20 December 2018

Full face of fake makeup challenge

welcome back back back to Rhett tastic

I'm right I'm not with tastic today but the reason why I'm looking is because we're going to be doing a sister does my fake make full face of make using fake products how do I recommend buying fake brands but in Citrus Bowl sorry if I'm looking here rather than here it's just like I feel weird looking there because like I can't see what's going on tonight I'm just self-centered what am I your faces oh really fake to face palette and then the bomb I don't know if it's a non Australia it's pretty good this cologne doesn't have a name no good yeah a little bit like a desktop like my this one yeah I'm sure there's so many chemicals in here that we're not supposed to put on our face but you know what go to URL excuse the licorice and tucked it tuck it out it looks more like the inside to the outside there's so much flatty trimmed thorny Facebook quick your breath on fungus tight it don't there's no actual yeah by musing at Willie this is actually been happen it's actual brand he said darn use the fake Jacqueline actually just I need to know

okay what what the this we have these ones they were an order from natural to new I think we're just trying it everyone from the cottage ends up sorry so this is about celebrity skin these are really hard to get off this is what it looks like I think the actual really so okay so we have the used clothes my clothes my we used this palette for the eyelid and then we used the Jaclyn hill palette for the eyebrows help me this is not very fun help hey guys me with tastic y'all I forgot to film an outro for today's video but yeah so thanks for watching it's like is 1250 yeah I mean I'm just like