenomenon mocking Tania who gonna shock a pigmented when I hear nothing - I'm ever changing [Music] I am ia nice watches nothing's numb ever-changing eyeshadow palette and then next seminar assumes with a sign in a panda I'm not anticipated a Picasso missile a miniature develop a tiny office Aquafina tone and then you pop it

up aluminum swatches saying you [Music] I analyzed with assignees so for today under the meeting I shadow is in sweetest honey but the moon of shade the government we assumed rosy Brown table Natasha Leggero managers have increase [Music] and then I'll never show them another Mickey nothing issue pail customer and the next number Tulsa shade my Turkish roots and then illigal of nothing shut inside out there'd be going on eye shadow cool I don't bet coil of tension and Cordoba comparison red or Marvin machine oh my gosh the hunt dance epic gamma K st. not pigmented it'll be nothing for setting priests malagant idols are shaded Turkish and then Nexus committee not in tomorrow I think John Morrissey charmer see harm we see Versamark Iranian a linear speed spoke at the meeting in aluminium finger Nino customers from pigmented sha [Music] and then next time on igano me naughty snuggly liquid eyeliner tie oh and yeah I'm going to use their eyeliner and then next is Logan II think Lincoln along our

bomb lashes both volumizing mascara and after you won Milla 21 dr. Lin half of all you must elevation of I know how many lashes yes I am I glad again open on false eyelashes and then I'll be right back and then now is mocha Foundation at i/o I'm foundation of a new aqua issue is skin evolution through fluid foundation SPF FPS 15 in the shade up honey pick some Latin by the way I don't product Natali Sun once now once the in open Isha Malaga Macmillan Shannon two years case a 24 months Lucia and um you happen product after is cruelty free migaila unit I need to sell some cider I and then Brendan attention on the Spanish rudaba Makita you know my indifference and in APIs column qabil I didn't know major evolution and very very light but okay no - aha página said Nana Shannon powder and Marin upon powder and then you pardon enough a walk with Express founder in a shade of marioneta number three number local economy in the onion again many Zhang Salomon and then meditation compartment and me to you sponger Italy team product and then et cetera in your auntie fests Oh Papa

Panov you she said no mom and I'm for nothing much concealer and my mama died by the way I'm concealer finally know what worrisome concealer stick in the shade of number two [Music] the link consider yourself will cover each ninja girls and then now that the means are not in an optimum powder shadow gonna excite a camel taken a man with an article senior and once again have a meeting at EMU cannula powder denying a mindset you're not in shock I under certain attention and then now is my keuken to tile and then you pump on turn a Spartan same packaging no shock but the thing is yellowish remember some pumpkin tour and Marin sham some highlights [Music] we're not are you not gonna tell you liner but I know I'm gonna get them and then he smoked out and nothing new nothing on under eye and then you have a meeting on shade issue Turkish rose and then it all rosy problem mimics belong shot and then you need a leg exciting and their eyes I mean he just acting it over lash line and you let a calamity Namaskar lui

thing lower lashes [Music] iron and alongside me is tipsy and the Nexus you fina have every core you know adding highlighter and then on highlighter about the meeting for is you Northern Lights Symphony glow palette Akasha body Bunga gonna polish on a part of some unicorn palette and then when you open it I am a inertia and vanity van Oh Bunga and there is a swatch columns just in your bible bhagwat in shotgun in Ted and I don't shine at the is ray and then next is it all laser and this one is morning by the way this is a midnight and this is some dust and this is Mars and then I am again dumb Shaitaan Tomatina the parasail hmm it try not a new Mars Beckett on Mars and then now he's a plane tonight a new shape numbers so I think most the Honda anniversary edition pigmented Bahamas Oklahoma oh my gosh look and then again an ethnicity Society cheeks [Music] and I on our next season d puede Mahalo ethically Rhonda and I have three shades here yeah that's a long-acting on

lipstick and then this is what communis on and then I'm gonna nothing is watch assume Rosedale number seven and then next is you wine and then the last one is a person from and then I'm showing the Gotham eating from lipstick is you one that our partner Savannah marketing I shot Magan the applicator you consume a longboard [Music] in denying on octopushy : to look Otto Alden happy white man you any animal guys this part of us really good and then you my shadow palette is really really nice nopal pigment Edna even though none major one powdery Shapero p.m. saw a mother gonna mention a para an and then you are feeble a shady some major deep pigmented pebble on the minimum dimension model Alana Michelle delgo vendôme para an you foundation concealer blush and Papa you must got rice really good and well often bizarre business a highlighter illuminated and a pigmented Nia human lips you lipstick nothing is really nice packet onion Amanda bar Indian emphasize simple craftsmen Niko in Agostini McCready

tampoco your product at all Farah something it's really good enough approved NATO palace a fan comes up the legato palace happen and if you liked this video don't forget to thumbs up and then subscribe and then get me the rhenium bell-bottom for any mama notification so sweet supermom videos or videos vlogs or neva is it about black nappa mcbradden drugless drunk fell again mug blog and then hopefully maja box right now or anytime soon and then if you like this video just comment down below Nagiko de la mia mama prices nether subs description box and then see you on my next one bye [Music]